Yarn Along (October)

So what have I made this month past……..a bit like the month before, not a lot!

I seem to have spent an awful lot of time trying to solve this ‘problem’ of not being able to read let alone comment on some Blogspot/Blogger blogs.
Safari….which is default for iPads lets me in but those blogs didn’t seem to ’recognise’ me….any comments just went off into outer space.
So …following the recommendation of another blogger….I downloaded Opera and all seemed well.
Well blow me down if Blogger has now come out and told me it doesn’t support Opera!
So… I’ve downloaded Firefox in the hope that will do the job……but if you haven’t seen or heard from me in a little while and it continues that way…there’s your answer.
Fngers crossed that’s the end of it….though I’m wondering if the New Blogger people are talking about is possibly part of the problem

Anyway, after having brought it out of hiding I actually tackled some more of The Golfer’s sampler but did very little knitting- well little compared to what I’ve done in previous months.
These newborn hats and bootees were finished and I was all prepared to do more but…..

After checking Marianna’s babbbity pattern decided I had enough of both colours to do some mix and match.
Decision made, I set to and came up with a couple of very easy to knit newborn jackets in different colour ways to put together with the hat and bootees. On reflection they do look a bit dark so I’ll leave it up to the charity to decide what will go with what….they may have some things in paler colours to team with them and soften the look.

I’m getting towards the end of my reading challenge, polishing off 5 during September, (obviously that’s the reason for less knitting last month) and now have these two waiting in line. A very old 1946 copy of Kipps (H.G.Wells) found on the book table at Probus in February…….lol someone was obviously having a clear out 😊

The other one is Quicksilver (Neal Stephenson, an unknown to me author) chosen by title only…..letter Q titles are few and far between so it was ‘ ooh that’ll do’ when I saw it on a Goodreads list. Very historical, historical fiction. My face sort of dropped when it arrived In the box from the library….it’s huge – over 900 pages (with tiny print). Then I realised it was all three volumes of the trilogy! Phew!

I’m not sure which I’ll tackle read first.
Maybe read them in tandem- one century here….one century there.😊

It’s the first Wednesday of the month which means it’s ‘Show and Tell’ time better known as Yarn Along over at Ginny’s. Do pop over to small things to see what others have worked on this past month.

19 thoughts on “Yarn Along (October)

  1. On the iPad point, I find that I’m not recognised by self-hosted blogs if I click through from the notification email. I’ve started using the Edge browser and keeping a tab open for the Reader. It works ok, as long as the Reader has actually picked up the post: it doesn’t always!

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  2. The disappearing comment thing happens in Firefox too. And Edge. And Chrome. I have finally learnt that if I log out and back in again I can usually comment. It isn’t every blog, but some cause my comments to disappear regularly. Sigh. And hiss and spit.
    As a non knitter your ‘easy’ patterns fill me with awe. And I am sure will delight the happy recipients.
    While I am (of course) continuing to read I have discovered that in anxious/uncertain times I turn more to rereading books and/or authors I have loved, than to branching out.

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    1. Oh and here was I thinking I was the only one with problems EC. This has become one pain in the rear end….It’s not even as if it’s like a previous one I had of problems between WordPress and other platforms. As it’s browser related I did wonder about Google (who own Blogger) having a hand in it but they recommend Chrome, Edge and Firefox all of whom you’ve had a problem with. Because I don’t want to limit myself to just reading WordPress blogs it’s certainly taken some of the fun out of it


  3. Beautiful knitting. I just love the color and what a beautiful set. I am home and I can answer on my desk top but the ipad phone I didn’t do much on emails.


    1. Thank you Germaine- it’s a lovely colour especially when contrasted with white. It was after I finished one of the jackets I had my doubts….it somehow looked dark for a newborn but modern mothers don’t worry about that sort of stuff.


  4. Love the colour combinations
    I wish I could knit as fast as you I’m having a wee bit of a break myself
    Giving my hands a rest. This ever changing weather is wreaking havoc on them


    1. Thankfully my hands are behaving themselves Angela….which I’m putting down to the Green Lipped Mussel supplements I’ve been taking for a while now. Haven’t had inflamed finger joints for ages.


  5. I don’t think every modern mother is a pastel kind of “must put the baby in those colours” … that could be an interesting subject to research “who thought all babies needed to be in pastels” and to that end “who thought all mothers had the time to make the clothing stain and spot free” because pastels do tend to attract stains…

    Probably invented by a man that trend…IMHO

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    1. I’m sure you’re right about babies and clothing colours Cathy….it’s just me and my ‘old fashioned’ ideas…..Older babes can carry dark but somehow newborns need soft and fresh. And of course these will be donated so I really won’t be the one putting the packs together. Gone are the days of white because it suited both sexes when the sex was unknown.

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  6. Love it when the talk goes technical- haven’t a clue what anyone is on about- it’s like aliens have landed! Maybe that’s where all the comments go- aliens are abducting them! Nice knitting.


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