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New Year Small Changes….

The end of January has arrived. ……Australia Day has been and gone
Rain and flood have never been far away, fire has been making its presence known
There has been cricket and tennis as well as road cycling to watch
Many surprise wins, early disappointments plus shock eliminations.

Here in Victoria lots of little kids will begin the school year today
I wonder how many sets of twins will feature on the news this evening?

Sunrise and sunset times are changing.
Very slowly the days are becoming shorter – nightfall is arriving slightly earlier

Various community commitments, clubs and classes are returning
After the long summer break life in general is beginning again

So much happening which means just one thing – the year proper has now begun.
~ ~ ~ ~

I decided to take me out of the blog name and it’s back to being called ‘Still Waters’.
Not a big change, still about a life that appears to be
All smooth on the surface but really has lots going on underneath.

Trouble is I feel it’s getting a bit stale and what to write about is becoming a problem
I’m getting short on ideas – visitors & comments are down – so am open to suggestions.
~ ~ ~ .

Looking back to December 2021 I spent a bit of time mulling over this
Well, the votes at both clubs were taken in early 2022, the amalgamation went ahead. There was a very mixed reception to the move….on both sides.
I was all for it and gave it a go – but as the old saying goes ‘be careful what you wish for’ it turned out to be not quite what I’d envisioned. Some members love it – others haven’t been back.
Too many people – cramped seating – enclosed room, no windows, no natural daylight, mixed membership that included many ‘know it all old men’ who stifled discussions. One more meeting after returning from Bowen sealed it – I’d had enough.

About that time the news came that the choir I sang with would possibly fold in 2023.
Two of my pleasures out the window just like that.
~ ~ ~ ~

New Year Small Changes

Just by chance late last year I found (and joined) another smaller Probus branch. A Ladies Club who meet on a different day
Which has allowed me in 2023 to change the day of another social engagement.
Another choir meets not too far away. You might say a ‘slightly better one’.
Each choir has a sort of repertoire they’re known for.
My ‘old’ one was show tunes singalong oriented- this new one (under the U3A banner) sing more involved numbers, much in parts as well as acapella. Which I have missed since leaving the local Sing Australia group – driving to night time rehearsals was becoming a problem.
Big smiles when I gained a hotly sought after place on enrolment day so all is not lost

Not a change of day but a small change of volunteer responsibilities. A move to a different area in the aged care facility where I’m now assisting those who are at a different level of care, more in line with the qualifications I gained many years ago. A little less ‘meaningful’ chat than was over the tea trolley but definitely an understanding – many smiles and much laughter.

~ ~ ~~.
One thing that hasn’t changed over the years – my enjoyment of an early cup of tea
We’ve arrived at the last Monday in January so while I’m supping I’m going through folders and enjoying the recent colours of Summer.
Officially we have just one more month – I’m hoping it will hang around a lot longer just the same as Winter did 😎😊


Oh if only….

A few recent restless (sleepless) nights had me wishing someone would do this for me

If I rock you will you go to sleep – sung by a man of many talents – Jay Laga’aia

If I rock you, will you go to sleep?
If I rock you, will you go to sleep?
You know that I love, the times that we hug
If I rock you, will you go to sleep?

If I whisper, will you close your eyes?
If I whisper, will you close your eyes?
You know that I′ll hum, ’till the morning time comes.
If I whisper, will you close your eyes?

Sunbeams break through and the night melts away
Bright eyed and bushy tailed you’re ready to play
Then nighttime is sprinkling and stars twinkle through
Pjays and teddy bears and dreams wait for you.

If I rock you, will you go to sleep?
Close your eyes there′s no need to weep?
You will come to no harm, safely tucked in my arms
If I rock you, will you go to sleep?

You will come to no harm, safely tucked in my arms
I will rock you till you go to sleep?

On my mind

What I have ‘on my mind’ this week is not a real problem
but one I’ve been thinking about for a while  

I have an old wing back armchair out on the back deck

Someone once said it wasn’t what she expected of me

 – what ever that might mean – 

and yes, maybe it does look a bit odd having it there….

….but its really comfortable and also warm to sit in when we are outside on warmish winter’s days and cool summer days as well 

On any day in fact 😊

The thing is I would like to bring it back indoors

Its getting on in years now, the fabric is quite frayed, tattered and torn in places courtesy of a large family and all the cats and kittens we have had in the house so would need lots of loving attention from an upholsterer 

Now as I’m not a big person I’ve always found it hard to get furniture to fit and this was one suite that fitted me perfectly – when we agreed to refurnish I let someone have the deciding vote. unfortunately what we now is – in my mind – enormous and not very comfortable (for me)

What you get for letting men have a choice I suppose 🙁

A friend in need and willing to do a ‘quick cover job’ to suit her means took part of the suite and as I didn’t want to get rid of the other chair out the back it went, covered by a throw over cover that blended in with the outdoor furniture

not the best fit but as they say better than nothing

~ ~ ~ ~

This will tell you how long we’ve had it

Top L + bottom R were taken in 2011. Lots of you will remember Kiera (my brown shadow)…..this was a favoured comfy spot. You’d almost have to fight her for it

(R) Elder daughter the day she was married the first time in 1983 (I think)

Don’t ask – there have been a couple of marriages and I never remember when they were

Thankfully she is much more settled now

‘Older and wiser’ I think the saying is

(L) Younger daughter on her wedding day over 30 years ago

Same chairs – same look to the house as well

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I know that if I went to the expense of having it recovered/reupholstered (and brought inside) its size would make it look a bit odd

We’d have to refurnish again so it would blend in  ……..which would take some explaining on my behalf lol

Realistically I suppose in the whole scheme of things this is nothing
perhaps all it needs is for me to find another chair cover and enjoy it (outside) for what it was and the memories that go with it.
What do you think?


Busy doing nothing

It was going to be one of those sort of days HOT HOT HOT.
So there were no plans made.
👈 👈 👈

Breakfast finished…
I sat there enjoying the early morning quiet and wondered if maybe some knitting was a good way to start the day or possibly begin the library book that was picked up before Christmas

Or even put things back to where they were before the company came over a few days previously

I had thought about maybe going to the pool again but knew with the heat the pool would be overrun with youngsters from opening hours to closing. No matter how hard the lifeguards try Grannies doing their thing definitely don’t get right of way😎

Picking the wrong trolley at the supermarket last week wasn’t a bright idea. One of those I describe as ‘independent’ – you know the ones I mean – those with a mind of their own….I struggled to guide….which meant I ‘knew all about it’ from Christmas Eve until Boxing Day when the pool reopened. The queue at the door on BD surprised me – they’d only been closed one day and here was half the neighbourhood waiting to get in. All adults not a child amongst them. The exercise did me good and the twinges have left for a while

But first, Mr Snowman who had stood so patiently on the table beside the Christmas Posy for the past few days needed to go back into his storage unit – his time in the sun had come to an end. I think he’d prefer a cooler spot next year.
He’s been with us for quite a few years now….even had his own blog post back in 2009

Plus the Christmas Day posy really needed to go – poor thing hadn’t done too well in the heat either…..

Tiny Tears is still sitting on the bench waiting to be clothed. Luckily I hadn’t started making any because the friend I mentioned in October changed her mind in the end. She (the doll) might still get some as a nephew plus family have moved close by, a little ‘dolly mad’ girl is coming to visit when they get settled and it wouldn’t do to offer her a naked doll with no clothes so she (the doll) can be dressed/undressed. They’re on my to do list.

The wood lurking under the benches will probably stay there for a while – that’s The Golfer’s responsibility – one bright idea to replace the slats….a few months ago now….mustn’t grumble – it’s bit like my UFOs or WIPs – it’ll get finished sometime
And there’s the old comfy armchair which has been on my mind recently. There might be a post coming up about it soon. One of those ‘Will I – Won’t I’ ones.

So in the end we ended up doing
Basically nothing!

The ‘outdoor aircon’ aka trusty old fan, was moved out of the way and we went inside to use the whole of house one. And watch the cricket.
Most summers we just use the overhead fans but there are rare days when it becomes much more than hot and cool comfort is called for.

And what a crazy day at the cricket it was. Played all day in that heat.
Runs galore – two players retired hurt
Then the Flying Spidercam hit one of the opposition from behind

Described elsewhere as the Witching Week, Twixmas or even The Void
A week of leftovers and wondering what day it is

How do you fill it?
That ‘in between’ week of quiet peaceful laid back days

I know I said in the new year…

But you know me 😊

Christmas comes and Christmas goes

Family came – Family went – it started to warm up a bit

When the temperature hit 26c/78f really early on and was moving upwards coupled with a VicEmergency extreme heat warning we had a change of plan

No picnic in the bush this year -we’ll lunch al fresco at home

Cold meats and salads plus jelly with chopped soft fruits and cold custard

On to the last course – we decided against the cheeses – just had the fruit and nuts

Those will go well with the Christmas Pud on another day

One of my Christmas presents was a proper summer’s day of 28c/83f
Tomorrow and Tuesday will be another kettle of fish though
The forecast is for 35c & 37c – nearly 100f each day

I have to say the best present of all was a RAT test with only one pink line
~ negative at last😊 ~

I hope your day was filled with love

Christmas comes….

As we all know, it comes along once a year.
Loving and giving and enjoying life are usually the ‘flavour of the month’
Then after the seasonal celebrations are over there’s a quiet peaceful laid back time
and that’s what I’m looking forward to

If all goes to plan I’ll be…..well I’ve no idea what I’ll be doing
I/we have no special plans made…..we’re just going to take it as it comes
Because after all, it’s Summer
and that’s what you do in quiet peaceful laid back times


I seem to have spent a lot of time recently ‘in the past’ thinking about my life
as well those of my Irish and Scottish ancestors
which I’m putting down to ‘my age’

That’s me thinking like my mother
Her answer to lots of unexplained things women did was often
“it’s her age, it does strange things to people”
Anyway it’s left me feeling rather emotional

At the moment I’m also feeling a bit tired and weary
(Yes, The Golfer shared and it got me in the end)
Maybe not with the same force but enough to knock me out for many days

So I think this is the right time
to push the seasonal pause button.
As in all the years past I’ve really enjoyed your company (and comments).
Still have some of those going into spam though – sorry Jane & Cathy – not sure why

Merry Christmas – Much love to you all – See you in the New Year
Cathy xx

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And now if you’re up for it, here’s a little bit of fun for you
Make yourself a cuppa and enjoy some toe tapping time

( a shortened/abridged version of)
Jimmy Shand’s Christmas Party 1986 from Letham Village Hall (with Bill McCue)
(sorry about the bit at the beginning)

~ ~ ~ ~
This is a full remastered version of the same event
Which includes a performance by Jean Redpath
plus two extra ‘dances’ at the beginning.
(It’s sharp and clear but seems to have lost some of the ‘warmth’ of the one above)

Wouldn’t it be great if they still had nights like this in the local hall

Today is the last time to link to Wednesday’s Words & Pics hosted by Denyse.
She and others will be back in the New Year though

What you see….

Isn’t always what is there 😊

July 7, 2013

What’s a little crop crop here and a crop crop there between friends?

Is that deception or not letting the world in on my life?

This is just a little ‘fun event’ but I wonder how much of it goes on in the real world.
~ ~ ~

Linking to  Wednesday’s Words & Pics hosted by Denyse. 
Where you’ll find lots of life to read about

Fill ‘er up….

One empty tin – nothing in stock at our usual haunts
So up the hill to Sassafras we went!

Cold grey skies, Coats and Hats on ……definitely C&A weather.
Just right for soup and sandwiches when we’d finished

And this was a nice surprise – a Mad Hatters Tea Party on the wall of the Tea Shop.
(painted by Master Murals, who only do FB & IG so sorry no link)

All dressed up ready for ‘the season’.
With lots of difficult to photograph, rather expensive seasonal teapots and other ‘stuff’

And this is what we went for – loose leaf Oolong tea
The Golfer’s choice of morning tea.
As I said, our usual Asian grocers have been unable to get some for a while
After a little investigating – he’s a strange fella who won’t shop online –
we drove 20mins up the road to buy a refill

Then went back down the hill to Olinda to enjoy lunch at Ranges


Don’t Forget – if you want to see it best……Click/ tap or finger slide to enlarge

Linking to  Monday Murals – it’s a colourful world over there with lots to see.

The grass isn’t always greener….

I went back to my hairdresser last week.
I’d been seeing him for quite a while, I like J and J knows what I like.
However there have been times when I’d wanted something different.

Earlier in the year an acquaintance said, ‘Try mine, she’s really good’. 
I loved the coffee I was offered, the chair that massaged your back while you get your hair washed, the head massage, the huge mirrors on the wall and looking at hairstyles on her iPad.  So very up to date.

Trouble was she charged like a wounded bull and didn’t listen to a word I said. 
Not the end of the world I told myself, it’ll grow.  

Weeks later when it was time for a trim (and I was too chicken to go back to my ‘man’) I heard someone at the pool raving on about a girl in another place. 
She ‘rents’ a chair in one of those walk in shops, full service but no appointment needed.
Well, as I just said, I certainly couldn’t go back to my ‘man’ looking the way I did, so I gave her a try.

Explained I wanted my fringe trimmed and could she remove some of the straggly layers at the back so I could then start the growing one length process again. 
Clip, clip, clip, not a word was spoken until I heard, ‘Oh that’s looking much better’ as the cape was whisked off, the chair was swivelled round and there she was asking how I wanted to pay.  

No wonder she was cheap, 10 minutes top, I felt like I’d been on a conveyor belt lol

July came and off to Queensland we go where I just pinned back or tied up or the locks to keep them out of my way.

So last week (when the hair was almost down to my shoulders) I was driving past a familiar place and took a punt, opened the shop door hoping he had a spare appointment without having to wait too long. 
Only one client there….’Cathy, how are you?  Come on in, you’re lucky I just had a cancellation.  Give me five minutes’
No questions asked, just accepted me as I was.

J often says there are many ways to cut and style a bob – he just has to find the one to suit you and your hair and stick with it. 
And yes, I heard more stories about J’s Italian grandfather and the men’s barber’s chairs that line one side of J’s shop but best of all I look and feel a lot better

I think the same thing happens with blogging – we know what we like and enjoy, yet often feel there is more out there just waiting to be explored. 
Trouble is we take time away from what we enjoy and end up in mess. 
Lets just say that some of the blogs I ‘found’ during my recent wanders didn’t really keep me engrossed that much after all. 
So I will be visiting many of my previous ‘favourites’ on a much more regular basis, acknowledging my visitors and finding a way to overcome the ‘too hard to comment’ problem on some platforms.

What is….

In the previous post ‘Thursday Thoughts’ someone asked about ‘sheep graziers warnings’….so with my limited suburban knowledge I said basically they are issued when it’s going to be cold, wet and windy…..or even very hot!   

Pregnant ewes, lambs and shorn sheep don’t do too well in the cold so the farmers (graziers – owners of stations….large properties on which sheep graze) get warnings issued so – if possible – they can get them into protected areas.  

This is a copy of the one from the Tuesday’s forecast photo on that post:-

 Sheep graziers are warned that cold temperatures, showers and southerly winds are expected during Thursday. Areas likely to be affected include parts of the North East, Central and East Gippsland forecast districts. There is a risk of losses of lambs and sheep exposed to these conditions.

I also explained that farmers/graziers can be prosecuted under ‘cruelty to animals’ if they don’t care for their stock.  It covers big properties running thousands of heads as well as small hobby farms

And mentioned an article they might be interested in – it talks about winter months but these warnings can be given at any time of the year

Maybe some of my rural readers could add to that…..
Also are warnings of this sort given in other countries


That’s the number of episodes that were made…

It began in August 2010 and finished in June 2012 – just a short 2 year period.

It’s been repeated before and now it is on again 12 years after the original episode was aired

It’s one of those ‘timeless’ game shows
There’s no ‘oh not this again’

You still have to rack your brain to get an (or any) answer

Very different to most quiz shows
Same formula night after night – but no big money involved.

And yes The Golfer is a fan (so am I if the truth be told). Coming on at 5.30 for a short half hour it’s a great lead in to the 6pm news (after you’ve done a quick click on the remote)

Sometimes we are able to makes words from the letters

Not very often we arrive at the correct total from the numbers

What we really enjoy are the Word Mix anagrams just before an ad break and then the Conundrum (two actual words which will make another, that the contestants gain points from)

These were from recent shows:-

  • Rail team.
    A ~ Material
  • Equal bite.
    A ~ Equitable
  • Avertrain.
    A ~ Narrative
  • Acidomen.
    A ~ Comedians
  • Colapint.
    A ~ Platonic
  • Thicken.
    A ~ Kitchen

It was based on a French show, has a UK equivalent with a different name, was revived as a  ‘celebrity’ version here last year in a similar format to a British show neither of which appeal to us.
We’re old fuddy duddies who prefer the original version.
Do you watch it at all – ours, yours or any other version?  Do you enjoy it?

Visitors of the native kind

(Tigger and Ms F were talking about visitors to their garden which reminded me of these two from a few years ago)

October 2011 – Far eastern suburbs of Melbourne
Foothills of the Dandenong Ranges

Look what was on the front grass when I got home one afternoon
And yes, there are times of the year when our grass is an unintentional special mix of dandelions, daisies and various other bits and pieces😊
But that’s not what I want to show you lol

There they are
A pair of Crimson Rosellas looking for something tasty to eat

Crimson Rosella
Scientific Name:
Platycercus elegans
Featured bird groups:

Not too concerned about the car to begin with
More interested in the nice dandelion clocks full of seeds – right there in front of them

Almost like statues – looking straight ahead
showing off their beautiful red heads and blue speckled wings and back

Uh Oh Looks like I’ve been sprung – mid mouthful as well

The one on the left was intent on lunch and was ready to dive straight in
The one closest to the car carried on moving about and munching
but still wasn’t sure if he saw anything or not

Still plenty to eat there but they left soon after

Don’t Forget – if you want to see it best……Click/ tap or finger slide to enlarge

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I really should get out more….

Seen in Lilydale a couple of weeks ago

A new place in town….or at least one I’ve not noticed before

I could’ve sworn there was something else there last time I went round that corner

Foodary – a place that sells food.

Need some petrol and while I’m here….
~ ~ ~ ~

I popped into the little supermarket near me the other day.

Must be about a month since I’ve been in their carpark because I’ve been using their larger store down the road

Seems they’ve done some exterior work……Adding designated ‘direct to boot’ car spots –

And one of these –

Need to pick up my parcel and while I’m here……
~ ~ ~ ~
Definitely not – how come they are on the shelves – it’s much too soon!
they’re imported – how long since they were baked?
what on earth will they taste like in December????

Out of his comfort zone

Towards the end of last year, because of ‘you know what’, there were still difficulties obtaining interstate border passes which meant we stayed longer in Queensland, enjoying some other towns along the way. In this post last November I mentioned an exhibition we went to in Mackay…..(well The Golfer was persuaded to come along – or choose the option of sitting in the car while I sauntered round for an unknown length of time). I’ll be the first to admit it wasn’t his cup of tea but he did come in and have a look around.

Aircraft museums – Art galleries = give and take. Happy wife – Happy life 😊

This is a little bit more of what we saw – just a few things that took my fancy.
The wall plates explain the displayed works – I’ve added some bio info about the indigenous artists that you might be interested in – to see more detail don’t forget to Click/ tap or finger slide to enlarge.
(Please note there are photos of deceased artists on some of these links.)

~ ~ ~ ~

Mr R Peter –

~ ~ ~ ~

Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri –

~ ~ ~ ~

Jennifer Wurrkidj –
Josephine Wurrkdj –

Fiona Omeenyo –

Artspace Mackay have a fabulous page on their website where you can do 3D virtual tours of past exhibitions – the one we saw ran from 30 July – 17 October 2021.

I forgot to snap the info on this work below but through the marvel of the 3D feature I was able to find it 😊

~ ~ ~ ~

But wait there’s more…..actually there is more….one room had the most unusual but marvellous handiwork on show which will have a post of its own

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He sometimes wonders why….

[I really must keep a check on my blog drafts folder – I’m not sure how old this one is – possibly been sitting there since last Spring – I do remember the last episode shown on abc tv here was back in July (early Winter) this year]

~ ~ ~ ~

One of the afternoon quiz shows on tv here is Tenable. It comes on late in the afternoon, an opportune time to sit down and watch because at the moment it’s still uncomfortably cool cold to be outside
The Golfer has a fascination with this show.

He seems to enjoy trying to find/remember the ’10 things’ far more than trying to find/remember the one answer to questions on some of the other shows. It’s almost like multiple choice on steroids😊

But there’s something he often wonders about – how do they choose the subjects to use

Given the contestants are all supposedly British….…..

Why do they always ask questions about – and expect their contestants to have in depth knowledge of – the United States of America.

A couple of recent questions were:-
Top ten states names ending in letter A
Top ten US presidents (which of course means ‘in order from 1-10’ not in popularity)

And do all contestants have to have in-depth knowledge of Soccer (worldwide teams, leagues, competitions, players) because it seems every show has it as a category??

Have any of you watched it – are you big fans?
Do you rack your brains for the answers or cheat by asking Mr G….?

A glass and a half….

Glass of cold water…coming up!

An enterprising local company decided the best way to advertise to ‘tradies’ is to put it right in front of their eyes. No elegant glasses for water in this pub.
Beer glasses all the way…..’cose tradies drink water too😊

Glass of cold beer – coming up!

I wondered if The Golfer was drinking a new brand of beer – No..same as usual..he said

I was intrigued enough to ask Mr G – it’s true – you learn something new every day😊

Coffee and cake – I never say no to that
Mug for The Golfer – a cup’ll do for me – and half each of two very nice slices

I think I’ve mentioned before internet reception where we are staying is a pain……drive 3km to the centre of town and it’s 5g all the way. Here, it comes and goes – windy days, hot sunny days, doesn’t make a difference- 3g (4g if you’re lucky) and it drops out constantly.
No big deal but I’m definitely getting fed up seeing the words ‘not connected to the internet’.
So I’ve been down the pub or the marina rather than here in blogland😎


Out back or On side….

What I didn’t mention in the last post is that there is an undercover seating area along the side of the cabin with room for a pony no I meant for golf clubs😊
There are a couple of all weather chairs and a small table plus a gratis BBQ
Cooking ‘tools’ are kept inside.

At first glance it looks plain but it’s serviceable and the privacy lattice softens the area, it’s plenty big enough for us two – plus other bits and pieces there’s no room for inside. The esky is the right height to use as a foot rest and that little table isn’t quite large enough for my needs 😌 so the tub makes a great low level ‘whatever you want it to be’

You can just see the cut back gum, the grassy area and the other cabin plus there’s a gravel dividing strip – which is normally where those golf clubs are parked !

Then there’s the square hedge (the gardeners love their square hedges) near the roadway at the other end. Cabin parking is at the front so unfortunately if that cabin is booked and a car is there we get no view

And here’s where I spit the dummy… need to read further if you don’t want to 😊

  • Now most of the the cabins would be used by short stay visitors – overnight/ 2-3 days – who possibly aren’t concerned about how much ‘land’ is useable – it’s only during ‘the winter season’ (May – September) that they are booked for several weeks at a time. This year we’ve booked for 11 weeks, leaving the end of the month – some years it’s been less and we’d be leaving just after this weekend.

This is the cabin next door (from my photo archives) – the one we usually get – it’s at the end of the row with van sites beginning on down from there.
The positioning of the boundary wall and the siting of the cabins means there’s much more grassy space behind it, the view through the palms in front is open, not restricted. The whole feel of the place is better
Call me childish, call me silly – the covered area is great when it’s blazing sunshine or raining but like the other day I do like to sit out in the open shade (none of the other long stayers do) and I’ve felt very hard done by this year

After all that I think I need to close my eyes again and remember my aim this year is to
enjoy every moment’ 😎

Spring Day1

Now that didn’t take long did it……one season to another, just like that!

The rain eventually moved on – the wind blew
And on cue the sun shone to welcome the new season!

(and yes you’re right, comparing the rainy day photo and this one
I don’t think any of these cars moved over those couple of days😊)

Someone asked what the outside of the cabin was like and did we have an actual grassed sitting area – well like lots of things in life that are sent to try you, we had a bit of a wonky start when we arrived this year.
We weren’t allocated our requested cabin but the one next door.

‘Everything is the same’ as the other one we were told.
(Photos from a previous year
Read about our ‘tiny’ house 2018 )

…..except as we found out, it wasn’t quite the same – smaller inventory, less electrical sockets, a ‘touchy’ fridge with missing shelves, the maintenance man has had to repair a few previously unreported issues, annoying things like a squeaky overhead fan as well as a dripping shower head (short stay visitors don’t mention minor problems, they just leave and think maybe we won’t go back there again)- both sorted quickly and quietly…. but look once I’d stopped grizzling all has been well

Saying that though, there is one difference I’m really not happy over – that’s the amount of useable space at the back of the cabin. Not a lot!

And as you can see, even though there are palms and what I think is a very cut back Silver Dollar Eucalyptus (E. cinerea or polyanthemos – the gardeners aren’t sure)
between cabins
it seems to be dominated by the side wall view of next door

Anyway back to yesterday, I took my fold up chair and ‘make do’ table along with book, coffee, snack, looking for a quiet spell out there. Often at this 1st of the month time when seasons change I’m thinking about where we’ve been and where we’re heading for the rest of the year but for some reason other things were plodding round my mind.

‘Shut it out Catherine’ I kept telling myself. ‘Close your eyes, forget it, let it be’.

At the end of last year amongst other things I had told myself to ‘enjoy every moment.
Corny as it sounds, opening my eyes and seeing the branches to the front and the palms over the wall to my left swaying in the sunlight brought that home to me.