This is the situation today

Let’s just say, that trying to find something to wear (that fits properly) has been challenging

All this going away – doing nothing- eating differently

Can be fun – BUT

Getting the pep talk ….again….from the GP is not good ‘I’m not saying you’re obese, maybe a little overweight’

So as well as a change in attitude,  Santa is going to bring me – new runners, dumb bell weights, resistance rubber bands, a new pass for the pool plus determination and a bit of oomph to round it all off 😊😎

A new someone to do the meal planning and cooking would be nice but that’s the one thing I really do have to take personal responsibility for!


Dying for a cup of tea

Well not literally but so close to.

Out with The Golfer yesterday looking at cars ………. he did have something in  mind but was disappointed….unlucky for him – lucky for our bank balance 🙂

Anyway I was surprised to see the yard we visited was almost empty of buyers only to be told by one chap ‘everyone’s down the road at the shops, we’ll be lucky to make a $ today.   With that he said he was off to his office for a cup of tea.

Coming home Maroondah Highway was chock a block, bumper to bumper at one spot; people might not have been looking at new cars but they were certainly going from one place to another – very quickly……. and as could be said ‘without due care and attention’ or acting like b…..  lunatics which was a comment I kept hearing from the driver of our car.

So by the time we got home I was dry in the mouth and couldn’t get the kettle on fast enough.  Out of nowhere as I gathered up cups and other bits and pieces together I was ‘plagued’ by this little childhood ditty running through my head.

Tea Time, Tea Time.
Come and get your tea
Bread and Butter, cakes and jam
For me me me!

I’ve ate my bread and butter
Drank my cup of tea
What is left for supper time
Wait and see!

With no cakes in the house The Golfer jokingly made a jam sandwich for us both, which had us laughing and talking about running in from school starving and Mum putting jam sandwiches on the table, reminding us to ‘not eat too much and leave room for your dinner (or supper in some parts of the country)

He asked me if I knew there was a special day to remember Fairy Bread – sandwiches (for children here in Australia) made with bread, butter and 100s and 1000s – those little coloured balls used to decorate cakes.  Seems it’s celebrated every year on November 24th.  Well, you  live and learn something every day I said.  And then told him about our own special sandwiches Dad use to make us when we were little.

Bread Butter and Sugar – similar to Fairy Bread without the colouring lol

We didn’t often have butter (best butter my mother always called it) in our house but when we did Dad would say it was a treat for his little ladies. He’d chop some into pieces (to warm and become spreadable) pour some sugar into a glass bowl, make us a cup of milky tea and then let us get on with our special little tea party.

I must be feeling in need of comfort this morning because look what I rustled up for myself – just for old times sake 🙂

So what special memories does food have for you?

It’s often the silliest simple ones that have me close to tears
What about you?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Excuse me I must go and enjoy my memory – my tea will be cold
and as we all know, there’s nothing worse than a cold cup of tea!




Paper or no paper?

Yes that is the question……but first let me explain.

It’s been about four months since I used the library – what with going up north earlier in the year – having company when we got home – and then going off again for a few more weeks, it wasn’t necessary.  I did read during this time but not borrowed library books – well, that’s not quite true, I did borrow from the Bowen library but I didn’t take any up from here – library books that is.  As well as the few paperbacks I took to read on the cruise (and left in the book exchange) I wasn’t short of reading matter because there was a library onboard plus the book exchange cupboard and I also had books on my iPad.

And that was a very long winded way of relating the reason why I visited my local library last Saturday morning for the first time in over 4 months 🙂

With only a few letters to go I’m determined to finish the author A-Z challenge I started at the beginning of the year – these last four K, Q, V, & Y are what I call odd ones (given myself permission to forget about X)  so it was a quick look down the shelves to find something that fitted the bill and also appealed.

Job done, four books in hand it was on to the self serve check out desk.

Not our library but similar check out machine.

These were introduced quite a few years ago now and at the time they were resisted by lots of the members who still continued to lined up to see if the librarian would do the deed at her desk but now are used as a matter of course.  The librarians do (willingly) assist some of the older members but once shown how just about everyone does it themselves.

Account found, books on the sensor pad, attached to account, all finished except for the paper slip with names and return dates.  That’s when I noticed an extra dialogue box on the screen.

Would I like this emailed to me?

Oh decisions….decisions 🙂

Now we’ve had downloadable books (digital books/eBooks) for what seems like a long long time ….we might not like the paperless books but these days nobody gives them a second thought.  But this was something new…….something I had to think about

That paper receipt with the book and return date information often serves as a bookmark – trouble is it often has a habit of losing itself so unless I’ve marked the returns date on the calendar I have to chase it up online at the library site.   If all that information came by email I’d have it right there in my inbox – but I’d lose my handy little bookmark.  The one I often mislaid in amongst other little bits of paper lying about on the table next to my chair!

Knowing my habit of putting things down and promptly losing them

Knowing I actually already have oodles of bookmarks I could use

I chose the paperless option 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And here we are on Monday, the day when I sit and muse about life and happenings.

I’m wondering if I’m still a resistant old stick in the mud who dislikes change….. because I had to actually think about the book name/date option or was I just confused because I hadn’t been around when that option was introduced?

What about you – are you changing your ways as new alternatives arise or do you still like things the way they were?



Now why did I say that?

I’d just handed over some recently finished woollies and was sitting at the table laughing with other ladies (and one fella) at my Thursday night charity knitting group when I hear the words come out of my mouth.

“I’ll think about it”

Before then making knitted toys had never entered my mind – I’m more of a winter woolie person – yet I could hear all the others chattering and looking at ideas online so before the end of the evening  “I’ll think about it” became more of “I’ll see what I can come up with” lol

So many ‘things’ i thought of had so many pieces – little fiddly pieces to be sew together.  I needed something simple.  Easy to make  without worrying how it would turn out/if I’d make a hash of it.  A few hours on the net and a few coffees later

This is what I came up with.

Yes it’s a little Teddy – similar to but not the actual pattern of the one associated with the emergency charity.  Trademarked so too many restrictions on the use of that one – besides I liked the look of this one rather than theirs.

It’s strange but I’m happy to go out of my comfort zone if it’s my idea but always feel at a disadvantage when others suggest it.  This little fella has proved to me I should have got over that at my age.  I shouldn’t have to ‘think about it’ …..I should just get on and do it.!!

And if you look above – there on the left hand side of the photo is the start of another one

I’ll get on with it shortly- just have to give Ted a face first.  He needs to be able to smile at the child he is given to doesn’t he😊



Do you see what I see??

It’s time to do some Thinking on this Thursday morning.

Fed up with boxes and consequences of maybe the wrong ones being picked I resorted to dear old social media to provide me with some totally mindless matters 😊

Not a box to be found – or at least where I was looking – however squares popped up instead

I have no idea what the correct answer to this question is because each time I start to count I lose track of which squares I’ve identified lol

So what do you think?  Just for a laugh why not have a go and see what you come up with.

(Maybe 11 ??)


Pick a box, just don’t tick it!

Four years gone by – just like that!

This Saturday is the fourth Saturday in November

Which means it’s time for another Victorian State Election.

Election Day is when you actually see your neighbours long enough to say Hello, get to see people you knew from years ago and haven’t seen in four years, get to see people who obviously know you because they come up and say “Hello” – you say “Hello” back even though you have no idea who they are and then realise they went to school with your children.  And then realise they have their children with them – not little children but adults old enough to vote.  How did that happen lol

Most of that (and more) is before you’ve arrived at the school gates, before you’ve run the gauntlet of party faithful volunteers handing out how to vote cards, before you’ve ogled the cakes on the cake stall or smelt the sausages sizzling away on the barbecue.  All jolly good fun as long as you remember why you’re there.

Once inside the polling station there’s the line up to get your name marked off the electoral roll and receive both your ballot papers – voting is compulsory here in Australia – well it’s compulsory in that you must turn up and be marked present.  You can be fined if you don’t have a good reason for not doing so.  Of course early voting is available – but not online, it still has to be done in person.  Also you can vote at any other recognised station ‘out of your electorate’ so no worries if you can’t get to yours between 8am and 6pm.

Ballot papers in hand, it’s off to those little cardboard booths.  One thing to remember though is – don’t Tick the Box – your vote won’t count

Because it’s a preferential voting system and not a ‘first past the post’ one, the boxes beside candidates names need to be numbered. The Lower House (Legislative Assembly)  is usually straight forward- mark it the way your preferred candidate suggests which is why (unless you have thought about your vote long and hard and have a very good memory) it pays to accept one of those how to vote cards being handed out in front of the school gate 😊

But watch out when you come to the Upper House (Legislative Council) – ‘cose that’s when the fun begins.  You’ll look at the great big long sheet of paper and wonder what it’s all about.  Thankfully the Electoral Commission provide guidelines 😊

From very early Saturday morning The Golfer once again will be busy doing his duty working in a polling station at one of the local schools.  There’s quite a selection process to go through for these (paid) positions, one he went through many years and with each election there’s more ‘retraining’ so he’s been tucked away recently huddled over his Victorian Electoral Commission work book answering questions online.

I’ll vote early before the rush and spend the rest of the day wondering (as I have been doing ever since this campaign began) where are they – all the political parties involved- going to come up with the money to provide Victorians with all these new ‘things’ they are/have been promising?  Who is going to lose out when their funding is cut so money can be diverted to these new projects?

Only time will tell I suppose, so remember folks – just be careful what you wish for.  It may not turn out to your liking!


Did you ever see such joy?

With the publicity that surrounds the troubles and woes in the world these days it can sometimes be difficult to know what news is real and what is fake.  Occasionally I get extremely fed up with it all and that’s when I take time out from watching and listening to ‘serious’ stuff, coming back to life by moving aimlessly around the web looking for a bit of light relief – and ‘that’s’ when I discover little gems that keep me from wondering ” are we all going bonkers and the end of the world is nigh”

This little video is doing the rounds again on social media.

I will unashamedly say it is just a ‘joy to watch’ and can’t keep the smile off my face as I do so.

Train travel is part of my makeup- 90% of the males on my father’s paternal line worked ‘on the railways’  in Northern Ireland.  My grandad (who I never knew, he being gone before I arrived) worked his way up from a general railway worker (aka labourer) through Fireman to Engine Driver.  I do so love train travel – but sadly (unlike Madeline) I don’t have a record of my first ride 😔

Just watch and enjoy – and smile 😎😊



It’s been a while…..

Mmm, it certainly has been a while….those just ‘for a few weeks’ turned out to be nearly 13 😦

Lots of days reading and walking beaches, lots of days preparing for more ‘away from home’ time, lots of days enjoying faraway places, walking on beaches on tropical islands never visited before, reading and walking on a cruise ship promenade deck as well as watching the ocean pass by as we wended our way home – all that and more.

I took very few photos on our latest trip – it was another ‘rest and relaxation’ ‘enjoy the moment’ one with no strenuous outings.  We did however visit the final home of Robert Louis Stevenson (author of Kidnapped and Treasure Island among many other books)  – a now large rambling house near Apia in Samoa which has been turned into a museum.  I would have loved to spent hours browsing but you know how time is limited when you are on an organised tour 🙂

Anyway I’m home again – spending days enjoying the familiar surroundings of our suburb here in the outer east of Melbourne.  Hopefully over the next few weeks once the ‘silly season’ has finished I’ll get back to regular chats.

Bye for now

PS – I must just add this thought



Just for a few weeks…..

The worldwide interest in Tiny Houses means there are often some ‘interesting’ programmes to watch about them on tv.  There’s a certain something about dinky little houses, some with living space on various levels, some even on wheels so they are towable reminiscent of ‘gypsy’ caravans. Sometimes I think it would be great to live in one – then usually have second thoughts when I think about the things I need around me to live the sort of life I enjoy.  There’d be a tiny house on my block- as well as countless outbuildings to house the assorted paraphernalia stuff I’m referring to above 😏

So each time we decide to come here on our winter trip and I remember the size of the cabin I say to myself ‘it’s just for a few weeks’.  We have the same cabin booked each time so I’m aware I’ll be living in Four rooms in One  for those few weeks so bring the amount of clothing and assorted ‘stuff’ I feel I can handle for that time.

There’s a bedroom with large picture window and hanging space for clothing

A beautifully appointed kitchen/diner with up to date appliances and a small sitting area with comfortable couch


The bathroom (shower/hand basin/toilet) is tucked away behind the sliding panelled door, the view from the ‘kitchen’ window is palm greenery and with  only 9 steps from the mirror end to the window by the bed there’s not a huge amount of floor space, storage is almost negligible yet it doesn’t feel cramped.

Years ago (2008) after our first visit to Bowen I mentioned our little ‘holiday home’ and how small it was to my mum.  I must have caught her on a grumpy day because she quickly retaliated that living in one room is the norm in some parts of the world, reminding me of the term ‘bedsit’ and because of them loads of people actually have a roof over their heads.

Could I live permanently by choice in this little space – I don’t think so.  It’s fun for a few weeks but that’s my limit  Necessity is a different matter altogether.

How about you?  Could you live in a tiny space or do you need room to move (and store your ‘stuff


I once…

Sitting here in the shade this morning, feeling lovely and comfortable in the warmth of the Queensland winter I tried to catch up on some blog reading.  Slow internet here in the van park (and town generally) has made browsing a bit hit and miss so rather than be annoyed I decided a ‘no gadget time’ wouldn’t be a bad thing – until curiosity got the better of me 😎

Anyway, a blogger who hasn’t been well for quite a while, let slip this morning that she had once been a surfer.  That got me thinking about things we might have done over the years that others who know us now would never envisage us doing.

Now as you all know – because it’s certainly not a secret – I’m definitely not a winter person.  Yet once upon a time things were very different.

Many years ago there was a winter sport I loved.

I once spent as many hours as I could snow skiing.

What about you?

Is there anything your younger self did that others couldn’t see you doing?


What lies beyond…..

What lies beyond the trees?

My favourite walking beach of course 😎

Queens Beach  Bowen Far North Queensland

Looking left

Looking right

After 4 long days driving 2,500 kms we are at our journeys end

blue skies – warm sunny days – time to relax

And visit my favourite sitting and reading beach – Rose Bay also at Bowen

As you can see after inspecting this morning all present and correct and waiting to be enjoyed


Just one of the things you can encounter……

So we’d not long started off on Friday morning, travelling from Goondiwindi to Rockhampton in beautiful Queensland when the Highway Patrol appeared with lights flashing, wand waving out the driver’s window to shepherd us all off the bitumen

Then the second one came along making sure we’d really moved over

Then the Pilot car turned up with lights flashing

Because…..this was on the move

Special measures need to be taken when some oversize loads are moved around from place to place.

This would have been going on all the way from where they were coming from to wherever they were going

Have you guessed where I’m going??


Would it be allowed today?

A little bit of light relief after my ‘troubles and woes’ of the last couple of days 😎💕

~ ~ ~ ~

Fed up with being inside on the rainy days of a couple of weeks ago I took advantage of some sunshine last week to take a walk in the park.  The one with the wetlands, long windy paths, views of The Dandenongs and lots of things to keep busy energetic little ones happy.

Little ones like these I could see way up in the distance – mums busy chatting, one with a stroller the other carrying a little girl and the little boy full of beans running ahead.  (I used zoom making sure their faces weren’t visible)

I’d seen them earlier – in and on some of secret places where little ones like these along with their Mums and Dads and maybe big brothers and sisters like to meet.










There are so many pieces of equipment there in the special area of the park designated for children it’s often crowded at the weekend but not so on this day.  A beautiful sunny day but oh so cold, only the hardy were out and about.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And look what turned up on fb that very same day.  I know it’s been doing the rounds for a while but it brought a smile to my face as I remembered when the boys stopped running and pushing and jumped on to spin round with the screaming girls.  And then that awful feeling of floundering around with a spinning head when it stopped 😊

Are any of you old enough to remember them?

I’m curious to know if it would be allowed in any of the playgrounds today


Please let me know

Well I’ve found what I think is a ‘softer’ look so we’ll stay with this one for a while 🙂

The title and header have been rearranged however there is still a lot of white space there still (which for some reason bothers me) – does it look softer than the previous one i.e. the one I had there yesterday?

In a comment on the last post Angela mentioned seeing advertisements – another blogger had also alluded to this a while ago but I didn’t think any more about it – SO could you let me know if they are still there.  When I log out and have a look there’s nothing there so it could just be a haphazard arrangement.

I vaguely remember WordPress saying something about them to keep the site ‘free’ (and yes I know blogger is free but I’ve been there done that and it ended up in tears 😦 ) so if all else fails and they still appear I might (might) have to pay to have my own domain.  Hoping it doesn’t come to that.

As they say – just looking at life in a different way should help.  Here’s hoping it does.

Frustration point here at the moment – wondering if….. well….. we’ll have to wait and see 🙂



Seeing if this works

Hoping this posts as the ‘new’ header
Still having to use the app – nothing happening on the iPad using Safari or Chrome.

Just get a blue screen with a big W in the centre 😩

It’s quite clumsy, certainly not the easiest way to go about things but as The Golfer has first dibs on the PC when he’s home I’m happy I’m not shut out altogether.

Another day tomorrow- here’s hoping it gets easier 😎


All change

Well maybe the problem was because my theme had been ‘retired’ so I’m hoping that changing to another theme will help with my blog problem.

Not sure if I’m all that keen on what I’ve chosen and I’ll try to find another header picture – at least I can access to post on the PC.  I know my iPad has been playing up but I wouldn’t think that was the problem because all other websites were ok.

Anyway we’ll go with this (free) one for a while even though there is an awful lot of white space 🙂

Bye for now