Time for the Big Boys….Yarn Along

Meet one of my ‘go to’ pattern books for 2 yr + knits.  The teddy on the front page (pattern 6) and I are old friends although it’s been a while since I last finished one – also this dark blue ‘Guernsey’ (pattern 4) is another easy one I’ve knit several times.  You can see my versions HERE and HERE

I’ve been giving my fingers a little break since my charity box of baby goods finally went on it’s way…..a long enough break to think about what to do next……..which really wasn’t a hard choice……….wanting/needing something fairly straightforward……….something I was comfortable with…………in the end I decided to move on to bigger stuff – 2 yr old boys!    You might think the yoke of the blue Guernsey looks complicated – if you can count and cable (move one set of stitches over another) it definitely isn’t.  Most of the pieces are plain stocking stitch so it hasn’t taken long to finish the back and work my way up to the yoke on the front.

My reading came to a standstill for a little while as well – however our library (which I’m sure like every other library in the country….possibly the world) has been  closed, now has begun a delivery service.  Weeks ago when I was going through books like they were going out of fashion J0 Nesbø’s first book  (The Bat) took my fancy so I ordered his second one (Cockroaches) which arrived on the doorstep the other day.  So far it hasn’t grabbed me in the same way but I’m sure there’s time for that to happen before the end.

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Ginny from Small Things hosts a monthly meme called Yarn Along which I used to take part in. Sort of a ‘show and tell’ featuring the knitting and reading you’ve been doing recently. Do pop over and see what others have been up to.

This month….June…. I’m Back – and I’m showing and I’m telling 🙂

4 thoughts on “Time for the Big Boys….Yarn Along

  1. I don’t seem to be focused on doing anything. There is so much bad news whether it is about racial violence or a doctor in NB who went to Quebec for pleasure and came back with Covid and of course went back to work and infected 11 others so far. I know I am getting depressed with the TV would like to smash it but hubby watches the news. I’ll feel better tomorrow just having a bad day.


  2. One of my daughter’s favorite sweaters looked just like the one on the left of the pamphlet, though hers had a front zipper. We were both very sad when she outgrew it. I love the one you are on now. If you want to send me your address(privately to betsyfrompike@earthlink.net) I can send you a card with a knitting theme. (I understand if that seems too dodgy. I just think you would enjoy it.)


  3. The old books are the best, aren’t they?! I love cable knitting. Yours looks great. Our library is actually re-opening next week! Although you are only allowed in for 15 minutes – no lingering or sitting down to read or using the computers.


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