I love it…

I certainly love it ….and am very grateful…….when the solutions to my problems are found in the most unexpected places.

I think I mentioned I have a new iPad and I’ve had a problem commenting on blogger/blogspot (what is the correct term?) blogs No problem whatsoever with the old one……pain in the a***** with the new one.

Yesterday John (Going Gently) had a similar problem – Rachel (Rachel Phillips) offered a solution.
So I downloaded the suggested Opera browser and Voila problem sorted.  
Thank you Thank you. Thank you

Now I’ve just got to remember to work through that browser and not go automatically to Safari which is the default.


6 thoughts on “I love it…

  1. I do not know if this is going to work or not. I just have my smartphone and d not know if I can send it. Just wanted to tell yu I am reeiving your eaild.


  2. I’ve got a problem as well, but I don’t have an iPad, rather a laptop and I’m using Chrome…I can’t seem to “like” blogs and one yesterday a reply assumed I was Anonymous. I ended up emailing the blogger who is a pal in NZ, to explain I’m who I am.

    Now here, below this post is the same issue…so apolgoies if I don’t show up as Cedar/Catherine 🙂


  3. I have three iPads and often used to get the same problem: clicking through from the email announcing a post didn’t recognise me. The solution I found was to use the Edge browser and keep a tab open for the WordPress Reader. Whenever I open it I just scroll down to find the posts I want to read, and I’m always recognised.


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