A Granny knits a Granny Knit…..d

Granny knits – a disparaging  term I’ve heard some younger modern knitters call the plain and simple garments often fashioned in older styles, knit in plain and simple maybe cheaper acrylic yarns.

This week I’ve been trying to do just that – finish a waistcoat for a friend’s 2 year old grandson.  Not ‘made of money’ she provided me with a couple of balls of Spotlight’s Marvel, yes an acrylic yarn.  Ooh, when I saw the colour, my first thought was, ‘not very boyish’ but then she showed me the clothes she was sending and it seemed the obvious choice.  A cable design made it a little bit more boyish.  Just have to knit the armbands and attach the buttons and it’s ready to go.


imageSo what’s the little red book on the couch that this little Granny is reading.  An old 1956 copy of Soldier of Fortune by Ernest Gann.  I’m partial to books set in the Far East and this one is a mystery/ thriller that takes place in Hong Kong during the colonial times of the 1950s.  I’ve only managed one chapter so far so am still getting to know the characters.

Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune by Ernest K Gann


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And yes I’m late for this important date
I should have posted this yesterday on Wednesday
But then it’s still Wednesday at Ginny’s so maybe I’m forgiven 🙂

9 thoughts on “A Granny knits a Granny Knit…..d

  1. Looks cute! Cable is always good on a boy. He’ll be adorable in it.
    Yes, still Wednesday here – I am confused enough …


  2. that’s a delightful little waistcoat. And why use expensive yarn on something the child will grow out of in not time?

    I am reading a mystery too, a current thriller by Susan Hill. I greatly value her books, even the lightweight ones.


  3. The waistcoat looks wonderful…love the cables and the colour certainly goes well with the other items…perfect! I don’t know whether Singapore was ever considered to be the Far East but I loved the TV series, Serangoon Rd…will wait to hear your opinion of Soldier of Fortune after you’ve read it 🙂


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