Cup of soup anyone…..

The aim of our winter trips to Bowen is to relax and enjoy life in a climate that is definitely warmer than at home.  Whilst there’s enough linen crockery cutlery and cooking utensils in the self contained cabin to keep things running smoothly for day to day living we usually pack a couple of plastic storage boxes in the boot using them to take some of our own bits and pieces along for convenience.  Taking a vegetable peeler and tin opener might seem strange but one year the ones in the cabin were ‘wonky’, some microwave cookware and a couple of sharp knives go in as well.

Now I’m not one for elaborate cooking while we’re up there but will ocassionally make soups which we have ‘chunky’ in the bowls provided  – then sometimes I’ll blend it smooth using my Bamix and serve in a couple of old ‘soup mugs’ (similar to this) that I’ve taken up with us.

We’ve had them for years – yes they’re vintage in some people’s minds – they get used when we’re on our own – and also on the road where they’ve come in handy more than once (as coffee mugs and cereal bowls in motels when I haven’t fancied the look of their crockery) They keep ‘food’ warmer than open bowls for a start and I’m not inclined to spill things down the front of me …..don’t ask😊

Anyway to cut a long story short I forgot to pack them this year, couldn’t find anything similar or any really really large mugs in the local op shops and was feeling quite annoyed with myself when The Golfer pointed out something being sold in Safeway.

Continental had a ‘special’ with their packets of soup mixes.  Buy a couple of packets @ $1 each and you get a mug….free.  I’m not saying we ‘don’t’ drink packet soup…we just don’t drink a lot of it…..but I use it sometimes for other things.   So $4 later 2 special mugs made their way back to the cabin.  Where they were used…..  Eventually coming back home with us, promptly being put in the mug drawer and forgotten about

Early last month –  it’s a miserable wet day, I’m passing time looking for things I don’t really know I wanted/needed when I see this!

And then this!


Some may call them Collectables – I’m not so sure

But then people collect all sorts of weird and wonderful things

What I am sure about though, is that someone’s out to make (and collect) some money …….only it looks like they’re not doing too well at it.  Unless they bought up stock when the campaign finished, they seem to be having a hard time getting rid of them  These ads were still there yesterday – same dealer, different ‘get by’ date.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with ours……keep them or give them to the op shop.  Or maybe try to make some money on them. Cup a soup mugs anyone??

15 thoughts on “Cup of soup anyone…..

  1. I think most of the promotional items – become collectable – but at what cost…me thinking of the collectables that I acquired when my Mother died. I’ve already handed them on to a niece who was keen to have one in particular. A writing box that I think some aunt had bought all the way to NZ in the late 1800s…nice inlaid brass with leather and so forth inside…

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  2. When I sold on EBay, years ago, sometimes I thought something would never sell. And then at the last moment, in they all swooshed and the bids flew faster than I could see. It’s crazy.

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    1. Oh sure Andrew – all that fuss and bother, don’t think so. Mind you if they were selling for a few hundred that might be a different answer.


    1. I certainly wouldn’t be buying them for that price – but as I said, collectors hunt things down. I know if they went into the op shop (charity) they’d be sold for a realistic price.

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  3. I often spill food when I am wearing my best clothes – so annoying! I love using mugs and cups for different things. I’d probably want to use your old mugs for homemade soup and the red mugs for packet soup. .

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    1. It’s becoming more common place to see adult women tucking their napkins into the neck of their clothes like a bib. I’m amongst them – no ‘shame’ in doing it, even in a posh restaurant.
      Re the different use for mugs – I haven’t been game enough to make a single serve microwave cake in one yet


  4. Wow the story of 2 $1 mugs, outrageous this inflation mania on Ebay. Strange what people put value on.

    I am sloppy too, I like a mug for my soup, I wear less of it.


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  5. I recognise the food down the front scenario-it’s an age thing! Collectable mugs are too numerous these days, they don’t seem to sell well in the UK. Keep them and enjoy using them for days away from home.

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