What not to do….

Shop when you’re hungry!
You never know what might end up in your trolley

Interesting shapesthey might be good for an afternoon snack

Don’t bother…..

Hard to describe – like eating awful cardboard tasting air

~ ~ ~ ~

Easy to cook for quick lunch – could be good on a roll with salad

Don’t bother….

Very small and thin – size of product v size of box deceiving ( deliberate??)
Says made from Fish and Potato – think they left the fish out of this packet.

Soft and squidgy, almost gooey, not a pleasant taste at all

(The Golfer will eat almost anything.
But turned his nose up when I suggested he finish them up another day)

~ ~ ~ ~

Just have to remember the golden rule

Welcome back

Many of you will know/remember Rhonda Hetzel – who for many years (2007 onwards) has blogged at Down to Earth.

She is also the author of two books covering simple living – Down to Earth and The Simple Home

Her husband Hanno became unwell last year so about Christmas time the blog was put on hold.
After the death of her beloved Hanno last month Rhonda has decided to return to blogging

Please pop over and support her as she returns to living and detailing her simple life in Queensland

Thanks ❤️

(There appears to be a problem linking to individual posts. You can read her blog by clicking on the this link – Down to Earth

Left hand down a bit

Right or left?
Oh left, it’s easier!
Just let it hang loosely. I’ll do the rest!

Is that it, are you finished already?
Yes, we use really fine ones these days. Just have to note that down and you’ll be on your way.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Left or right?
Your choice, there might be a problem
Just let me see, then I’ll decide. Let it relax, it works better that way

Oh you were good, where have you been all my life.
I used a fine one and I’ve been tending the sick. Just sign here and you’ll be on your way

~ ~ ~ ~

Two different practice rooms – two very skilled female pathology nurses ….one rehired after retiring – the other changing ‘her area of interest’ after burning out elsewhere.
Both made me welcome and both came up close and personal with my left arm😊

Okay so I was just having my latest (4th) Covid jab….now referred to as the ’winter booster’….and then on a very early cold morning (with an empty stomach) having blood drawn for annual tests but they both involved people sticking needles into my arm and I’ve had mixed experience with them over the years.

Extensive bruising from having an injection in the upper arm wasn’t usual, according to one doctor….who then said ’I’ll have a word with her’ when I told him it was one of his own practice nurses who done it. I haven’t seen her since so I’m assuming his word was final.
Slight bruising in the crook of my arm after blood drawing seems to be the norm for me but not dark purple coloured spreading in all directions as happened after I heard someone muttering ’where on earth are you’ accompanied by pushing and prodding the needle in out and around both arms trying to find vein.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
So I’m hoping that’s that for another year

Although I had a little laugh thinking forget the pub or the local coffee shop, those rooms ’were the place to be’……both times sitting there waiting I saw/chatted with people I hadn’t seen for quite a while.
”Did you hear about xxxxx – s/he died”

Little bits of this….

and little bits of that!

A little bit of frivolity this morning….let’s call it Midwinter Madness

These potato slices, dipped in batter then deep fried are called Potato Cakes in Victoria. What are they called where you live?

Courtesy of those afternoon quiz shows The Golfer likes to watch, my answers to some questions proved once again my general knowledge is lacking in some quarters. I kept him company one wet afternoon and discovered:-

  • Gargoyles are not the same as Grotesque/s….one is functional (keeps the rain away) – the other is decorative (also keeps evil spirits away)



  • The lanes and back alleys in York are called ’snickelways’.


  • Play-Doh was originally marketed as a wallpaper cleaner


  • The are 24 countries whose english names have 5 letters. Benin and Gabon were two I’d never heard of😯


Benin, a French-speaking West African nation, is a birthplace of the vodun (or “voodoo”) religion and home to the former Dahomey Kingdom from circa 1600–1900. In Abomey, Dahomey’s former capital, the Historical Museum occupies two royal palaces with bas-reliefs recounting the kingdom’s past and a throne mounted on human skulls. To the north, Pendjari National Park offers safaris with elephants, hippos and lions. ― Google

This is one I really should have known

  • In the British forces a fried egg sandwich is called an ‘Egg Banjo’


~ ~ ~ ~

Source – Twitter

If you’re stuck in a traffic jam like these people recently make sure there’s an ice cream van close by – https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/ice-cream-van-doing-roaring-7235413

(I’m curious to know if Mr Whippy cruises the motorways on ’the off chance’ because I found articles about several similar happenings over the years)

~ ~ ~ ~

And for the big finish have a giggle – or a groan – at these ’Dad’s jokes’

Q. How do you make holy water?

You boil the hell out of it.

Q. What do you call a pig with laryngitis?


Q. What do you say to the person who stole your place in the queue?

I’m after you now 

~ ~ ~

Breakfast this cool morning (yes its still winter here) will be porridge with brown sugar and sultanas….my Scottish ancestors would be having a fit – salt for them was the way to go! Not my cup of tea at all😊
What’s your winter brekky like – same as usual or do you vary?

(And a little postscript here about something I rarely comment on in public – particularly if it happens in another country to mine.
I feel very saddened and fearful for all women in the USA….no matter what they believe in)

Pop over to Corinne blog – she’s hosting Monday Musings.


The making of…..

Early this year I mentioned what I thought were some great adverts for a (new to Australia) French streaming company 👇👇 – https://canalplus-australie.com/about-us/

Well here’s another one – just click and watch and wonder….

And a really interesting one showing how they went about making it

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.

Will be back on Monday – see you then!

If you’re interested….

Guess whats back on…later in the year…..in real time

Even though I will never get the chance to attend, I love the idea of showcasing and celebrating a particular hobby of mine.
Yes, knitting and the style called Fair Isle

But it’s much more than that

Shetland Wool Week is a world renowned celebration of Britain’s most northerly native sheep, the Shetland textile industry and the rural farming community on these islands.

source ~ https://www.shetlandwoolweek.com

After a couple of years of online / virtual events (because of ’you know what’) the much loved annual event known as Shetland Wool Week has returned – see link below 👇

Part of the fun is the Hat – each year there is a new design –

2022 Hat

You can find photos (and sometimes their patterns) of previous years online – even if you don’t knit the actual design they provide inspiration for what you might/could do – remember the delightful Baa-ble (Donna Smith 2015) that had us all adding sheep borders to children’s woolies

If you’re interested this year’s hat is called Bonnie Isle designed by Linda Shearer

Link to 2022 Hat Pattern 👇👇👇….also available on SWW website

Is it worth it??

(Following on from yesterday’s post – this is something I posted elsewhere a few years ago.
It was at the time I was thinking about shutting Still Waters down)

First published 2015.
Now June 2022, reading current comments it seems nothing has changed.
~ ~ ~ ~

There are so many ways to communicate with others these days
Instagram – Twitter – Facebook – Blogs are just a few

And this is where I start with no idea of where I’m going or where I’ll finish😊

I do have accounts on all of those with minimal……in fact no personal information apart from a photo in my public profile.  You’d probably glean a bit about me from reading the blog avatar.

My personal fb account was to allow me to join craft (and other) groups, a few family and friends ‘found’ me and apart from newly discovered extended family…(discovered via family research sites)…I don’t go around asking others if I can be their ‘friend’.

Anyway about a year ago I kept getting ‘friend requests’ on this account – the odd thing was these were from strange men as well as male members of armed forces (soldiers sailors airmen – in uniform with rank displayed)  Obviously those requests were deleted.

Then the same thing happened on twitter – a medium I used for a while for various reasons but haven’t looked at for well over a year.  Lots of messages saying ‘so and so is now following you’  Once again strange very well built men, many with no tweets recorded but following loads of women  Oh and also those new followers included women whose profiles described them as ‘se^xy’ looking for fun!  It took a while for me (not the most tech savvy person) to find the way to block them, unfollow people and sites I no longer had any interest in and to decide to make the account private.

My (rarely used) Instagram account was getting the same treatment so that went private as well….that didn’t actually stop them – they just put in follow requests

Then there were the strange ridiculous and at times confronting comments that were arriving on the blog.  They came in clusters thankfully stopping for some reason towards the end of last year.  Luckily they didn’t all make it onto the blog proper- w/press scooped them up as they arrived and put them into spam folder for me to decide yea or nay.

So after a break I start writing on Still Waters again and blow me down if I don’t start getting emails informing me – ‘people with very strange names @ outlook’ – have become followers. I consulted the help forums and lo and behold I’m not the only one getting them………WordPress were aware and were trying to (not sure what) do something about it.

I then discovered a feature available in the settings of my w/press blog  There is a way to remove/delete followers.  You learn something new every day  

I thought it was only the other party who could do that – you couldn’t block a follower.

So armed with this knowledge I went through my followers list checking their ‘credentials’ and deleting an enormous amount.  Most of whom were unknown to me.   People who hadn’t blogged for years, people whose blogs were closed/deleted,  bloggers from online courses never to be heard from since, others from ‘financial’ sites or travel places – you know all those people who follow because you wrote about something once (but never again)  I will admit to feeling a bit better once that had been done and of course if I’ve removed a live reader they can always refollow.

OK everyone, come on and help me here.  Am I the only one to have gone through all this rubbish – was I naive in thinking all those things couldn’t happen to me?  For a while there I even wondered if my name had been entered on a dating agency’s books

Public blogs are like open jars of jam waiting for nasties and other strange things to fly in and ‘spoil’ the taste so I can’t complain.

However I’m curious to know about other people’s experiences with followers on those other sites.

~ ~ ~ ~

First published (elsewhere) 2015.

Now June 2022, reading current comments it seems nothing has changed.

On my mind….

On my mind this week is how cunning they are becoming – are they real or imaginary?

(I’ll just mention that occasionally when I’m looking online / asking Mr G for information about products I’ll sometimes use the words ’near me’ meaning locally)

~ ~ ~

Over the years I’ve had various ’problems’ on the blog with the ghastly stuff they call spam, spammers and strange followers, that thankfully sorted itself out after a while

Anyway recently some comments appearing in the spam folder have been looking almost real… ….actually, real ones have been ending up in there, because over the past few weeks WordPress (like Blogger) has decided true comments aren’t what they are and they’ve been sent to the sin bin…..first comments have a special ’need approval’ folder and they’ve been treated as spam as well.

So because (like oodles of other bloggers) I’ve been keeping an eye on this folder the ‘are they real or not’ ones have become noticeable.
Clear?….yes, as mud I hear you say😊

Well look at these two – both ’arrived’ the same day, both posted to my About page – not a really old post as is often the way……and written in fairly good english not gobbledygook like some are……Both in the spam folder.

  • “I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I come across a blog that is both educative and amusing, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is something too few men and women are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something regarding this

  • Next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesn’t disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, nonetheless I really believed you would probably have something useful to say. All I hear is a bunch of complaining about something that you could fix if you weren’t too busy seeking attention”

They do look real. The first one might make you smile – the second definitely not.

WordPress decided (rightly) these were spam…as an aside if you copy/paste those words in search engines you’ll find them cropping up as comments by various ’people/companies all over the place …..on my site the supposed authors, the names of the people/companies you might click on to see who made you feel good or who ’had the cheek to write that’ – the ones who want your clicks to make them look good in ratings – don’t laugh but they were called ‘Shutter Shop Near Me ’
Coincidence or Big Brother watching??

It’s early Monday morning, and as is usual I’m sitting here enjoying my first cuppa….. just pondering about life in general.  

How’s yours going?  

Corinne is the host of  Monday Musings – come see what she is talking about this week

A Pam’s Recipe Book

Once my aunt was settled into the nursing home my cousin (her son who lived in Perth on the other side of the country) decided put her place on the market so some clearing (decluttering) had to happen. As houses were more easy to sell if they were furnished he wanted a lot of the extra stuff gone – and apart from one or two items wasn’t interested in where it went.

I started to go through kitchen drawers and discovered her special recipe book, a very battered exercise book with handwritten recipes from friends here in Australia. For all her upbringing (and I mean that in a nice way ) she wasn’t a really fancy (or good) cook – born and raised in India she and her sister were sent to boarding school so had never been at home to see and learn how and I know Uncle John would sometimes take her out to dinner rather than have her get upset at trying to cook things that didn’t turn out well. I’m not making that up – he told me that on more than one occasion.

Anyway the only time I’d seen her use this book over the years was at Christmas time when she’d make ‘The Pudding’. It was the only tradition I remember about life in her house from the early 70’s when we arrived here in Australia. She would let everyone know when she was going to be cooking and asked if you wanted to come over and stir the pudding. Stir- up Sunday

There are 3 Christmas pudding recipes in the book and I can still see the faces of the people they came from quite clearly.

The first from Jean is short and very direct – just like Jean

The second from her sister Betty has lots of ingredients and simple concise instructions

The third from Joan a fabulous tennis club friend of Pam’s who played hard and partied in a similar fashion. Cooking time for her was similar to her parties….. all day for as many days as possible !

Where the first two suggest a wine glass of brandy like the good hostess who provides choices for her guests she suggests Rum, Milk or Beer – leaving the amount up to you.😊

Can you see which one was used the most?

Each year about November Aunty Pam would start to gather her ingredients to make Betty’s pudding, she’d buy new calico for the pudding bowls and then on the day tick as she added each ingredient to the mixing bowl.

Some years she’d tick as she wrote down her list to take the the shop to buy the ingredients and then get into a real muddle when she forgot which ticks were ‘buying’ ticks and which were ‘added’ ticks.

I had to make a mad dash to the house one year to try and find out what had been added to the mixing bowl and what hadn’t ‘cose she hadn’t just weighed out and put in individual little bowls, then put the packets back in the cupboard but was adding straight into to the mixing bowl after weighing, had packets all over the place and was quite upset because she couldn’t tell the difference between raisins and sultanas.

It was then we began to realise how muddled and confused she was getting, how things were becoming a problem and sadly that was the last time she made the puddings.

~ ~ ~ ~

So I had the book and the recipes (which she didn’t know); and one day about a year later we were talking about cooking and out of the blue she said it would be nice if I made her ‘that lovely Christmas pudding that Betty makes’
Her sister Betty had been gone for about 10years by then so I had no idea what made her say that.

None of my family really like Christmas Pudding but I gave her my word I’d give it a go. Unfortunately she never got to taste the one’s I did (and still do) make.

Betty’s Christmas Pudding 2013

Linking to the very last edition of Denyse’s ~  Life’s Stories.

Her thoughts this week are on Endings and Beginnings.
A bit like A Pam leaving her home to me starting the Christmas Pudding tradition

Winter Day16

It might be my imagination but everything seems to be a bit different this winter. The cold is colder, the rain more constant, the leaves on my little Japanese Maple seem to be redder, plus the nuts on the Corymbia at the library (see HERE) are definitely larger

The snow has come earlier, with bigger heavier dumps……this is the report from Mt Buller a resort less than 3hrs away – just a short drive up the road

Mt Buller celebrated the traditional season ‘kick-off’ with record snow levels and bumper visitation for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.
It’s the most snow we’ve ever recorded for a June long weekend and everyone is amazed to be skiing and boarding on the amount of cover we usually wait until mid-season to experience,” Read all about it here – Source

I wonder if this past weekend’s opening celebrations involved any of this?

I know I’ll be celebrating when we’ve done this drive to winter warmth

Just 3 weeks to go😎

2,500 kms!


Off and running…..

So my dad was born near Portadown NI in a little place called Corcullentragh Beg – try saying that when you’ve had a few drinks ( or fitting it onto an official form😊

Yes its begun again – its been happening every four years since 1930.
World Cup Fever is alive and well – lots of history to be seen here.
The Socceroos have one more game to win to qualify for a place in the competition

Kicking that round ball is sort of a passion for some of the males in my family – my Dad and my brother were/are former players and great fans, one of my Irish cousins had a chequered career as NI international playing for Manchester United/Swindon Town in the 1970’s, after training with Sheffield United followed by a sports degree (Culver Stockton) a nephew (bro’s son) is now associated with a Sports Academy here in Melbourne plus our eldest son is a huge fan of Ipswich (TFC).  He was over 11 when we migrated to Australia from England so by then the soccer/football bug was well and truly entrenched into his mindset.

The Golfer isn’t as fanatical these days as he has been.  I clearly remember 1966 – we were living  in Singapore at the time – and their TV broadcasts were mainly in Chinese but we just ‘had’ to hire one so he could watch as many of that years world cup games as possible!!

… … … …

My sister Bobby is the keeper of all Mum and Dad’s bits and pieces – and recently unearthed an old photo of Dad (bottom right) during his soccer (football) playing days in Belfast. After getting some online help we discovered that Windsor Star (a Linfield youth team) were second division champions April 1938 – hence the shield and whopping great silver cup! Dad would have turned 20 in June that year and joined the RAF in the August – staying on in service after the war ended, never returning to live in Belfast, just as a visitor.

I think my dislike of the game started when I was quite young – Dad did ‘the pools’ each week, putting a cross in some of the boxes and paying his money to the man who came round door to door on a Thursday.

(A football pool, often collectively referred to as “the pools”, is a betting pool based on predicting the outcome of top-level association football matches set to take place in the coming week) source

Come 5pm on a Saturday afternoon during the season the radio would go on and BBC Sports Report would start and then the Classified Football Results would be broadcast.

I can still remember hearing the man who read out those results going on and on – from League Division One all the way through the minor leagues and Scottish leagues as well.  Weird and wonderful team names, places you’d never heard of but if they had a football team of note the score from their game for that week got a mention.   

To make sure he heard all the results and was able to mark them off correctly in the chart printed in the paper and then check his pools to see if we were going to become millionaires Dad needed complete silence in the room – Ha Ha – not going to happen when Catherine is around lol

I even loathed the music that was played at the beginning and each Saturday when I heard it I promised myself I would not speak but failed miserably each time and boy, did my Dad have a temper.  As Bobby said recently, his ”shut ya bake” and the sheer volume it was yelled at, snapped us to attention and silence followed by the scurrying of feet out of the room

Football is a winter sport and winter in England can be cold and back in the 1950’s we only had a coal fire in the living room of our house – bedrooms were not heated and I was sent to that freezing bedroom more times than I like to remember 😟

Its only recently when some friends were talking about associating music with feelings that I thought about trying to locate that music on the Internet.  It seems that the cause of all my worries is a march called ‘Out of the Blue’ composed by Hubert Bath.

… … … …

Early Monday morning, cup of tea in hand and I’m testing myself by playing this version – listening to it has me wondering how a lively march like that could bring back such bad feelings.

I have no idea – but even hearing it again now makes me feel sick inside.
Excuse me – I must leave the room

Do any of you have such reactions to musical tunes…or is it just me?
… … … …

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Cold weather comfort knitting

On winter days like we’ve been having recently when the leaves have dropped – the roses have been pruned – and fires like this one are lit I’m sure little jumpers like these below will be welcome

These three multi coloured 2yr woolies are my latest contribution to my charity donation box They’re what I call ’me do its’ – meaning that by having the back & front worked the same it doesn’t matter which way they’re put on by independent young ones.

Made from a simple pattern gifted to me a while ago. It’s sized for a 20” chest/18 mths but with the body being straight up and down (no shaping) it’s easy to make larger …more stitches/wider….more rows/longer…plus add extra stitches/length for a larger sleeve. The pattern actually has a decorative stitch but often, like with these three I make something that looks entirely different.

So what are all you other crafters up to – I’m interested to know what’s on your needles or hooks – under your sewing machine needles or even on your hoops

Winter Day10

I need to end this cold wet week we’ve had in Melbourne with a little fun

So for those who would prefer my word count to be minimal here’s a little poem I found on the internet many years ago. It’s words still ring true today


By Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre 


It’s Cold 

The End

~ ~ ~ ~

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.

Will be back on Monday…….

See you then!

Maybe….just maybe

There are ‘readers’ who want to say things but won’t do it in public.
They ‘speak those things ’ in an email.

Could be good, bad or ugly – doesn’t matter, out it comes.
This time it appears I talk too much

Is it possible for me not to write so many words?

Maybe, just maybe – but highly unlikely says I……😊😊😊

~ ~ ~ ~

Close to the library lives an enormous Banksia. An Australian native
It comes into it’s own during late Autumn – early Winter

It’s then you are able see and enjoy the old, the new, and the presently reddy orange coloured ’flowering’ candles.

(you may like to click/slide and enjoy close up)

Possibly my only attempt😊



~ ~ ~ ~

xingfumama hosts ’whatsoever is lovely’-

a place to highlight those lovely things (big or small) that we take for granted

Seeing this beautiful Banksia was my recent lovely

What’s for lunch…..

There was a container of ’ooh that’s been there a while’ homemade chicken stock lurking under other containers in the freezer – made from a takeaway chook carcass, stripped flesh and onion – plus pearl barley….. discovered that fact when it was defrosted. I must have had something in mind when it was made – no idea what though.

After adding some frozen mix veg as well as half a packet of crunched up chicken noodles it ended up (with crackers and fruit on the side) as an ’interesting’ cheap and cheerful alfresco light lunch on a recent sunny (but cool) Saturday.

The Golfer must have been hungry – I hadn’t even returned with mine before he was cautiously approaching his….with a ’ what on earth has she served up this time’ look on his face.

Result:- couldn’t have been too bad because his bowl was emptied. There was no Oliver Twist ’I’d like some more’ moment though. I’m not sure what to make of that!!

Winter Day1

No golf for The Golfer (nobody wanted to play in the rain) – no choir for me (conductor still feeling crook after her bout of covid last week) so we decided to go for a drive.
Yes in the rain on the first day of Winter!

Up the road behind the bus, past the school, to the bottom of the hills and then up twisty turny Mt Dandenong Road to the top. The only thing that was warm was the restaurant card burning a hole in our pocket

We were going for lunch at a favourite little cafe – Ranges at Olinda

The (still partly loaded) card had been in the cupboard since before Covid appeared so by rights had expired and the remaining balance lost – a phone call to the company changed that so soup for two with sourbread, followed by a small quiche salad and (chips) halved used the last of a 2019 Christmas gift.

(From website)

The food was good as usual – sorry no pictures because I was so busy talking to my man plus the very congenial staff I forgot. Feeling nice and warm and full we came on back down the mountain a little more cautiously.
Low misty cloud made it look like a Chicken Little sky…..it really had fallen!

And the gift card turned out to be a gift that just kept on giving.
As we were leaving this flyer was pointed out to us. Hospitality lost so much during lockdowns so to encourage people back to ‘dining out’ the state government came up with a rebate scheme…..

So 25% of the price we paid – in kind via the card – didn’t matter how you paid – will be returned to us…..which will be enough for another two coffees and cake up at Ranges 😊😊


Linking to Denyse’s ~ Life’s Stories. Pop over to read her reflections and thoughts about life past and present and possibly to come


What do we have here – the first day of June – you know what that means
It’s the day that is deemed to be the first day of Winter here in Australia.

Our seasons change the first of the month not the 21st like in the Northern Hemisphere

Officially our Summer starts on January 1st – Autumn on March 1st

Winter on June1st and Spring on September 1st

I grizzle and groan at this time of the year – often the weather is cold, wet and miserable. We all know ‘cold’ is relative to where you live  – compared to other places our cold here in Melbourne is not really cold (average winter lows of about 4c which is about 39f)  – I can’t remember the last time we had a real frost – so when I complain, its not really about the weather, its more about the fact that I have to put more clothes on☹️

What do you mean – these are not winter shoes??

There is one thing I do know about this time of the year – as sure as fate – a particular brand of chocolate comes on sale..it’s winter, it’s cold, there’s no way it’s going to melt😊😊

So all I have to say (remind myself more like) is……..

I’ll have accepted it by tomorrow morning – which hopefully is warmer than yesterday

Yesterday afternoon – about 4.30pm Tuesday 31 May

ps – and if you are under the impression that ’it doesn’t get cold in Sydney’ pop over to Kylie’s blog eclectica where she will let you in on the secret that – it just ain’t so……it does get cold cold in Sydney