What’s been on your needles this winter

Over the past few weeks you’ve heard me mention the cold weather and how easy it has been to bunker down and knit in the warm house
These are the small things that have been coming off my needles

 Fingerless Mitts from the easiest pattern of all

Using 8ply/DK and size 4mm/UK8
Cast on 35
 This will determine the length down the hand to the wrist
so that number can be larger
Just remember to adjust the stitches in 1st row

Knit 4 rows
1st row: (wrong side) Knit 5 Purl 20 Knit 10
2nd row: Knit

Repeat until it is the size you want
(as in size wrapped round hand)
Usually I would work about 46 rows

Finish on row 1 (wrong side)
Knit 4 rows
Cast off

Sew along garter stitch sides leaving a hole for thumb
Most time I make it 2 inches down from the top and 3.5inches from the bottom

I personally find it is easier for me
to vary the type of yarn used and the needle size
to produce different sized mittens than adjust the number of stitches

Destined for this Melbourne based charity collection

25/30 June Post a Day

4 thoughts on “What’s been on your needles this winter

  1. I have made some new funky scarfs with the latest wool that looks like lace! I’ve also made myself a shalom jacket and I’m currently knitting the second one for me! This year it’s all about me.


  2. I can crochet nylon net scrubbies and that’s about it. Knitting was once my thing but I couldn’t knit a rope these days. Where do those memories go?


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