Now for something different!..

The recent middle of May Saturday morning (that’d be the one just gone, the 13th) in my suburb east of Melbourne was cold with a heavy sky. The front looked no better out of a dirty window than it did in real life out the back. There was a strange weird look to everything. Some might say it’s late Autumn- others early winter. Whatever….it takes some getting used to!


I spent the morning trawling for something I remembered from years ago….one of those memes bloggers used to take part in
And it’s Just right for Musing over on a Monday morning😊

What you do is, make a google search for “unfortunately (Your name here)”….
don’t forget the quotation marks!

Here a just a few of the ones that came up for my name…..
“Unfortunately Catherine”

Family hero.

  • Unfortunately, Catherine dropped hers. My parents asked if anyone would share and I said I would. But then I started licking the ice cream right in her face without letting her taste it. She cried, but still never got to taste it.

Citizen of Bay City Michigan

  • Unfortunately, Catherine died at the age of 40, on May 19, 1907 from a hemorrhage. The story passed down is that her death was caused by an interrupted pregnancy.

Character in Movie

  • Unfortunately, Catherine gets involved too deeply with Thomas to keep a professional distance to the case. Fortunately, Thomas seems to fall for her, too

Historical figure

  • Unfortunately, Catherine’s competence as a diplomat didn’t override her fertility shortcomings in her husband’s eyes. After twenty-three years of marriage, the couple had only produced one living daughter, the future Mary I of England. Henry, desiring a legitimate son, sought a legal separation.

Another historical figure

  • Unfortunately, Catherine’s successor and son, Paul I, did not share many of these views. His personal relationship with Catherine was poor.

~ ~ ~ ~
It appears that bad luck seems to follow me all over the place and I certainly didn’t have any luck with men.
Why don’t you give it a try – see how you go.


And this is the reason Melburnians find it difficult to know what to wear at this time of the year.
Cool misty photos above – taken early. Temperature 8c/46f.
These below – taken in bright sunshine mid afternoon. Temperature 13c/55f.
That sunshine makes all the difference

Same grubby window – sorry about blind reflection
Outside- different angle

8 Replies to “Now for something different!..”

  1. Hari OM
    The name trick doesn’t work so well with my rather rarer moniker; only two entries, and they were both from Bollywood and make no sense at all! …Then again, that might well be a metaphor for my life… YAM xx


  2. What a fun meme:
    Two answers for me are;
    Unfortunately, Sue has had to cancel this weekend due to illness. We have organised Melbourne band Wilde Style to come and play this Saturday Night and…
    Unfortunately Sue Rutherford was unable to lead worship this morning, so we thank the St George’s Worship Group for stepping in and leading our service…
    And I have resorted to layers. It is cool here in the morning (some would say cold, but warms up markedly during the day.


  3. It’s difficult to know what to wear here too though it’s about 22o. It’s still a wintery sun. Nice when you’re sitting in it, chilly when you’re not.


  4. Hi Cathy
    It is a beautiful sunny day here in WA – no need for a jumper and more of the same for the next few days – maybe it will get to your side of Aust by the weekend.
    Take care


  5. The weather was exactly the same when we flew out of Melbourne and then landed in London.
    It was like we hadn’t travelled at all


  6. “Unfortunately, Betsy’s new attitude drives away most of “The Crowd” What a great trick. (as you can see I go by Betsy) I was entertained for a while before I remembered I had to cook dinner!


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