Not a haystack but…

So I’m at the table on the back deck putting together my latest charity knit and The Golfer brings out a cup of coffee.   All is well until I go to pick up my wool needle again – oh dear, frantic patting of the b**sum area (come on, don’t tell me you don’t pin sewing needles or safety pins on the front of your chest 😊) – not there.  Not tucked into the blanket cover or even dropped on the floor.  A quick glance in the pin box – can’t see anything but pins and pins lol

Well what do you know, there it is.  it’s a good job I was using one with a gold eye because it certainly took me a little while to see it.  Can YOU see it?  It’s tucked away in the lower right hand corner and the more I moved the pins around the harder it was to fish it out.

And here’s a little glance at what the finished jumper looks like.  It’s taken me an age to finish this relatively easy knit.  

Just a straight up and down front and back with ‘dropped’ sleeves and even though the cables look complicated they are anything but.

I’m in a nosy mood today – tell me what’s going on 😊

Have you read any good books – watched tv – seen any good films/ movies

Are you being crafty at the moment?  Is there anything on your needles – or finished even?

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  1. The jumper is so sweet! I had to enlarge the pic to see the needle.

    Not doing much of anything. Coloring, watching Poldark over before the new season starts.


  2. I am awed at your knitting. And of course I pin needles, pins etc to myself. And still love them.
    Reading, gardening and walking here.
    I loved Margaret Craven’s ‘I heard the owl all my name’ but it is very, very sad.


  3. Lovely sweater. Looks very complicated to me though that straight up and down is what I would love for sure. Still too hot here for crafts especially knitting and crochet but am thinking what I might make this winter.
    Just getting round to doing a bit of housework without sweat pouring down my face.


  4. Looks too complicated for me. My knitting skills stopped at school cardigans (when my daughter asked if she could have ‘proper’ (shop bought) ones instead of ones I made for her!


  5. I saw the needle! Woohoo. We are having Wednesday craft night at our church. I taught tile painting and next week will teach how to crochet pot scrubbers out of nylon net. Others are teaching knitting and piano. It is a fun night. You could come teach us about charity knitting:-)


  6. gorgeous little sweater, you have there…

    I haven’t done very much this week, first I was nervy over the results of my application/art-wise – it it came with “unsuccessful response” and I just couldn’t manage much at all – the stuff I got out to work on Friday is still on the workbench/table – and although I’ve worked through the decision, still not really doing much…

    I’ve eaten, I’ve mused, I’ve even slept on it all…so all is not lost.

    What happens next “not known…” my mentor is away and it appears so is program support. Doesn’t really matter, right now (still all of next year to tick that big box…)


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