There comes a time….

And it looks like that time is about now.

Are you prepared? I was asked the other day.  Prepared for what? I replied  Don’t be daft, you know what I mean was the answer to that one.  Oh yes, I said, those preparations

Seasons come and seasons go – and intertwined within those seasons there are other seasons.  As we get older (in my case especially) we notice the time between those seasons within seasons seems to be shorter and shorter so no sooner have we celebrated one event than the next one has appeared on the horizon.

It would appear that preparation Is the key to enjoying those seasons.

Crafty people in a online craft group I belong to are well into their preparations with their novelty tiny Christmas hats and baby Santa woollen sets.  They look like fun don’t they ……..Can you just imagine how cosy and warm the babe would be dressed in that red coat, hat, bootees and mittens – makes me smile to imagine it

Obviously for little one’s in the Northern Hemisphere 😎






But not for me this year – no seasonal knitting.

I’d occasionally knit miniature stockings which along with other miniature craft items (made by other volunteers) would go on the foyer tree at the nursing home.  ‘Proper’ as in shop bought ones are going on the tree this year!

No seasonal crop plantings this year either
We’re giving the small amount we did do (mainly tomatoes and green beans) a miss.  Aches and pains, time and effort, plus planned time spent away from home all came into the equation and the result was – shop, market stall or even gifts from friends will be the way to go this summer.

No seasonal cooking – which these days means Christmas puddings
Most years I’d cook up a storm earlier in the year before we travelled up to Bowen.  Using Aunty Pam’s recipe – I’d gather all the ingredients together, mix the dry , then the wetand in no time at all (I lie – after several hours boiling)  one big one and several little ones would sit around maturing until the designated eating time.  I’d offer them as gifts knowing they are an acquired taste – last year just one son in law said yes to the offer, everyone else declined.

NO offence taken but I did wonder what they had done with the ones from years gone by I’d just ‘given’ to them.  So this year I haven’t made them.  We won’t be able to take them with us, yes I know they keep and we could eat them ourselves during the year but I suppose I just couldn’t be bothered.  Never mind that fact we’re not supposed to be eating all that rich stuff 😥

Actually there is some preparation going on at the moment that I am involved in and can honestly say I’m enjoying.  The choir has begun rehearsing Christmas carols and songs!  And depending on the ‘situation and intended audience’ in amongst all the traditional ‘serious’ items we are belting this out 😀

How’s all your preparations going?

Are you an early starter or an ‘it’ll be right on the night’ person?

PS:- If you are interested there are 44 days to go until December 25th


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15 thoughts on “There comes a time….

  1. nope, not even given it much of a thought…but on saying that haven’t made preparations for many decades, including who gets what and why…

    gave up all the gift giving after a year when family made me take them all home, as I could sell them…and then insult to injury, packed up all the wrapping paper and made me take that home… Last year, I had the landlords gift and it’s a good gift but it’s a supermarket that is off my radar, I did gift it away but it was so hard…the people I gifted it too, kept asking me that afternoon if I couldn’t use it…

    and then there is the 25th…last year I went tripping with a very expensive trip company and it was great but this year, it’s not on the list due to my new health issues. I have no idea what I will do this year…

    but whatever it is…always is to suit me and not feel beholden to be any place else…

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    1. Ooh now the gift giving back sounds like an interesting tale….obviously wasn’t at the time. Funny how some things stick in your mind years after an event.
      Whatever happens- however you spend that time Cathy, I’m sure rested and free from worry


    1. Do you think it’s more overseas influences (I realise Christmas traditions here all came from overseas originally) or a change in the attitude of younger generations?


    1. Now there’s a thought – maybe someone could regift me a Lions Fruitcake then I won’t have to buy my own. Like you I do like a nice fruitcake but never think to make one. The Lions Club sell them as fundraisers and very nice they are indeed!


  2. I find each year that I drop something more off my seasonal to-do list. The tomatoes and green beans are being considered! Our family is so scattered now that apart from a couple of small presents for the grandchildren, not much else happens at Christmas.


    1. Like you Margaret I’m slowly reducing ‘all that hard work’ that Christmas used to be. For us it’s a time of ‘lounging around doing nothing’ usually……and being waited on by the younger generation.


  3. Nope, no preparation for Christmas/Yule. Adults do not exchange family gifts now…. Just for the “Grandchildren.” And ours being (all but one) of the age, where money is the preferred gift, no problems there. Husband likes to exchange some little things, between, so there will be that.

    No a crafter, so none of that… Not a big baker, so no mountain of cookies.

    Personally, I want a stress-free Holiday Season. Last year’s was stressful, with health issues. This year, we really want a nooooo stresssss Christmas!!!!

    Ohhhh, I have to fill in all my information, again!!!!!! Have I said this? Can you make some change, in your blog… So readers do not have to do this????? My email is on my Profile Page, would you please email me, about this? Thank you.



    1. Here’s hoping your Christmas is peaceful and quiet just the way you want it to be. Healthy wealthy and wise is what you need as a New Years greeting as well


  4. No preparations for me yet, just ideas swirling around in my head. I think it’s okay to not do the traditions, shake it up a bit and enjoy the break from the norm. 😉


    1. Lol Shelley for the first time ever we’ll be away from family and friends for a couple of weeks over the Christmas / New Year period. So nothing is happening at all – no decorations, meals, gift giving on the day. I’ll miss it but then there’s a first time for anything, and I intend to enjoy this one😎

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      1. That’s great – I think I’d do the same. Enjoy the change of pace. It reminds me of the book Skipping Christmas by John Grisham, or the movie Christmas with the Krantz – have you read the book or watched the movie?


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