It’s Wednesday

Yes it’s Wednesday again, the first Wednesday in a new month,
The first Wednesday in September 2020.
Which means it is the first Wednesday in Spring

A wonderful Wednesday 😊

It also means it’s been a whole month since I last spoke of any knitting I’d done. Truth be told there’s not a lot actually been done. I finished off the teddies and the fingerless mittens and that was it for a couple of weeks. These little crossover cardigans are always welcome for the mothers’ and babies packs so I set to and finished the pink one in a couple of days…..and it shows. I know it was acrylic yarn I’d had for a while but I’m definitely not happy with how it looks. It might look neater after a very light blocking…..that remains to be seen. Hopefully the blue has knit up more evenly.

An ‘old style’ crossover cardigan for newborns very similar to the one my ‘firstborn son’ wore many (many) years ago.

This is the book it came from….just another from my stack of favourite tried and true pattern books. Look at the way the mother has been portrayed….I wonder how many of us sat around in a floating nylon negligee cooing over a baby in a cradle. Some might of…..I was too ‘busy’ trying to catch up on precious sleep or taking advantage of a sleeping baby by pegging washing on the line 😊

And for some reason my reading slowed down.
I’m waiting for a new ‘delivery’ of library books so rummaged through a pile out in the garage discovering an old 1993 Anita Shreve….Where or Rebecca last month its ‘time in the sun’ has arrived lol.
It’s been a very long time since I read her….hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

Of course being the first Wednesday of the month means it’s ‘Show and Tell’ time better known as Yarn Along over at Ginny’s. Do pop over to small things to see what others have worked on this past month.

7 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday

  1. I’ve lost a bit of interesting in my own efforts to return to knitting, the shawl languishes on the couch, every now and then it slides onto the floor and I pick it up – look at it and dump it back on the couch…I’ve a zoom get together coming up for the one of the fibre groups, maybe I should have it in front of me so people can see “it’s coming along…”

    But I’ve gained “reading a book” again – well not a real paper type book but one on my laptop screen and I actually found it easier to handle than a real book. Only novels but it’s a start…

    Wednesday is rubbish collection day here, except after PHols. And the bin was fairly full yesterday so out it has gone to the curb (yesterday) with it’s paid-ticket on it.


  2. I am an appreciator rather than a creator, so your knitting (including the pieces you are not happy with) fill me with awe.
    Spring is definitely on display here today – bright and beautiful.
    I had an early wander in the garden and for a change instead of focusing on the myriad of tasks which need doing, I enjoyed what was there.
    And no, my childless self, cannot imagine that many mothers of newborns look as relaxed and as elegant as that depiction. A very dear (and super organised) friend once confided that after the birth of her difficult and demanding firstborne it was a good day if she had cleaned her teeth and brushed her hair by the time her husband got home from work.


  3. No new mother who received a little sweater would notice or then care about the impact of the stitches.
    And, happy first day of fall.


  4. Wow you must be a machine knitter! And that blue is definitely very even tension. Acrylic is harder to get perfect isn’t it. A few years ago I taught myself to knit in the technique of a Norwegian friend and even that didn’t speed up my output. To be fair my best knitting days were when I was commuting by train. These days I actually have to set some time aside for knitting. Roll-on retirement.


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