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Seen in the supermarket…

It’s the same – just a little bit different
A bit like a child being offered ‘new food’.
I’m saying No
It just doesn’t look right
And at $4 each I’m thinking of other things I could buy instead

I didn’t go back round to see if anyone had bought one
I’m sorry but as I said before – Orange Cauliflower just doesn’t look right

Do you fancy lunch….

‘Come on we’ll go out for a drive and maybe stop for lunch somewhere’.
Days come and go in our house, even special ones and there was nothing really planned for last Wednesday (12th)
I did think….lovely – it’ll save me having to cook on my birthday😌

Not a lot to see as we drove along under grey cloudy skies and from the direction The Golfer took I thought we’d end up in Healesville but surprise, surprise, the car turned right at a ‘favourite’ winery. Zonzo Estate – on the Healesville – Yarra Glen Road.

We chose a spot inside…..too cold and windy outside….lots of other people there so the tables by the fire were already taken
But hey, the whole of the restaurant was cosy and warm and I knew the food was going to be good.

Slow cooked lamb in red wine accompanied with roasted potatoes
Folded Italian pastry filled with strawberry and hazelnut chocolate
Nougat gelato encased in meringue, domed on top of a sponge

A trip to the loo (just outside the main building but top class just like inside) means wandering along beside the little herb garden surrounded by a rustic fence made from realistic ‘metal’ pickets.
Wisteria hanging from the pergola, a very large garden urn on a pedestal , a dividing wall of logs plus views of the vineyard all help to soften this service area.

Unfortunately just as we were leaving the rains did arrive so I didn’t stop to take more photos.
I’m not grumbling because that was the start of this ‘weather event’ we’ve been experiencing in Victoria. Thursday turned out to be a doozy of a day…..resulting in one many Victorians will remember for a long time.
It would appear all the eastern states are now struggling to contend with the aftermath of floods.

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And just like that….

Minus the horrendous $10 price tag – they’re back on the menu again

I’m quite willing to admit I’m an Iceberg lettuce lover eater.
Please don’t put all those other iddybiddy bitter tasting little curly leaves on my plate
I won’t eat them because I just don’t like them

It might not be fashionable but I like the pale green colour of Iceberg
the crunchiness as well as the cool taste

Egg sandwiches need it, tiny prawns need it, potato salad needs it
I like the big rounded leaves, I’ve been known to eat them as a snack
They look good filled with chopped chicken tomato and cucumber

Torn or shredded on a large serving platter it makes a good bed for what I call my
‘help yourself green salad’
Finely sliced cucumber/raw zucchini/kiwi fruit along with green grapes topped with finely chopped spring onions. Different but we like it 😊

Now if the price of other vegetables start to drop all us non gardeners will be happy/er

Um..what am I going to do with that….

The price of fruit and veg is getting out of control and with all the strange weather over the past few months in growing areas round Australia the effect on that produce hasn’t been good. I know farmers can’t control the weather but I’ve looked at some of the supposedly fresh vegetables they’ve sent to market then on to greengrocers or supplied to supermarkets and more and more thought…no, we’ll try frozen or do without.
As well as a stall at the Sunday market a lot of local growers here have roadside farm gate (honesty box) stalls, which can be interesting because you never know what’s going to be on sale. It’s often ‘not quite right’ produce they know won’t sell – because consumers want good looking right sized (in their eyes) stuff.
The good thing is that it’s fresh…..not long been off the bush or out of the ground

We stopped at one the other day
The Golfer got out to have a look
‘Big tomatoes, huge green pumpkins, long zucchini’…..just get some toms and zucchini I called out and went back to my knitting

It turned out these are what he thought were zucchini/courgette!

My reaction when he opened the bag at home – what am I going to do with that!

Some would say, bless his heart he was only trying to help
and I should have looked my self.

Let’s just say Egg plant/Aubergine (any shape size or form) is not my favourite vegetable so I never buy them, in fact I can’t remember if I’ve ever cooked them and I know he’d pass if offered elsewhere
SO, in for a penny – in for a pound……it looks like we’re going to have to do a bit of cooking site surfing this week – for easy ways to cook them.
Because in the cabin I’m limited to a microwave and a two ‘burner’ ceramic cooktop!

What not to do….

Shop when you’re hungry!
You never know what might end up in your trolley

Interesting shapesthey might be good for an afternoon snack

Don’t bother…..

Hard to describe – like eating awful cardboard tasting air

~ ~ ~ ~

Easy to cook for quick lunch – could be good on a roll with salad

Don’t bother….

Very small and thin – size of product v size of box deceiving ( deliberate??)
Says made from Fish and Potato – think they left the fish out of this packet.

Soft and squidgy, almost gooey, not a pleasant taste at all

(The Golfer will eat almost anything.
But turned his nose up when I suggested he finish them up another day)

~ ~ ~ ~

Just have to remember the golden rule

What’s for lunch…..

There was a container of ’ooh that’s been there a while’ homemade chicken stock lurking under other containers in the freezer – made from a takeaway chook carcass, stripped flesh and onion – plus pearl barley….. discovered that fact when it was defrosted. I must have had something in mind when it was made – no idea what though.

After adding some frozen mix veg as well as half a packet of crunched up chicken noodles it ended up (with crackers and fruit on the side) as an ’interesting’ cheap and cheerful alfresco light lunch on a recent sunny (but cool) Saturday.

The Golfer must have been hungry – I hadn’t even returned with mine before he was cautiously approaching his….with a ’ what on earth has she served up this time’ look on his face.

Result:- couldn’t have been too bad because his bowl was emptied. There was no Oliver Twist ’I’d like some more’ moment though. I’m not sure what to make of that!!