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What not to do….

Shop when you’re hungry!
You never know what might end up in your trolley

Interesting shapesthey might be good for an afternoon snack

Don’t bother…..

Hard to describe – like eating awful cardboard tasting air

~ ~ ~ ~

Easy to cook for quick lunch – could be good on a roll with salad

Don’t bother….

Very small and thin – size of product v size of box deceiving ( deliberate??)
Says made from Fish and Potato – think they left the fish out of this packet.

Soft and squidgy, almost gooey, not a pleasant taste at all

(The Golfer will eat almost anything.
But turned his nose up when I suggested he finish them up another day)

~ ~ ~ ~

Just have to remember the golden rule

What’s for lunch…..

There was a container of ’ooh that’s been there a while’ homemade chicken stock lurking under other containers in the freezer – made from a takeaway chook carcass, stripped flesh and onion – plus pearl barley….. discovered that fact when it was defrosted. I must have had something in mind when it was made – no idea what though.

After adding some frozen mix veg as well as half a packet of crunched up chicken noodles it ended up (with crackers and fruit on the side) as an ’interesting’ cheap and cheerful alfresco light lunch on a recent sunny (but cool) Saturday.

The Golfer must have been hungry – I hadn’t even returned with mine before he was cautiously approaching his….with a ’ what on earth has she served up this time’ look on his face.

Result:- couldn’t have been too bad because his bowl was emptied. There was no Oliver Twist ’I’d like some more’ moment though. I’m not sure what to make of that!!