Hidden benefits…

There is a little hidden benefit to having my man, The Golfer
out of the house several times a week.
He is out in the fresh air ‘working up an appetite’
while putting the world to right with his mates

Pumpkin soup in the making

While I am able enjoy my ‘taste test’ meal – quietly on my own
And get to ‘dress the table’ – my way😊

Looks good enough to eat!
Almond fingers – my favourite

And then of course have 2nds with him for dinner that evening 😊

~ ~ ~ ~

ps…the comment run around is still alive and well!
I’m having problems- others are having problems
I don’t think it’s related to me having changed themes recently but you never know
Anyway the old one has been retired so there’s no going back 🙁

Seemingly there are now very few WordPress themes that show comments on the home page.
So to be able to comment here on Still Waters you need to go to the actual post – click on the title- ie ‘open the post’ then scroll down to the comment box.

I think my personal difficulties are with Google/Blogger rather than WordPress. I’m working on it

Sharing with Denyse’s weekly link up Wednesday’s Words & Pic
Why don’t you pop over and see who’s visiting her today

14 Replies to “Hidden benefits…”

  1. I have no trouble leaving comments. Perhaps because I am a blogger who also has a wordpress account.
    Love your method of gettin’ some satisfaction! while the Golfer is our.

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  2. Well I’m commenting and trying again. Hopefully it works.
    It’s lovely having time away from your significant other. That way we love them even more when we get back together

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  3. Aha. Never mind the email that I just sent about comments. I love the statement about your golfer. I have a golfer of my own and I do think it does us both good when he and his friends can put the world to rights. Also I like the way you use the time while he is out. Your table is beautiful.

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  4. I’ve lived alone for many years now…since 1986, actually. I’d find it impossible to live with anyone these days. I’d drive them crazy, and they would drive me crazy! lol

    I eat when I want to; if I want to, and when I want to. I do very little cooking these days…and never at night My main meal is always lunch nowadays. And, I can never be without fruit..particularly oranges and lemons, which I juice every morning without fail.

    Take care…enjoy the weekend. And Happy Mother’s Day, Cathy. 🙂

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  5. I love that you dress’ the table to eat on your own. I think I’m too lazy for that (It’s about the clean up, not the doing). The comment problem is doingmy head in (it’s happening to me on some other blogs, I don’t know what to do about it) #WWAndP

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  6. I did love seeing the ‘dress for the luncheon’ post elsewhere. I took don’t mind alone time these days…but mostly I need to go out to have that. My husband’s physical challenges means he is more likely to he home than elsewhere. However, we are a good team and understand each other’s needs for some quiet time (and I AM the noisy one!!) Thank you for sharing a post from your blog on Wednesday’s Words and Pics Link Up. I hope you continue to do so! Take care, Denyse.


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