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WWW Wednesday- May 2019

Quite a while ago I would occasionally take part in WWW Wednesday when it was hosted by MizB;  Sam at Taking on a World of Words now looks after it and even though the knitting might have taken a back seat I seem to have found comfort in books again……  This might be the right time to join in the fun once more 🙂

Anyone can do it – take part that is – just answer these 3 questions
What are you currently reading ?
What did you recently finish reading ?
What do you think you’ll read next ?

My current read is – Alias Grace by Margaret Attwood

“It’s 1843, and Grace Marks has been convicted for her involvement in the vicious murders of her employer and his housekeeper and mistress. Some believe Grace is innocent; others think her evil or insane. Now serving a life sentence, Grace claims to have no memory of the murders.”

Picked up from the ‘borrow if you want’ table at my cup of coffee book club, I’ve been reading or at least trying to read this for a couple of weeks now except I just can’t get into it.  I’ve reached chapter 8  (in Young Man’s Fancy) yes, I know I’ve hardly started but I keep getting sidetracked!  Anyway I’m hoping all the excepts and letters and all that going back and forth…..which annoys me no end…..are behind me.

Did she do it or did she not?  That is the question.  I’m not normally a ‘read the last chapter’ person but am quite tempted in this case…..I suppose I could ask Mr Google….but that would be cheating, wouldn’t it 😊

My most recent finish was – the ones you trust by Caroline Overington 

“Someone has taken her little girl … Emma Cardwell, host of top-rating morning TV show Cuppa, is beloved by audiences and only occasionally stalked by crazy fans. She seems to have it all – fame, money, a gorgeous family – but when her tiny daughter disappears from ldaycare, Emma is faced with every mother’s worst nightmare. Is this a kidnapping, a product of her high profile, or is somebody out for revenge?”

A story that had you wondering right from page 1.  Who What Where and Why?.  A quick easy read, some rather unlikable characters, maybe a little far fetched storyline with a very strange ending. The author obviously had done much research into the world of morning tv – I kept seeing the sets of Sunrise or Today wondering who the male presenter had been based on, who was the ghastly executive who seemed to rule everyone’s life and who was the model for Emma.  The plot –  a possible event but highly unlikely!

And my ‘maybe’ next one is – Force of Nature by Jane Harper (Aaron Falk 2)

“Five women reluctantly pick up their backpacks and start walking along a muddy track.
Only four come out on the other side.
The hike through the rugged Giralang Ranges is meant to take the office colleagues out of their air-conditioned comfort zone and encourage teamwork and resilience. At least, that’s what the corporate retreat website advertises”

While all my book club friends raved about Jane Harper’s first novel The Dry (Aaron Falk #1)  it didn’t turn me on at all.  I know, I know – I’m hard to please at times.  I kept thinking if the main character didn’t want to be there, why didn’t he just go back to Melbourne.  He’d fiddle about doing this, and a bit of that, and nothing seemed to happen. And those flashbacks annoyed me so much.   Now with a bit of luck I’ll enjoy the second in the series more than the first..I’ve been good and haven’t even peeked inside the covers and I just have to remember that series reading ‘was’ my aim for this year……see Books read 2019 😊

And if not these also came home with me a couple of weeks ago from
my book club that isn’t a book club.

Only one recent release – but when did that affect me reading a book 😊

Tomorrow the World – Josephine Cox
The Seafront Tea Room – Vanessa Greene
Gold Dust – Kimberley Freeman
The Clockmaker’s Daughter – Kate Morton


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Come on – tell me – I’d love to know your answers to the three questions?

There was a time…..

There was a time….quite a  few years ago now that I think of it….that depending on the season I would make a few jars of jams and pickles.

Then the plum tree came down in a gale so the jam production went down.  Things were tight and I wasn’t going to fork out for fruit as well as the sugar.  We were eating less and less of the sweet things so I didn’t miss the stack of filled jam jars in the cupboard.

I gave up on tomato and cucumber and some other vegetable growing a while ago… travelling and a back that had me cautious when digging as well as bending put paid to that.  Besides even with making chutneys and pickles I gave away more than we ate.

These days I buy fruit and veg from the farm gate or at a good greengrocer.  I can pick and choose and buy to our needs….. not have a glut when the season is good or worry about what we were going to eat if it was a bad ‘un

Food regulations meant that donations to ‘Street Stalls’ had to have ingredients listed and homemade recipes of  ‘just a pinch of this and a pinch of that’ weren’t acceptable so in the end that part of my life – the productive housewife – sort of came to an end.

We now buy jams and pickles.  Commercial food labelling means we are aware of all the included fats.. sugars.. salt.. you name it… so can judge whether it fits into our respective health needs.  You know what I mean…..is it going to make me fat, raise my cholesterol even higher (even though we pop a little pill one must still be aware – or so the lovely GP tells me)… not do my BP any good (same advice from the GP)

Now healthy or not (depending on your point of view) we do like a cup of coffee.  A Latte or Flat White when we’re out…..either plunger (french press) or (horrors of horrors, as some of my friends are inclined to remark) instant at home.  The Golfer was given a little coffee maker with associated pods but it’s a pain to use so has sat on the bench for quite a long while now – the Bodum plunger is easy and depending on the brand of ‘proper’coffee, (the one we use…grown in Queensland) tastes good to us – the taste of the instant brand we prefer isn’t so bad either.

Which brings me back to pickle making!

Like it or hate it…Moccona is our coffee of choice – it comes in big chunky jars which when washed and aired are great for dry goods storage.  Because they are also airtight an old acquaintance also used the smaller one for pickles (pickle onions and gherkins mainly)

‘I’ve got some spare ones’ says I about a year ago then promptly forgot – so did she.  And I bet you know where I’m going with this 🙂

Fine sunny weather – good for clearing corners of the garage – produced this haul of 8 Moccona 200gm jars.  Plus various balls and cricket stumps!

Sadly, when I rang this persons house to give her the good news (we had lost touch but thank goodness for old address books) it was to hear her husband tell me she had died only a few months ago.

‘She would have loved them’ he said.  ‘There was a time when….then he broke down.  I said my goodbyes and also said to myself ‘ yes there was a time’
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Monday morning here, later on after I finish my coffee I’m off down the street to donate those freshly washed jars and the balls and stumps.  I asked family and ‘no thank you was the answer’ – guess they have their own stock of…..jars and anything else that gets put away on the off chance it could come in handy some other time.

How about you – was there a time when you did…….and now just look back and wonder about the things you did… when you had the time?

Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using words and/or pictures as prompts. Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can from them. The prompts for May can be found here with Elephants’ Child

This is my contribution using the photographic prompts provided for this week.

Red Skies…

Joanne took another look at the photo.

‘No’ she said quietly, almost to herself ‘ I’m blowed if I can remember’

Her Aunt Dora had turned up that morning, mentioning how tired and weary she was from the long bus journey, complaining as usual about anything and everything.

The photograph had come out of her bag when they were at lunch.

‘Joanne, you were with me on that last trip to the old house. I know you’ll have the answer to my question. What time of the day was this one taken, is that a really colourful sunrise or an end of the day sunset?’

All Joanne could do was smile and look interested while inwardly groaning as she remembered what seemed like hundreds of photos Aunt Dora had taken over the two week stay. All of them on Dora’s old 35mm camera, all on film that didn’t have the time and date function ‘her’ new digital camera had.

Day after day they had walked for miles in the neighbouring countryside, Dora pouring out her pent up grief, Joanne accepting the responsibility of being the shoulder Dora needed to cry on.

Their shared loss of an only sister and a mother had been so traumatic for them both they had needed that time together, to mourn, to comfort each other and begin to reignite a relationship cut short many years previously when Joanne’s mother had taken umbrage at something her sister had said.

‘I see you’ve still got that short haired tabby cat Joanne. What’s it doing up on the window sill? Oh look at that grumpy looking grey haired one sitting outside. Do they like each other, they aren’t growling so I suppose they must do’

Oh by the way, I like your new short hair cut. I must see my hairdresser some time, mine’s getting quite long now, I really need a trim and must do something to cover up all this grey’

Joanne just sat back and smiled, yes she thought, you really can be a grumpy old so and so but I do like you!


Yesterday was Monday.  A Monday that couldn’t make up it’s mind.  Dry and sunny or dull damp and cool.  Just an Autumn day in Melbourne.

I had a ‘coffee date’ with an old friend- a longer friendship than the one from last week – a much simpler friendship going back to ‘when our children were at school together’. We are of a similar age, both of us 1940’s babies raised in post war Britain so can laugh and reminisce about similar events and lifestyle.  Today’s cool morning had us camped on the cafe’s couch next to the fire in fits of laughter over a picture I gleaned from f/b.  Most of us (children) had worn them plus a vest (singlet) – with open coal fires and no central heating most of us needed the extra warmth they provided!

After days of much needed rain, middle of the day sunshine showed me some of the very neglected roses had decided on a last hurrah before their final descent into winter hibernation. 

Somewhere in my ‘files’ I’ve a ‘plan’ (lol a rough sketch with black blobs where a rose was put in the ground) with the names of them all. They all had names attached (on tags) when planted, don’t ask me to identify them now as I’ve no idea….except the big blousey ones (like the pale pink pictured) are Austen’s! I really must spend some time out there tidying things up – this year is flying by so quickly it won’t be long before they need their winter haircut.

Unscheduled afternoon trips often provide ‘smiley moments’.  Coming back from Yarra Glen in the late afternoon (under dark low lying clouds) we were approaching Dame Nelly Melba’s ‘cottage’ on the Melba Highway when I saw our landmark.  The Dandenongs!  

“The Dandenong Ranges (commonly just The Dandenongs) are a set of low mountain ranges, rising to 633 metres at Mount Dandenong, approximately 35 km (22 mi) east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The ranges consist mostly of rolling hills, steeply weathered valleys and gullies covered in thick temperate rainforest, predominantly of tall Mountain Ash trees and dense ferny undergrowth.”


The long straggling range is just up the road from us in the outer eastern suburbs.  No matter which way we approach Melbourne, as soon as we see them we know we’re nearly home.

And there right at the ‘end’ were the TV masts.

I was smiling because there was only about 15 minutes to go and I could get that longed for cuppa while looking at the very same from our back deck!


Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no use complaining, you just have to accept them and enjoy whatever crops up on Autumn days in Melbourne – just as I did yesterday 😊😎

Monday Murals….

The Golfer and I made our way up to Echuca in the north of Victoria again last week, this time to enjoy the company of interstate visitors.  And even though they are very very long time friends it’s sometimes difficult to know how to ‘amuse’ them, particularly when one has a permanent ankle injury and the other ‘a bad back’….which meant wandering about and taking in the sights and sounds of the little compact town that Echuca is was not on the list of things to do and see.

So one day it was ‘top up the tank’ for a quick drive down the road to have a look round the little town of Tongala. One of those rural places opened up in the 1870s with a smallish population that…..according to census returns……is slowly growing; up from 869 persons in 1911 to 1869 in 2011.  Like lots of small towns, locals rack their brains to find ways of bringing people (and money) to the area.  Assisted by local artist Murray Ross, Tongala has hit on street art in the form of murals – lots of them, showing the history of the town and the associated dairy industry, as their way of bringing those visitors to Tonny….as the locals call it 😊



~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here’s one I really liked – two ‘old timers’ out in the bush, the billy coming to the boil on the fire, their dog resting peacefully beside them.

I took a quick photo then moved on up the street – see their heads and eyes are facing the front looking right at me.

Coming back to the car I snapped it again- different light, different angle.

Well, bugger me, I’d swear they’ve turned their heads to their left so they could still look me in the eye 😊

I did take more photos of the clever art work – which I’ll post another day.

Sami hosts Monday Murals and if you would like to see more – follow this link.

Silly Saturday…..

I ‘discovered’ this little piece in a very old folder labelled Jokes.  I don’t think I’ve posted it before – so as Fun Friday passed me by I’m going to let you read it on Silly Saturday 😊

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A tourist in Vienna is going through a graveyard and all of a sudden he hears music.
No one is around, so he starts searching for the source.

He finally locates the origin and finds it is coming from a grave with a headstone that reads: “Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770- 1827”.

Then he realizes that the music is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and it is being played backward!

Puzzled, he leaves the graveyard and persuades a friend to return with him.

By the time they arrive back at the grave, the music has changed.
This time it is the Seventh Symphony, but like the previous piece, it is being played backwards.

Curious, the men agree to consult a music scholar.
When they return with the expert, the Fifth Symphony is playing, again backwards.

The expert notices that the symphonies are being played in the reverse order in which they were composed,
The 9th, then the 7th, then the 5th.

By the next day the word has spread, and a crowd has gathered around the grave.
They are all listening to the Second Symphony being played backward.
Just then the graveyard’s caretaker ambles up to the group.

Someone in the group asks him if he has an explanation for the music.
“I would have thought it was obvious,” the caretaker says.

” He’s decomposing ” 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I also had this article bookmarked –

Ludwig van/von Beethoven – a brilliant composer and an antisocial drunk

Put it together

Two chicken carcasses – 2 carrots – 1 onion – dried soup mix – chicken stock powder – plus a huge saucepan of water

Put it together – and what have you got?  Lunch for a cool day yet warm enough to eat outside.

Put that together with tea, whole meal crackers and a book  And then what have you got?

A Fun, Frugal Afternoon Filled with Feelings of Contentment!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wordless Wednesday occurs all over the internet each Wednesday, when bloggers let photos speak for themselves.
Click the link below and see what others have to say ‘Wordlessly’ (or almost)

Wordless Wednesday hub

Have you ever wondered…

It doesn’t take much to please me – not a lot to make me feel good.

It’s little things in life like a cool change after a sweltering hot summers day, a warm bath when I’m aching, a nice cup of tea or (shhh) a bar of chocolate😊

It’s a well known fact in our house that I’m a ‘water babe’ – the feeling of being immersed makes me feel good all over, seems to calm me, definitely makes me feel peaceful.  According to my mum, from the day i was born putting me in a bath of warm water was a sure fire way to settle me.  And at this time of my life  I’ve told the family if/when I need to go into a nursing home it has to be one with bathing pools / large baths with sling hoists allowing them to manoeuvre the person, so they are able to ‘float’ and enjoy the warmth and the peace that comes with it.

These days as well as my warm bath (and sessions in a nearby heated remedial pool) I suffer the shivers of getting into our supposedly ‘heated’ local pool and dips in the ocean on hot summer days – all to enjoy ‘that’ feeling, knowing whichever way I choose it will bring a distinct change in my attitude.

Unlike these lovely ladies frolicking at the waters edge

The Bathing Beauties 1872
Frederick Arthur Bridgman
1847 – 1928
sold by Christie’s USD 31,000

‘My’ frolicking has always been clothed.  There are times – usually when I’m reclining in the bath, book and coffee close to hand…..I think about the merits of sun bathing in the raw and skinny dipping.  Bathing cosies are big business…….expensive too.  What if I was to forgoe buying a new one in favour of using the clothing optional beach in the town where we winter??  I’m sure I’d not look out of place – probably 75% of people in town at that time of the year would be 60yrs and over lol

So putting all thoughts of size, shape and inhibitions aside…..have any of you wondered about (or even ‘done/taken part in’….that doesn’t sound right lol) going au naturel on the beach?

Words for Wednesday…..

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using words and/or pictures as prompts. Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can from them.  The prompts for May can be found here with  Elephants’ Child

Here’s my contribution using the suggested words for this week.

Cash back, what’s that?

“John, let me make this clear.  You are not buying another of those infernal machines. Do you hear me?”

John stood gazing out at the window, . All he wanted was a new electric mower, one of those little ones that used less power, energy efficient the salesman had called it.

Sheila had caught him looking through the catalogues – junk mail she called it. There were some really interesting models for sale, ones that would have done the job in half the time his old one took.

Why was she so dead set against it?

She kept on about money,and salesmen talking a load of tommy rot, who were filling his brain with (what she insisted were) unsubstantiated claims that this one is better than that one and things like that.

“Stop looking John!  You know we can’t afford it”

“Honestly, you’ve got a face as long as next week, you’re acting like a little kid looking in the window of a lolly shop, wanting everything you see but disappointed because you only have a penny in your pocket.”

John sighed, oh how he wished he could return to his much younger days, not a care in the world, hanging around with his rapper mates. His money was his, not to be shared with anyone else.  Of course that was long before he arrived in Australia, long he met Sheila, long before he had a house and a garden where he was sure the grass seemed to grow longer by the minute.

In those days it was his Granny who was the one who told him what he could do or couldn’t do. Mostly it was what she wanted him to – like filling the coal scuttle every day, a job he loathed. She’d sit in her chair right beside the fire, tossing her sweetie papers on the floor, complaining about his Mum and Dad never being home. What she couldn’t remember was they weren’t around because they were out working, trying to keep a business going so they’d have a roof over their heads.

His parents weren’t aware of the nightmares he had – Granny sent him down to the cellar that often he would dream of being in there when the coal man arrived, not knowing he was there and tipping the coal out of the sacks, down through the opening right on top of him.

The flowery scent Sheila used wafted over his way. He could hear her talking as well.

John, John, drop what you’re doing, come over here and see what I’ve found.  You’ll also need to get your coat because we’re going out for a while, and there’s a cold wind blowing so button it up.

I was about to put all those flyers in the bin when I saw one you missed. There’s a little mower on special, similar to the ones you’ve been mooning over. I know there’s nothing wrong with the one you’ve got but this one advertised comes with a cash back offer. Which will make it even cheaper!

With the money we save we might be able to afford pizza for dinner. What do you think about that??

A gentle reminder…..

Whatever you ‘do’ on your iPad is not forgotten.

The answer you get to a question may not be the one you were looking for😊

I asked Mr G how far Amsterdam airport was from the cruise ship terminal.

16,546 kms – Was the answer I got!

Not quite the answer I was hoping for!  That’s an awfully long taxi ride!

Station Pier Cruise Ship Terminal is in Melbourne!

Seems that browsing for cruises in two cities can confuse Mr G lol

Time to clear my history (and cookies) I think 😎

No idea why…..

After dragging my heels for so long I thought I’d have to take my shoes to the cobbler,  I finally ‘finished off’ these last few charity knits.  Not my best effort- all of them plain and simple apart from the fawn jumper with the coloured bands.

At the moment (much to my dismay) I’ve no interest in handiwork of any sort……. it’s a feeling of ‘can’t be bothered’ rather than one of ‘oh I can’t do that, my hands/fingers are sore and it hurts to do so’. It’ll come back in time……well, it’d better.  There’s a couple of cardigans and two teddies on the go and about another 20 or more balls of wool to be knit up 😊

Handing them over and sort of indicating I’d be on a go – slow for a while…..I was hit with these words….  “Oh what a shame, this particular charity wants more plain children’s cardigans like those you knit.  They don’t want jumpers or anything fancy – seems it’s easier to allocate cardigans.  And those you knit are just the sort they need”

So we’re back to this again………, a few years ago I was involved with a knitting group which qualified as a charity and then began to get ‘greedy’……we need more knitters…..we need more garments….tell your friends we want this, that and the other (money is nice too!).  We are now going to service more and more agencies ‘nationwide’ irregardless of the fact there are groups in other states who service their states – beginning as a small ‘keep people warm in Victoria during the winter’ group to ‘let’s keep Australians warm in winter’ it was preying on the goodwill (and the emotions) of myself and quite a few others I knew.

We were beginning to feel like the old ladies who, out of the goodness of their hearts,  gave a charity a monetary donation once, then pestered continually for more and more larger monthly amounts…..it just wasn’t on.  Which is why I moved to this new group!

As to why this particular charity has decided on cardigans only….I’ve no idea – apart from that strange explanation of being easier to allocate.  Once I get over the niggly feeling that comes from others putting their demands ahead of their supporters and that it might curb my artistic streak for a while, I’ll be right on to it again.  I’m sure I can come up with all sorts of patterns to place on a cardigan – my cupboard is full of old ‘vintage’ patterns I can utilise.  That is once the magic of my knitting ‘mojo‘ (oh how I dislike that word) returns 🙂

It’s Monday again, it seems a long while since Easter Monday.  There have been sunny days and wet days  ……warmish days, downright cold days.  You name ’em we’ve had them. Some busy (get your flu jab) some quiet (think about next year’s ‘entertainment’ aka holidays) but for myself and The Golfer all passed happily.  With sad thoughts still about the madness in the world and the Sri Lanka bombings though.

How did this past last week go for you – do you have plans for this Monday…..crafty or otherwise?


Early days…..

The leaves are beginning to colour and prepare to drop off trees, unpruned roses are developing hips, the heads on Sedum Autumn Joy have definitely gone past dark red and are now fading……………………meaning Autumn has arrived – and even though we will hopefully, have some fantabulous sunny days ahead of us, with the lowish overnight temps we’ve been having recently it’ll soon be warmth from the heater, woollen blankets on the bed and goodbye to the cotton cellular ones for a while.

I hadn’t planned do much yesterday ‘cept potter about so after looking round the garden and adding to my notes about what to move during the winter I actually managed to get out for a walk.

Our street is bounded by 2 main roads, I can make my way up one of them, use a particular street to cross the top to the other and then come home….a distance of over 2.5kms.  I can reverse the direction and go the other way or walk various streets in the middle, changing it about a bit so I don’t get fed up.

Some days in the past I would walk the ‘boundary’ twice making it a substantial (for me) 5kms and as we live in the foothills of the Dandenongs these roads are not level so there’d be a bit of an aerobic workout going on at the same time.   Then ‘the back’ happened – least said about that the better apart from walking is something I’m just beginning to enjoy again.

It was a late decision yesterday to start out when I did, and even tho’ it wasn’t cold (as in coats and ‘ats needed) the skies were grey and wet looking (see photo above) so taking the brolly along was a good decision!  Got as far as the ‘cross over road’ near the roundabout on the main road and the heavens opened up.

That corner is actually the 1km mark so a quick turn around and heading downhill for home with the brolly sort of keeping me dry made it 2km for the day.  Let’s just say, small as that total was, after not doing much walking over the hot summer we just had that was the longest distance in a while – apart from that recent day in the city……when The Golfer walked the feet off me 😎

Here’s hoping we have a wet Winter, the ground is so dry and plants are suffering.  As I scooted round the back of the house and up onto the deck I’m sure I heard the garden said ‘thank you’ for the small downpour even tho’ I wasn’t too impressed.

Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using words and/or pictures as prompts. Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can from them. Messimimi is hosting this month – April.

Here’s what I came up with using this week’s suggested words

Sign here please…

Here comes the delivery man, she said to herself. She could see him getting out of the truck, steadying himself before he jumped down onto the driveway.

Such a polite young man, always willing to bring large boxes right inside the front door. Not like the previous one who would hardly give you the time of the day apart from saying, ‘sign here’ – not even a please or thank you from him. And with that he’d drop whatever it was on the ground at her feet.

She was suddenly conscious of someone standing beside her in the hall.

And what have you ordered now Mum?

Oh, just something  for a project I have in mind.

But Mum you promised!

It’s not all for me silly one, it’s to share with others in the craft group.

You know that Patsy next door is having some work done at the back of her house, well, she’s got this really nice labourer doing the jobs on an ad hoc basis.  Nothing definite arranged, just when and if she needs him.  Such a lovely young lad, very outgoing  and chatty, so polite and courteous, just like the delivery man. Has a beautiful voice and is always singing.  Lovely melodies and love songs, not bawdy ones like some of his mates come out with when they’re round there waiting for him to finish up.

I’ll introduce you to him sometime.

Mum, we’re supposed to be discussing this yarn problem you have. Always buying more when there’s loads still in the boxes up in the bedroom.

Oh, I really do have plans for it. You see Patsy’s worker and his friends are always complaining about their cold ears and hands, so I’m going to share some with my crafty friends and we are going to knit them beanies and fingerless gloves to wear when they’re working outside!

Oh, there’s the door bell. I need to go and answer it

Hello Mrs B, how are you today? I bet this is another delivery from the online wool shop.

Sign here please!

Monday Murals…..

Often on a Monday Andrew (High Riser) shows photos of murals – joining in with a weekly meme called just that…..Monday Murals.

A couple of weeks ago we spent some time up on the Murray at Echuca – and with a forecast of better weather than the last time (when it was so cold we spent most of the time inside) this time we planned to go out and about exploring within an hour’s drive.

Rochester is just under a half hour drive away through flatfish farming land, some sheep and loads of cattle to be seen, particularly those lovely black and white herds of Holstein Friesians so prevalent in northern Victoria because they are part and parcel of our dairy industry

After lunch at the historic Shamrock Hotel  it was just a short walk over the train tracks to see what we came for.  The art on the disused silos.  Featuring a Squirrel Glider and an Azure Kingfisher painted by Jimmy Dvate.

A few media items




From a distance:-

Front on:-

Cropped:-  Squirrel Glider

Cropped:-  Azure Kingfisher

I had to wait for ages because people would drive in and park right slap back in front of them.  Consequently I only managed one  ‘goodish’ photo.

Sami hosts Monday Murals and if you would like to see more – follow this link.

Tired, cranky…..

It’s taking me a while to get used to the ‘different ways’ of the new GP’s practice I moved to a little while ago.  Receiving a text reminding me to make an appointment for a flu jab came as a surprise;  I’d never experienced reminders before, had always been left to my own devices where things like that were concerned.  It made me wonder if this was the way of the future??

During one of my initial appointments earlier this year I mentioned that Mr Insomnia had been visiting again and that age old problem I have of sometimes feeling very tired, weary and very cranky had returned.

‘Before we do any blood tests to see if there are any underlying problems tell me about your sleep patterns’ my lovely new Dr asked.  ‘I wake at all hours of the night and find it hard to go back to sleep.’  ‘Maybe you need a sleep study’ she said, and asked if I kept noting the time on the clock.  Because that will make sleeplessness seem worse than it is.  

So then we talked about various methods to ‘supposedly’ ensure a good nights sleep.  You know, slowing down earlier in the evening, warm drink, warm bath/shower, close off all electronic stuff.  Things we’re all familiar with.  She didn’t quite go as far as this though  – 

but did ask if I slept with an animal.  Then there were tears as I told her, no, our last one Kiera had been gone for nearly a year.  ‘You know some of us get stress relief from close contact with pets, cats especially’ – tell me something I don’t know I laughingly told her.

As she was printing off the pathology request form I did tell her about the sleeping habits of the one who shares my bed 

Oh, I don’t have an answer for that problem apart from make sure your spare bed is ready for when his snoring wakes you or for you to ask ‘him’ get a sleep study done 🙂

Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using words and/or pictures as prompts. Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can from them. Messimimi is hosting this month – April.

Here’s what I made from her suggested words.

Money makes the world go around….

Tommy had gone down the paddock with his dad and had come back yelling about trees being chock a block with fruit. She thought (guiltily) how lucky they were…..unlike some on neighbouring properties….the dry conditions hadn’t affected them too much……..and it was a pleasure to walk through their orchard abounding in fruit filled trees.

So the decision was made.  Quince jelly it was to be!

‘Don’t make it too sloppy Mum – I like it to spread not pour!’

‘Come on Tom, time for a quick wash. Uncle Billy will be here soon honking the horn on his new truck; he’s going to give you a lift to school. Dad is getting the driveway graded today so it won’t be such a bouncy ride down to the bus stop from now on’

‘Oh and don’t forget to clean your teeth as well. Be careful when you squeeze that new tube of toothpaste, I don’t want to find it all over the sink. And don’t forget to turn the tap off, the water truck won’t be able to deliver until the driveway is finished.’

She knew she was sounding like a nagging mum but she had to remind them both, the handsome debonair man she married as well as her loveable son that money didn’t grow on trees and they couldn’t fritter away every cent they had in the bank.

Watching them leave she wondered how her grandparents had coped when Pa went blind.  Family lore had it he was so depressed after losing his sight he was unable to play his priceless violin, the instrument he loved and treasured, the one brought with him when they arrived as refugees all those many years ago; the one that was going to auction the next week. With luck, she thought, the proceeds would be enough to pay for the driveway…… but in the meantime she had to get on with the quince jelly.

Thanking her Gt Grandparents for planting the trees….. and Hoping money ‘did grow on them’ – she contemplated the sales she hoped to make at Farmers Market in a couple of weeks time.

Money that would go into the bank……. to help pay for the delivery of fresh household tank water!