Next in line – Yarn Along…

What happens when a friend is clearing out her knitting patterns, offers a stack to look through and this happy looking lad jumps out at you.  And knowing you have just the right thing tucked away in your very slowly decreasing but thankfully not increasing (at the moment) stash of 8ply – well the only thing that could happen is that you spring into action 🙂


With luck Winter has been and gone – I sent my final box of knitted goodies off last week – that means the charity will have things on their shelves ready to distribute when they begin their work in earnest next April – so that also means I’m looking at new ideas/styles to keep me occupied over the next few months.  This is a fairly easy four row pattern to knit, similar to a Fishermans Rib. The sleeves knit up very quickly so I’m on to the back now. More stitches means more time consuming but I’m thinking  if the neckline is easy to fit I may end up doing some more of these cozy shawl neck sweaters.


I was ‘between books’ for a while, then several turned up.  I have Johanna Nicholls – ‘The Lace Balcony’ – available but because it is rather lengthy think I’ll leave it for the long hot days of summer (when they actually arrive).  These two arrived from the library on the same day.  Kate Morton’s ‘The Lake House‘ and Kate Grenville’s ‘The Lieutenant“‘ so it looks like I’m spoilt for choice now 🙂


Ginny’s Yarn Along takes place each Wednesday  You’ll find other knitters and readers over there  Why don’t you pop over and have a look – and maybe join in one week

15 thoughts on “Next in line – Yarn Along…

  1. That’s a lovely little jumper, the neckline would stump me though, I’m not that good at knitting. I can do scarves in any length as long as plain knitting is all that is required.
    I used to knit baby things, but only very easy patterns. I did have a favourite feather and fan matinee jacket that I made several times over with matching bonnet and booties, but can’t do it now.


  2. I was a bit taken aback when you said that the winter has gone and had to go to your “about” page to find that you live in Australia! Winter has just set in here.

    Happy reading.


  3. Rummuser, you’ve got two Cathy’s @ your blog who live in downunder…I’m not in Australia (as you already know) but my winter has possibly gone as well, although our Spring still has remnants of the Wintery feeling.

    And both of them seem to have a collection of yarns for one reason or other…


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