Big things in disguise…….

It’s been a very small effort on my part in the knitting department this week – small in size and small in number.  Certainly not small in intention tho’.  These little (minature sized) cardigans and other like sized items are destined for special gift packs given by grief counsellors assisting mothers (and their families) in the aftermath of losing a babe pre-term.  These tiny ones are part of a program designed to help those who have a loss in the first trimester. Knit in baby 3ply on size 14/2.25mm needles they measure approx. 3ins from neck to waist and 3ins across the chest and are small enough to be held in the palm of your hand. A gentle reminder of the life that was lost.


After finishing Soldier of Fortune I’m thinking about starting another ‘old’ book.  This one is really old, written in 1815 by Sir Walter Scott, the little blue book is an old copy of Guy Mannering (aka The Astrologer) complete with thin tissue like pages covered in tiny print and looking really interesting – but then on the other hand after I took the photo this morning I had a call from the library to say my ordered copied of this little beauty had arrived at the library so it looks like the 100 year old man will be my reading matter for the next week.


And as there was no way I’d let Kiera (who is still moulting her fine brown fur in preparation for a glossy winter coat) anywhere near my white knitting the little figurene of two Burmese cats got into the in the picture instead.

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18 thoughts on “Big things in disguise…….

  1. Darling little sweaters. I wouldn’t let the cat by them either! Have you tried a Furminator? Not sure about the spelling. Looks like you’re getting into some interesting reading!


      1. I’m actually spending the summer in Nova Scotia! But very nearby, and it was slow to start — we are just now getting the sunshine we’ve been anticipating. Lots of beach days still to come!


    1. Having little ‘memories’ they can physically hold on to is a great help in the grieving process – and yes they are cherished memories of what could have been


    1. There are oodles of other bloggers out there who knit and read – and lots of the post weekly on Yarn Along. Hope you enjoyed visiting them GnG and possibly think about joining them one Wednesday.


    1. Another part of this program is to provide right size clothing so that the parents are able to actually dress older babies ready for burial. This allows the family to relate to their child and say goodbye in a normal fashion.


  2. Those little sweaters are so precious. It’s really kind of you to do this.

    Isn’t it fabulous that we can borrow these books from the library? I borrowed mine for my Kindle!


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