I’ve made it….

A gentle cuddle from The Golfer
a little ear nuzzle along with the whispered words….
‘I see you’re knitting again – you must be feeling better’
made me stop….think….realise….
Yes, I do feel much better.

I slowed down completely trying to clear my mind, doing recommended exercises, willing my back and legs to cooperate, I actually cooked again, read (a little), finally…. I hope….sorted the blog commenting situation, got my hands dirty out in the fresh air, and yes I began to knit again.

Using/ Adding a design on one pattern to another plain one used to be so simple. I wanted to ‘add’ the design (knit/purl stitches and pocket) from the little girl picture onto the stitch count of the pink one….now I’ve added pockets so often over the years I could do it in my sleep….not this time though.

It took a couple of hours with pen and paper working on stitch numbers, row numbers, buttonhole placements, reminding myself the pocket goes on the back and isn’t stitched onto the front…..all the time chiding myself , muttering away to myself under my breath.

Feeling much more comfortable (and confident) once the stitches were on the the needles and more rows were being knit……especially when the little pocket piece dropped into place quite easily. Honestly I couldn’t for the life of me understand why I felt so challenged earlier on.
The next step now is to get cracking and make the effort to finish it before it gets too warm to knit.

I realise some things need to give/go/alter/change before I’m 100%.

Blog reading has fallen by the wayside, I realise we’re all allowed our own opinions but I deleted a few overseas (USA & UK) based ones who had become ‘hard reading’; their problems and feelings of self entitlement irregardless of what others felt and was legally allowed in their virus affected communities were getting on my nerves and…daft as it sounds…..I was beginning to make nasty comments out loud as I was reading their posts. Certainly don’t need to be doing that!

More healing took place a week ago when I placed a note on my visual diary above the stove top…..a reminder that after many months of restrictions, life was slowly beginning again in the suburbs of Melbourne.

We had a little outside gathering last Thursday……6 people ready to share reading (and life) experiences since we last saw each other in March – 8 months ago. I’m so glad I made it back in time 😊

And even though the ‘blogger’ commenting problem seems to be fixed I’ve been loathe to use it, have just ‘watched’ a few from the sidelines, not wanting to be involved at the moment. Mind you, seeing all the comments on my last very short post has made me realise there are many out there who care so possibly I’ll make it back here sooner rather than later.

I was surprised when I realised how much time has passed since I was last here
I felt a bit distressed that day – I hope I don’t feel that way again for a very long time. My first cup of tea has been enjoyed so now it’s on to my second along with breakfast. Summer supposedly has arrived….the problem is she keeps nicking off without so much of a bye or leave….it would be nice if she stayed around a bit longer!

Oh, I forgot to ask how you all are – what have you been up to while I’ve been away?
Not getting down in the dumps I hope 😊

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along – her monthly get together for knitters and readers.
Joining Corinne for this weeks Monday Musings – sharing thoughts with others.
Joining Denyse for the latest edition of Life this Week

24 thoughts on “I’ve made it….

  1. Welcome back. I to am slowly lawing the swamp behund me. I envy you the summer. just longer days would be a pleasure for me. That knitting sure looks proff. I am daunted by pockets in knitting.


  2. Good to hear you are on top of things. I agree that you should get rid of blog people whose views don’t really align with your own. To hear well argued alternative opinions is good, but so often they are not like that at all.


  3. Glad to see you are feeling better.
    Summer should be here, but, like your, comes and goes. Comes when I want to do something energetic, goes when I put out the washing.


  4. Glad to hear you are in fine spirits. Your knitting is nice. I wish I had some of your energy.
    Have a nice Christmas.


  5. Welcome back, and it’s good to hear that you are feeling better in yourself.

    We’ve just come out of our second lockdown in the UK but my area is under tier 2 restrictions, so there’s not really much difference in what I can do. It’s for the best and at least there is now the promise of vaccination sometime next year.

    Take care x


  6. Welcome back! I am impressed with your knitting pocket skills. You must be feeling better to be able to put that much effort into solving a problem. My mom and sister are big into knitting but the bug hasn’t caught me yet!


  7. Your knitting pattern is very beautiful. I have people in my cyber family who are more aligned with how I think. So many of us are teachers. I realize it’s a sort of bubble, but I really don’t want to be aggravated. So far relatively OK in Hawaii though it can easily change with the holidays.

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  8. It is LOVELY to see you back. And even better to read that you are feeling better.
    Blogger commenting issues appear to go in a forty-eight hour cycle for me. I hope that yours ARE sorted.


  9. Welcome back. I missed you!
    I used to do so much improvising I wrote some direction sets for things like how to insert pockets. We’re talking back in the eighties, typed out on my first PC.

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  10. Good that you are feeling better and getting to be active again in the blog world. I look forward to seeing posts regularly henceforth. All the best.


  11. Oh, summer…it’s such a wonderful time. If you are anything like me, just having warm summer days makes life so much better. Glad you are feeling it.


  12. Welcome back. Beautiful colour that knitting. We were just thinking about you earlier this week and wondering whether it might be possible to put an enquiring comment on your blog to find out if you are ok. Now we know. We hope you are enjoying summer and a social life and things to look forward to. xxx F and Mr T


  13. Welcome back. Glad your feeling better. It’s been a hard year but we are still here and that’s a blessing


  14. I’m a new visitor but glad to hear you’re feeling better. I can very much relate to everything from the feelings of overwhelm to the difficulty in reading certain blogs or social media topics.

    I used to be very apologetic when I first stopped regularly reading a set number of blogs (of friends or those I follow) but now I tend to just check-in when I do a link-up or read something they might share on Facebook (etc) if the topic is of particular interest. I try to remember that there’s no ‘right’ way of doing this and I should only do what I’m comfortable with.

    Take care.


  15. Reading over your post made me realise that maybe the reason I’m not good at knitting because it involves maths :). I love that you have markers that make you realise that you’re feeling better. Sometimes it’s helpful just to see first glimmer of signs of pulling yourself out of a funk. #LifeThisWeek


  16. I love that your husband could tell by looking at you knitting that you were feeling better. My husband can recognize my moods by whether I cook a real dinner or not. I have not encountered any snarky bloggers. I screen pretty severely and only follow people who leave me either cheered, informed, enlightened or amused. Hope you can find posts that don’t call on you to talk back to them!


  17. Happy you feel like blogging again!
    I wouldn’t keep reading stuff by people whose views don’t make sense, either, or whose views display their true colours: STUPID. That’s a colour, isn’t it?
    I have a friend who keeps sending me conspiracy theory/hoax videos and although she’s been a friend for almost 40 years, I don’t read any of it. I’ve even stopped following her on Facebook. Friends full of shit, I don’t need.


  18. It’s great to have you back, Cathy. I missed you. But, I empathise…sometimes we all need a break, not only from the “real world”, but from the blogging world, too. Sometimes everything becomes a bit too much…sometimes it becomes too much.

    I try to keep away from politics, negative thinking, etc., in my blogging. We’re surrounded by enough of all of that part of life out here in the “real world”. We all need to be able to escape somewhere…away from it all.

    Some take offence if you dare to disagree with them, no matter how trivial the subject…so it’s best to keep one’s own counsel. Wars of the written word can be endless, pointless and a waste of time There are better things to do to fill one’s time…:)

    I’m always in awe of your wonderful knitting skills.

    Take good care.


  19. The knitting pattern is so beautiful. Made me miss my mom, she would do for us when we were small ..now she hardly does. Good to see you back. Its completely ok to restrict people whose comments or blogs are difficult to read.


  20. Good to see you here linking up again Cathy. Life sure can get more complicated over time and i know how it feels to be overwhelmed but also “over” some stuff I read. I now remove myself when it starts to bother me. “Note to self: stay off twitter!”

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week is the last Share Your Snaps for 2020 and then only one week to go after that before a short break with Life This Week returning on Mon 4 January 2021. Hope to see you next week too. Denyse.


  21. So glad to have you back, Cathy. I enjoy reading your posts.
    I can understand you ‘signing off’ from reading some blogs – I did that a few years ago too. I particularly remember how one really lovely woman turned me off when she wrote all about the need to carry firearms in these times!
    I would love to knit but my thumbs have been acting up of late. I’m not a great knitter but there’s a certain magic to knitting, isn’t there?


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