Next in line – Yarn Along…

What happens when a friend is clearing out her knitting patterns, offers a stack to look through and this happy looking lad jumps out at you. ¬†And knowing you have just the right thing tucked away in your very slowly decreasing but thankfully not increasing (at the moment) stash of 8ply – well the only thing that could happen is that you spring into action ūüôā


With luck Winter has been and gone – I sent my final box of knitted goodies off last week – that means the charity will have things on their shelves ready to distribute when they begin their work in earnest next April – so that also means I’m looking at new ideas/styles to keep me occupied over the next few months. ¬†This is a fairly easy four row pattern to knit, similar to a Fishermans Rib. The sleeves knit up very quickly so I’m on to the back now. More stitches means more time consuming but I’m thinking ¬†if the neckline is easy to fit I may end up doing some more of these cozy shawl neck sweaters.


I was ‘between books’ for a while, then several turned up. ¬†I have Johanna Nicholls – ‘The Lace Balcony’ – available but because it is rather lengthy think I’ll leave it for the long hot days of summer (when they actually arrive). ¬†These two arrived from the library on the same day. ¬†Kate Morton’s ‘The Lake House‘ and Kate Grenville’s ‘The Lieutenant“‘ so it looks like I’m spoilt for choice now ūüôā


Ginny’s Yarn Along takes place each Wednesday ¬†You’ll find other knitters and readers over there ¬†Why don’t you pop over and have a look – and maybe join in one week

Yes! I did it…. Yarn Along…..

What happens when a pattern catches your eye but needs to be reworked to take a change in ply and a slight change of various components into consideration?


Take some pretty pink 8ply I found in my stash Рtry to reproduce a pretty 4ply pattern along with some minor alterations Рand what do you get?  Why you have the (almost) great disaster of last week?

Which you can read about HERE



Patience returned and along with encouragement persuaded me to persevere and sort it out ūüôā ¬†Of course they were aided and abetted by desire – the desire to start a new book when I finished. lol



Ginny from Small Things has a weekly meme called Yarn Along which I used to take part in. ¬†Sort of a ‘show and tell’ featuring the knitting and reading you’ve been doing recently. ¬†Do pop over and see what others have been up to.

This week –¬†I’m Back – and I’m showing and I’m telling ūüôā

As you can see I did ‘sort out’ the pretty pink baby cardigan/jacket – and my reading for the rest of this week is In Cold Daylight by a ‘new to me’ author Pauline Trowson. ¬†Which is very apt considering how cold it still is first thing in the morning.

It’ll come together in the end – just you wait and see……

At the end of 2014 I showed you some of the knitting I was doing for KOGO
–¬†Fair isle jumpers¬†for little lads.

Bear and Lion KOGO

Well, like with most things that have mundane tasks associated with interesting ones (like plain knitting and fair isle) I’m full of good intentions but sometimes fall short of producing the goods.

As you no doubt have guessed knitting the backs and sleeves became a bit of a chore, so these were put to one side and promptly forgotten ūüė¶

But look here – guess what happened over the past few weeks when I was having a bloggy break. ¬† All the pieces came out and were stitched together, necks were added and hey presto! ¬†These will be going to the charity come the cooler weather ūüôā


And so I really don’t look like a loser I found enough browny coloured wool to do another along the same lines. ¬†No actual pattern as size was from one set of instructions and the Koala chart from something else. ¬†Just required a pencil and paper to do a bit of working out first and then some dedicated needle time. ¬†Front and two sleeves finished now just the back to tackle.


And the book –¬†looks like my reading mojo might have returned as well. ¬†

First one for the year, Breath written by Tim Winton (Australian author).

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is going to be hot so I might be turning page 1 sometime during the day.  Glass of cool (anything) close by.

Big things in disguise…….

It’s been a very small effort on my part in the knitting department¬†this week – small in size and small in number.¬† Certainly not small in intention tho’.¬† These little (minature sized) cardigans and other like sized items are destined for special gift packs given by grief counsellors assisting mothers (and their families) in the aftermath of losing a babe pre-term. ¬†These tiny ones are part of a program designed to help those who have a loss in the first trimester. Knit in baby 3ply on size 14/2.25mm needles they measure approx. 3ins from neck to waist and 3ins across the chest and are small enough to be held in the palm of your hand. A gentle reminder of the life that was lost.


After finishing Soldier of Fortune I’m thinking about starting another ‘old’ book. ¬†This one is really old, written in 1815 by Sir Walter Scott, the little blue book is an old copy of Guy Mannering (aka The Astrologer) complete with thin tissue like pages covered in tiny print and looking really interesting – but then on the other hand after I took the photo this morning I had a call from the library to say my ordered copied of this little beauty had arrived at the library so it looks like the 100 year old man will be my reading matter for the next week.


And as there was no way I’d let Kiera (who is still moulting her fine brown fur in preparation for a glossy winter coat) anywhere near my white knitting the little figurene of two Burmese cats got into the in the picture instead.

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A Granny knits a Granny Knit…..

Granny knits – a disparaging ¬†term I’ve heard some younger modern knitters call the plain and simple garments often fashioned in older styles, knit in plain and simple maybe cheaper acrylic yarns.

This week I’ve been trying to do just that – finish a waistcoat for a friend’s 2 year old grandson. ¬†Not ‘made of money’ she provided me with a couple of balls of¬†Spotlight’s Marvel, yes an acrylic yarn. ¬†Ooh, when I saw the colour, my first thought was, ‘not very boyish’ but then she showed me the clothes she was sending and it seemed the obvious choice. ¬†A cable design made it a little bit more boyish. ¬†Just have to knit the armbands and attach the buttons and it’s ready to go.


imageSo what’s the little red book on the couch that this little Granny is reading. ¬†An old 1956 copy of Soldier of Fortune by Ernest Gann. ¬†I’m partial to books set in the Far East and this one is a mystery/ thriller that takes place in Hong Kong during the colonial times of the 1950s. ¬†I’ve only managed one chapter so far so am still getting to know the characters.

Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune by Ernest K Gann

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And yes I’m late for this important date
I should have posted this yesterday on Wednesday
But then it’s still Wednesday at Ginny’s so maybe I’m forgiven ūüôā

One plus one plus two more……..

One plus One plus One plus another = contentment


One plus one could mean a sunny day and the chance to read
Or maybe it could be knitting with company?



Put all four together and thats what I enjoyed one day last week.


A beautiful sunny morning with nothing planned meant I was able to sit out on the deck, read, knit and enjoy the sight of Kiera slumbering her day away.

Enjoying some of the late Autumn sunshine made warmer by the outside blinds –¬†definitely welcomed¬†by both myself and Kiera.

Knitting cotton dishcloths – special requests from several poolside acquaintances.¬† Means I can use up thinner ply by using¬†two strands together and reduce my ‘stash’.¬†¬† (I found mention of the Waffle pattern¬†on one of Rhonda’s posts way back in 2008 but you can find it here.¬† I’m making these ones¬†slightly larger)

Rereading ‘Chocolat by Joanne Harris’¬†– made easy¬†by propping the page open with a coaster. :).¬† Life in a small French village changed by the arrival of a young mother who¬†opens¬†a chocolat shop right across the road from the local church.¬† It tells of her relationship with the priest and the¬†villagers as well as their relationships with each other.


A good day indeed!

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