Who knew….

That sitting could be so bad for you


It’s been a(nother) week of coldish wet days spent in a comfy chair, hot drinks, snacks and a book nearby. Knitting not too far away as well.  Wonder if this strange wet almost wintery Spring weather is ever going to end?

Cup Day turned out to be not that bad…..you couldn’t say that about yesterday….Oaks Day traditionally called Ladies Day (more posh frocks and hats)  was awful. Freezing cold on our side of town with strong winds and heavy rain.  Not much different at Flemington.

I picked up, put down, then finally finished The Offing (Benjamin Myers) – who knew that a book seemingly ‘loved’ by so many wouldn’t interest me at all.  I’d waited in line for quite a while so (unlike me normally) I wasn’t going to give up on it.  But there were so many words, so much description and it just seemed to go on and on – I didn’t ‘warm’ to either of the main characters at all.  Reviews have called It a coming of age story , I can accept that….it’s just that there are others of that genre I much prefer……such as Tim Winton’s ‘coming of age’ novel Breath

Other bloggers have spoken about ‘unusual’  items for a young lad from a pit village to have just after the war but what did sound unusual for me was the mention of freezing strawberries.  Hardly anyone (apart from the rich and famous) had a fridge in those days – did anyone have a freezer?   Even though she seemed to scorn it  Dulcie obviously had the means, had lived the life and mixed with society familiar with ‘the good things in life’ so possibly did possess one but it still didn’t ‘sound’ right.

Luckily up until a few years ago I led a fairly active life and yes, have now slowed down.

Who knows how many sedentary years of  sitting around doing nothing in particular would lead to the problems listed above?

Does anyone really know?

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  1. Our weather has been on the weird side. The windy weird side.
    We had some very welcome rain last weekend and since them have been windblown. The temperatures have (mostly) dropped dramatically too.


    1. We’ve got rain in abundance down here EC. You’re welcome to it. Well actually maybe we should ‘send it’ to the fire ravaged parts of NSW. They certainly could do with it at the moment


  2. Being forced to sit is really plunging me into a blue mood
    I hate not being able to do anything. Even at my worst pain days I could manage one or Two things. Even if they were just crocheting and throwing a few things in a slow cooker for dinner
    So to cause all that damage I wonder just how much sitting would do it
    Hopefully I’ll be able to get up and move slightly quicker than a snail soon


    1. I wonder the same thing Angela but haven’t been able to find out much more. There are days when I can’t do much and sitting is better than standing. Think I’ll have to do more research


  3. The chart is quite specific about why excessive sitting is bad for you but I think we already knew that generally it isn’t a good thing to do. Wet and windy in Packingham yesterday, as one niece used to call it.


    1. Andrew You’re correct in that we all ‘know’ a sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for us but how much sitting is excessive? Spending all day everyday glued to the couch watching tv or sitting at a desk all day because that’s where your employment is?


  4. just about “every thing” is bad for you…and the minute you love “whatever” some smart alec comes along and rains on your parade!

    quite few things are raining on my parade of late, but none of them I “love”…


    1. Reminds me of that old expression…….damned if you do- damned if you don’t.
      Hope it stops raining on you soon – just don’t send it here – we’ve got enough of our own at the moment 😎🌂


  5. I love Tim Winton’s “Breath”…I’ve also got the DVD of the movie Simon Baker made…with him starring in it, also. I love all of Winton’s books.

    It was an extremely hot day here today….shocking, actually. Bushfires are burning in so many areas. Hopefully they will get a break tomorrow, as a cooler change is expected overnight. I wish all the areas would get rain…and lots of it.

    With it being so hot…I certainly wasn’t moving around much today…nor were my two furry mates…and I feel no guilt…they don’t, either. 🙂

    We only ever had an ice chest when I was a kid…no fridge for us.


  6. Ahhhh yes, not being *enchanted* with a book, which seems to *enchant* so many others. -smile- We are all different, so why not, differ on reactions to books? I think it’s very normal.

    Best of luck, finding another book, soon, which you really will like.

    Sitting in a comfy chair sounds quite nice to me!!!!! -grin- Oh yes we do have to get up and move some, of course.

    Ohhhhh, why do I have to fill in, all my data again??????? To comment??????



    1. Don’t know about the commenting bit – similar things happen on Blogger as well. Could be a case of blogspot bloggers without WordPress ids not being recognised. Only takes a couple of more seconds though so shouldn’t be a problem


  7. Thanks for your comment on the jam sandwich, lol. I don’t like this post about sitting, could scare the pants off of me. All the things I love doing require me to sit a lot. I know I should walk more but other things draw me to my chair.


    1. I’m with you on the ‘things you love need to be done sitting down’ We need a little reminder bell for when it’s time to have a wander – trouble is it will probably ring at the most opportune time and interfere with what we are doing. Can’t win can we 🙂


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