Why, Why, Delilah…

Delilah – who will always be associated with hair and beauty might possibly know the answer to my question

Why does the conditioner last longer than the shampoo?

Why do I always end up with half empty bottles of conditioner
but no shampoo left to go with them?

13 Replies to “Why, Why, Delilah…”

  1. I don’t condition my hair every day – but I do wash it which accounts for that issue here. And somehow (possibly wrongly) I am more generous with the shampoo than the conditioner.


  2. When we shampoo, I thought we were supposed to suds our hair two times and rinse two times. The conditioner is only used one time, then rinsed. Maybe? Linda in Kansas


  3. I wash my hair with shampoo soap. It’s wonderful; no plastic bottle to throw away. And since I began doing that I have not needed conditioner, which also comes in a bar.


  4. One of life’s mysteries.
    Does anybody actually shampoo their hair twice? I certainly never have except for the one time I was in hospital and didnt shower for a week. My hair got two washes on my first shower day


  5. I always a generous amount of shampoo to get lots of suds but use a far smaller amount of conditioner. Conditioner seems to slide easily all over. But my shampoo lasts longer…… Cos I don’t condition every time I wash. Can’t be bothered.


  6. One of life’s minor mysteries . like why it’s always me running out of TP in a household of 6 😉
    I have no clue to an answer, as I never use conditioner. It just makes my hair even more wild, and itchy to boot.


  7. I have been told I know everything about everything by hubby but this is one think I admit I don’t know the answer.


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