Light and Shade……

Still looking in old files for colour on my window sill this set from about 2013 turned up.  Looks like on this particular day I used the Mikasa vase that’s just the right size for slightly larger flowers.

So what’s in the vase?

 A lonely jonquil and a piece of Hebe, some Bergenia, a half opened camellia as well as a few Azalea flowers suggests it was early Winter……….and I can also see the big blue and white golf umbrella near a chair so we must have been having some heavy rain as that’s the only time it gets used out there.

Smiley obviously found some new friends to hang about with – the big yellow coloured one came from an interstate gift shop and dangly legs was from a grandchild.  Cannot for the life of me remember when and how the sofa cat arrived.

And I must have been trying out settings on my camera because the colours on this close up have a different look altogether
Oh dear – it looks like I didn’t put away behind me either!

This one was taken from another angle on the same day –  the different (softer, almost over exposed look) came about when I played around with it on the computer afterwards. You wouldn’t think it was the same vase of flowers would you?

And just to prove these aren’t staged in any way – along with the umbrella and the gardening bits and pieces here’s some more ‘things’ that should have been cleared away 😊

Nature Notes can be found HERE

13 Replies to “Light and Shade……”

  1. Lovely, lovely flowers!
    If those are digital photos, isn’t the date in the upload file? Or is this done on a Mac? I know nothing about Mac files.


  2. Real life still life. My backgrounds are usually full of untidiness. You don’t realise till you see the photo later on the big screen.
    Lovely colours in the vase


  3. Pretty flowers always makes the house more homie
    I hope once this rain clears and we dry out a bit I can go and pick some too


  4. I don’t really have a spare sill anywhere for flowers – as my pad is rather small…but it’s nice to know someone has room for pretty flowers. Of course, I am slowly getting more artwork dotted around… which is cheering me, as I know “I made that”…


  5. Hello Cathy, I love your pretty bouquet of flowers. The vase is lovely, the various colors draw your eye. wonderful photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!


  6. Hello Cathy, that is a gorgeous vase of flowers… I really like when allsorts are put together like that, they really work. That’s a lovely spot you have outside to have a relax in. Cheers!


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