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On my mind….

What’s on my mind this week is that recently I’ve been having a little trouble getting the sleep cycle to stay ‘asleep’. It tends to think 2hr blocks are the norm rather than sleeping through the night all in one go. Not content with that it then goes about teasing me with time awake wondering why I can’t go back to sleep again!

When we were children, Bobby my next sister was one who dropped off as soon as ’lights out’ and was always running late in the mornings, wanting to stay abed rather than get ready for school. I sent her an email the other day…..mid morning our time/ night time hers …..not expecting a reply until late afternoon, and was surprised when one arrived not too long after.

Here’s part of her reply plus part of my follow up

  • B – So it’s 1:30 am I have odd sleeping habits these days – 9pm can’t keep my eyes open. 
    10:30 turn in – midnight wide awake and mentally solving word problems  – 2am thinking have a quick look at phone check emails look at weather and newspapers hope to go to sleep soon I got to be up and at it at 7am.   Then 7am dead to the world  – 8 am oh no is that the time already I’m late again 😂😂😂 – 9 am sod it. Can wait I’ll do it when I’m ready .
  • Me – I’ve been there done that with sleeping patterns- isn’t it a lovely surprise on the odd occasion to wake and realise you’ve slept through the night.  
    Often sleep in 2hr blocks so tried telling myself ’try for 4x2hrs’ before I settled down…..didn’t work. 
    Turned the clock/radio the other way – took it out of the bedroom- didn’t make much difference- I’d see the time on my way to the loo and realise how long I’d slept/ not slept.  
    Won’t get back the time I’ve lay there thinking do I need to pee again or can I will myself to go back to sleep….get up go drop off almost instantly…not going to happen
    Yes I hear your pain xxx

For the time being Mr Insomnia – the evil one who stops you dropping off to sleep in the beginning – has left the building but his little friend – the one who who wont let you go back to sleep – the one I have discovered goes by the name of Middle of the Night Insomnia – has been having fun in the bedroom recently. I certainly didn’t invite him and there’s no apparent reason why he’s come visiting

~ ~ ~ ~
So if you are familiar with those times when your mind wants to carry on at full pelt instead of closing down –  look carefully at the fun going on below – it is possible the answer to my and maybe your problem lies there 😊

I have absolutely no idea whereabouts on the internet I found this – Entitled ‘A Womens Brain’ or ‘Why Women find it hard to go to Sleep’ –  (which is a bit sexist) but I can totally relate to all the stuff going on. 
It’s a hoot – Keep your eye on those little blue balls and follow them down the line

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Baby Talk revisted….

(I wrote this follow up to a recent post and forgot to publish it)

Thank you for all your comments concerning the little babe and her mother in the (March) Baby Talk post. It certainly generated a lot of interest.

It was a difficult time for my friend (the Grandma) – I remember her telling me she certainly hadn’t done as was suggested in ‘the note’, had given the baby lots of cuddles and tickles and sung songs and did all the sorts of things you do when there is a babe in your arms – and was rewarded with lots of smiles and that funny coo tiny babies make.

When I next saw her, she (the grandma) mentioned she’d spoken (nicely) to the DIL on a different day about her concerns and it seemed she had a thing in her head about something she’d read about in a book – controlled crying. 
Seemingly the little one cried a lot in the evening (as well as during the day)…..-not what Grandma observed the day she looked after her…. and she, the mother was really tired and had heard that if you leave them be – didn’t keep picking them up every time they cried….. they would go to sleep.

Yes, said Grandma, sometimes it works with older babes and children but yours is still really little and needs to be held.
A short while later when the mother saw the ‘nurse’ at the baby clinic she said similar things to her and as well as the baby the ’nurse’ took her (the mother)under her wing as well.

~ ~ ~ ~

That’s what happened all those years ago and even now after all that time my friend (the grandma) is still ‘annoyed, angry even’ at all the stress the DIL caused by being so pedantic in her ways. The baby continued to be ‘cranky/troublesome/tiresome’ (the mothers’s words) strangely only in their own home and it took many weeks to calm them both down.
The baby (an only child, now a young girl) has always been quiet almost withdrawn which my friend puts down to her not receiving love and attention, never knowing how her mother will react.
And then recently her son let slip they had had some really nasty fights over leaving the baby to cry but he didn’t know where to get help for the mother.  Which led my friend to be upset and sad that he didn’t confide in her at the time.

I’m sure there are many reasons new mums (and babies) behave the way they do, even ‘non new mums’ have troubled days…..I learnt it’s not for us to judge, just be there if they need – or want – help. To be understanding….and kind.

Just recently….

I was pleased we were able to have our flu’ jab so now are up to date with our vaccinations. Flurona has become a real thing here in Australia

I discovered that Dragonflies are sometimes called the Devils Darning Needle (thank you quiz show) – so it seems are other things

I felt like Debby when I realised the four truss tomatoes I put in my shopping trolley cost over AU$4. Truss toms have a smell of their own, like homegrown fresh from your garden and these called to me from the fruit and veg section of the supermarket.

Someone got to the grapes before I snapped the tomatoes

I noticed the ’paper aisles’ (toilet paper/kitchen rolls/ tissues) in the supermarket were almost empty. Two weeks ago there was plenty of stock – now none. Perhaps the other chain is being supplied….the one whose shelves were empty in April

I was thankful we have the wherewithal to pay for the increased power bills when they arrive yet still felt it was necessary to talk to the provider and negotiate a better plan than the new one they suggested. Sticker shock is being noticed everywhere these days. We might be able to afford it but it’s certainly not necessary to accept it.

I declared Autumn has definitely arrived (Winter nearly as well) and even though the sun might shine and we do have extra clothes we could put on, contrary to my complaining about increased power costs, if it’s cold in the evening (or even during the day) the heater goes on. Anything under 15°c is not my cup of tea!

~ ~ ~

And finally I seem to have become forgetful – I write it on the calendar – leave notes on the fridge – set reminders on the phone – just for the pleasure of hearing me say…..

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Some are difficult – this one’s easy

I have decided I am sick and tired of this federal election campaign.

All the…….He said/she said – they did/haven’t done – we will/ they wont – we promise to……is driving me nuts. The rhetoric is far more obvious this year

I’m wondering where the forest of money trees is because there’s so much of it suddenly appearing out of nowhere and being waved around in front of peoples faces – you do this for us (give us your vote) and we’ll do that for you

I’d really like to hear from the candidates in my local electorate but seemingly letterbox drops are not the way to go these days.
There are 11 names contesting this large seat ( 2,481 square kilometres on the very eastern edge of the Melbourne metropolitan area, running east from Kilsyth and Mooroolbark into the upper Yarra Valley and south beyond Mount Dandenong to Belgrave. The electorate includes Wandin, Healesville, Yarra Junction and Warburton.) all of whom think (rightly or wrongly – foolishly/hopefully) they will take over representing us from the retiring former Speaker of the House.

Wake me up on Sunday May 22 and tell me the result because – maybe shortsightedly – until then, my eyes and ears are closed to certain subjects.

On my mind……

Oh dear, its a very personal thing on my mind this week – my bathing costume is starting to sag – and I’m beginning to wonder ’does my bum look big in that’

This one is a few years old (minus 2 for non covid use) and cost me what I thought was a small fortune at the time. Chlorine played havoc with previous ones – body shape means many dept store ones don’t fit well – this one came from what I call ’a specialist shop’ – so as I paid well over $100 then; goodness knows what I’d be up for now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I can remember years ago deciding to add water to my exercise plan ( I did have one in those days) putting my cossy on at home, being a bit concerned with what I saw in the mirror. Then rocking up to the local indoor pool and seeing it full of like minded oldies all doing their laps with exercise classes in the shallow end – needless to say nobody was too fussed about exposing their body and all its rolly polly bits to other people who all looked the same 😊

~ ~ ~ ~

By the time I got down yesterday all the early birds had been and gone – just a couple of energetic young men doing laps and lots of babes and toddlers having lessons in the ’tiny pool’ – so I had all the exercise area to myself. No worries about showing off my saggy baggy rear end!

Schools will be back next week…..and that’s something else. The noise 35 active children make is unbelievable but its great to see them in their groups learning water safety while laughing and having fun. One bus load arrives as the other is drying off – planning and dedicated swimming teachers plus parents and staff willing to allow/encourage youngsters the chance to become competent swimmers. A necessity here in Australia – as well as elsewhere in the world.

Take time for all things….

I’ve always been of the opinion we must open our eyes and ears to everything
‘Read mark listen and learn’ was drummed into me from a young age

And where sport and the arts were concerned it was – “Open your eyes”
“Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean there’s no merit to it”

So back in the 1970s my oldest children were the ones who introduced me to Queen. I/me a lover of ‘50s rock and roll plus many other forms of music, was well into my 30s when Bohemian Rhapsody was released. I loved it….and many others that followed!

Whether you liked the band, the man, his music and his lifestyle – or not

Take 5 minutes to listen – and maybe sing along

‘Different voices’ were optional – but I know you all gave it a try😊

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Just a little something

I wish I’d seen this video a couple of years ago

(Source – this post at Jenny’s Procrastinating Donkey)

Things might have been a little more reassuring – fewer saggy baggy ill fitting masks

As from 11.59 pm last Friday evening here in Victoria

Face masks – when to wear a face mask

  • You are no longer required to wear a face mask in most indoor settings, but wearing a mask remains recommended.

You can read all the latest information about when you are required to wear one


Me?……they go just about everywhere with me and get worn whether ’required’ or not

On my mind….

are bread tags – the new all singing all dancing cardboard ones – and the fact that more and more bread and bakery manufacturers are moving away from the plastic ones, using these on their products instead.

When these two came out of the freezer the other day – attached to bags of fruit loaf and hot cross buns – I noticed that as well as the use by date there were other pieces of information on them.

What I thought were flowers on one turned out to be the recycling logo…(bit thick aren’t I😊…plus the words ’place in used envelope’ on the other
That one baffled me.

Going off on a tangent here…..a few years ago I heard of a charity that collected all shapes and sizes of the plastic tags

Simple plastic one

to raise money to buy wheelchairs for children – Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs
and I wondered what effect the use of the wizz bang carboard ones was having on their fundraising. Couldn’t find an answer to that but did find this on their website. 👇

Not realising there was a problem putting them loose in the yellow recycling bin it seems that from now on the few we get will have to go in the green waste bin – finding an intact used envelope is rare in our house….mine usually get cut up to use for ‘notes and lists’!

Another thing on my mind is….the new tags are not multi coloured. Without checking each tag how will I know how fresh the products are? 😊


Small Changes…..

Small changes….little things

  • I’ve returned to the gym….something I did say I wouldn’t do until ‘you know what’ had finally disappeared….walking is out – my legs play up after a short while – pool work is good, resistance bands here at home are so so but I need to feel like I’ve exercised….so the Leisure Centre it is.

Cheapskate that I am I haven’t taken out membership this time…. changes to ’rules & reg’ of membership, things I didn’t like, had me looking at pros & cons of other payment methods. I’ve taken advantage of their 20 visit pass.

  • Changes in daylight (and early evening temps) mean we’re settling down earlier, curtains are being drawn earlier, meals have changed – cooked rather than raw – entertainment has changed a bit.

Not important in the whole scheme of things but late afternoon early evening TV programming has changed. The Golfer’s reruns of Jag & Becker are not where they used to be (or not on at all☹️) so there’s been a bit of quiz show watching.
Sometimes it adds to my general knowledge 😊

Guess what was the answer to a multiple choice question:- ‘Which of these calls it’s young an Antling?’
Of course neither of us picked the most obvious answer

NOUN – Antling


  • A young or small ant.


Late 18th century; earliest use found in James Elphinston (1721–1809), educationist and advocate of spelling reform. From ant + -ling. source

Did you know that?

~ ~ ~ ~

I stopped near the library in Montrose last week and knew something had changed but couldn’t put my finger on it.
Can you spot the difference!

31 March 2014
5 April 2022

~ ~ ~ ~

Of course there’s one thing that never changes – the sight of the TV masts on the hills.
It’ll take some storm to take them down – much stronger than the one that brought down the tree and the electricity pole across the road from the library

~ ~ ~ ~

And there is one recent welcome change that nobody seems to be grumbling about. After rising to the atrocious price of over $2 a litre, the federal government halved the fuel tax for 6 months, (a budget cost of living action but cynical me says a pre-election action) so the cost of petrol has dropped 60¢ in less than 2 weeks.
I paid $1.59 (+discount)) the other day – big smiles all round. For the time being that is!

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The eyes have it

Another surprise after using another unfamiliar local car park (Croydon)

On the corner of San Carlos Walk & James Kerr Way – Painted on a shipping container.
~ ~ ~ ~

Then this in San Carlos Way itself.
‘Carnifex’ by Roger Archbold
A marsupial lion which seemingly roamed wild in the area.

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On my mind…

Is the fact that last week I whinged about seasonal changes and then the ’season’ did a u-turn and became all summery again.
Very warm days – warm nights – certainly not autumnal at all.

And with petrol prices soaring far higher than I’ve ever known It’s become an almost daily mind game wondering how far can we stray from home ‘just for a cup of coffee’

Our treat this week was coffee with friends at the one place I never complain about ~ the shady spots in the gardens of ~ ‘ this lovely little chocolate shop’ ~

~ which at Montrose ~ is really really close to home 😊

Also on my mind ~ is the prediction that ~

those lovely cups of coffee could rise in price to about $7 by the end of the year ☹️


Yesterday – the day before today

I often think about what I did Yesterday
about the things I did do and those I should have done

Then I remember that little saying my Mum 
would sometimes come out with 

Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is a mystery. 
But today is a gift, and that’s why it is called the present’

That’s when any ‘should’ve’ thoughts and feelings disappear

~ ~ ~ ~

Then of course there are
Yesterdays or Yesteryears – A former period of time or of one’s life

Working on Family Histories makes you mindful of Yesterdays 
The yesterdays I’m interested in are
The past days and years that were lived by my and The Golfer’s family
No matter what was said or done in the past
those Yesterdays and Yesteryears will always be of interest to me

~ ~ ~ ~

So what did I do Yesterday – the day before today?

I listened to a favourite rendition of Yesterday
Yesterday when I was young’
sung here by Charles Aznavour

I found many Yesterdays listed here 👉

~ ~ ~ ~

And I lunched on boiled eggs with great big Yellow Yolks and some Yogurt along with the last of the Yellow peaches

I enjoyed my Yesterday – how was yours?

Hello world….

More revisions and changes to those dreaded but necessary restrictions we had in place for nigh on two years means our lives are constantly changing. Maybe not to the extent as in the UK (and possibly other countries) ‘no big deal – learn to live with it’ … it’s back to the office and except in certain circumstances QR codes check ins are becoming a thing of the past with masks not needed. It’s proof of vaccination – 2 plus a booster – that ’lets you in or excludes you from’various establishments plus at times a negative RAT test.

So even though daily case numbers are much lower (but fluctuating) , Omicron (faster transmission but less severe – so ’they’ say) appears to have affected some of my friends’ state of mind more so than Delta – they seem to have returned to taking it slowly – in fact much slower than before. They aren’t fearful like previously – just less confident with being out and about …fully vaxxed but still cagey about visiting the supermarket, let alone cafes and restaurants with a trip to the cinema or using public transport definitely best left to others.

That is fine – I’m happy to see them now and again under their own specific terms and conditions but meanwhile I need to get on and enjoy however much is left of my life.

Which means over the past couple of weeks while I’ve been trying to dig myself out of some bad/sad/down days I’ve sat in a breezy hairdressing salon (doors and windows needing to be open for ventilation) – served morning tea to nursing home residents (hoorah for a return to volunteering) – and sung maskless at choir rehearsal (it’s very difficult to sing wearing one so this was a very welcome change)

There was another (non dept of health) change to choir procedures that everyone thought was just grand – may I present to you ’Dog’ (yes, that it’s name) – a beautiful black & white Border Collie who was ’rescued/adopted’ by our accompanist during the last lockdown.

We don’t often get visitors who just sit and listen without feeling the need to join in

Dog was peaceful and quiet, possibly a little unsure, checking Sue was still there

Also with one habit Sue is trying to break.
Just giving her the sniff test to make sure she is who she says she is

How about you – what changes affected your recent days, weeks or even months?
Have they made life easier or more complicated for you?

Hopefully nothing as dramatic as the flooding rain my family in Brisbane experienced – all is well now. None came into the house, just the garden to put back together now😊


xingfumama hosts ’whatsoever is lovely’ – Sue’s beautiful Border Collie was my lovely this week

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Don’t hide your brains in your handbag….

You’ll have to bear with me as I’m going to be floundering around for ’the right words’ to express myself this morning….

During those recent really really hot humid days as well as doing a bit of reading I passed some of the time binge watching on iview or the other catch up tv channels – different series and films I missed, plus docos I probably wasn’t interested at the original screening time.

Some like – Sanditon – My Brilliant Career – – Daughter of the Hunter Valley – were set in a time when young females were expected to be ladies who were ‘going to get married’…….not supposed to have opinions on anything, definitely not show any signs of ‘being brainy’.

In each of those the main female character had ‘suitors’.(known or ‘would like to be’) turns down marriage and definitely does the other.

  • Charlotte impresses with knowledge of house design
  • Sybylla wants to and does write a novel
  • Madeleine takes charge of and runs a huge property

~ ~ ~
Back in the 1950s I went to an all girls school known as The County High School for Girls.(also known by other names over the years) …….oh yes top marks were expected, but we also had a Head Mistress who would remind us ‘we were the ladies of tomorrow so please act accordingly’ . Teenagers – trying to be ladies with all the nuances of that (respectful polite having certain standards do the right thing) yet strive for the best. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

Photo found online recently

I might not have been the best at whatever but the ‘being a lady’ lessons seem to have always been hiding unconsciously at the back of my mind – there have been times when I’ve looked back over situations and wondered what Miss Townsend would have thought of my behaviour.

What brought all this to mind was being told of the death (yes another one) of someone I knew a long time ago who in the 1990s taught in a high school on the other side of the city here in Melbourne. She used to despair over some of her 15yr old students……”all they think about is boys babies and marriage!”

“Many of them have good brains and with encouragement will go far, so I keep telling them……You’re not just a pretty face – Don’t hide your brains in your handbags”

I wonder what impression those words made on the girls back then – do any of the now 45yr olds remember them and did they act on them?

What about you….Are there any little encouraging snippets or asides you remember from those important school years?

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How one leads to another…


Every little bit helps


If I continue to do little things like this

I will then be able to afford big things like this

Lilydale 6 February 2022

January 2022

February 2022

Right turn surprise….

Sometimes good things happen when you get in a muddle at the exit from an unfamiliar supermarket car park and end up in the ’wrong’ street.
What a nice surprise this was – on the side wall of the Mount Evelyn bakery

Painted in a sepia look reminiscent of days gone by, the bakers horse and cart is making its way along the bushland track to make deliveries at various properties

The only thing I’ve been able to find is it is the work of a local artist – David Monks

First week of the month – first week of the school year – what I’d thought was going to be a fairly quiet start to the year proper turned out to be busy busy busy with something planned for most days.
Actually I should have remembered that after the long covid related ’enforced break’ it was the week Probus and Book Club were able to meet again, and being the first week of the school term choir rehearsals could also begin again. Then add into that an appointment with the optometrist plus time at the pool and yes, it was busy busy busy!

Some early morning fine tuning is going to have to happen though because after a long layoff when ’my things had been on hold’ I’d forgotten the ’thrill’ of chivvying The Golfer along so I could get my fair share of the bathroom and leave the house on time 😊

It was worth it though to see familiar faces and enjoy company I’d missed for a while
~ ~ ~ ~
Couch potato me watched lots of summer sport… it’s time for the winter type with Snowboarding Slopestyle plus Freestyle Mogul being this week’s attraction. All these athletes are at the top of their game and I feel for them if they take a tumble

So how did you spend last week – did you get any surprises?

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On the last day of last year…

I sat down to contemplate the last of what had been and the first of what was to come

P.D.James’ last novel in the Adam Dalgleish series ‘The Private Detective’ was my last read for the year and even though I didn’t plan it that way, the first book in the same series ‘Cover Her Face’ was one of my first reads for the year 😊

My first read for this year will be the last book I picked up from the library ….. ‘Daughter of The Hunter Valley’ by a new to me Australian author Paula J Beaven – her debut novel, historical fiction (a genre I enjoy) inspired by her connection to early settlers in the Hunter Valley

~ ~ ~ ~

And that’s as far as I got with this a couple of days ago.

The last day of last year turned into another very hot one – too hot even to enjoy reading in the shade of the trees beside the deck so indoors we came. Last drinks of the night were well before the witching hour and if fireworks were let off locally we certainly didn’t hear them 😊

The first days of the New Year have arrived!

And with them those ‘will I/won’t I……shall I/shan’t I’ thoughts
Those yearly thoughts about…..resolutions- goals – intentions- aims – pledges
That have on occasion been known to invade some people’s minds
Mine included!

I have none of those or even A Word of the Year selected for this coming year
When I have chosen one I find I’ve lost track of it not long after 😊
At the moment I’m hoping the encouraging phrases below will continue to guide me

Bye for now……Take care…..Cathy xx

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Things that have had to be thought about…

Being ‘fully covered’ sooner or late

Q:- Accept a Covid booster offered for two days before Christmas or wait until the middle of January.

~ ~ ~ ~
Health and Safety on Scorching hot Summer days or Soaking wet Winter days…which we’ve had both sorts of recently

Q:- Do I use the little supermarket – closer to home – less stock – strange staff has level undercover parking. Or use the larger one – further from home – far greater stock choice – great friendly helpful staff BUT has open air parking on a slight slope.

~ ~ ~
Continuing to meet with like minded others

Q:- Would I be in favour of the amalgamation of my Probus club with another nearby one.
Both have a diminishing membership – both are finding it difficult to attract new members – one is just ladies only….. the other combined (m/f) – one meets in a small hall which must be ’set up’ and ’put away’ by members in line with covid safety precautions….the other in a nearby club where they just walk in to a comfortable prepared room, have their meeting, then walk out again. No risk, no responsibility.

~ ~ ~
Taking part in and enjoying the Christmas spirit in a major or minor way

Q:- Do I ‘decorate’ now (very early) or leave until our usual traditional Christmas Eve time. Do I put up just one small tree or both little/large trees or just place special bits and pieces around the house.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • January will be the jab day….if I have a reaction I certainly don’t want to be running around looking for medical services on public holidays.
  • Which supermarket I use (same chain/same prices) is an ongoing dilemma ….it usually depends on the weather, what I need and how nimble on my feet I’m feeling
  • I’m definitely in favour but wonder if we’ll lose the atmosphere and feel of the lively discussions that are part of our all female club
  • Today is the 10th of December and I still haven’t decided – it’ll either be go go go from tomorrow or slow slow slow until the 24th 😊