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The smiles are returning….

Looking around I’m sure I’m seeing smiles behind masks…..I’m wondering where they’ve been hiding for the past, however many months.
And as well as perceived smiles I’ve noticed smiling eyes. They definitely have been missing. Smiling eyes haven’t been seen for a long time.
During a walk around the supermarket you’d be met with a downward glance, a furtive look at a list and a quick scurry away.
The other day someone actually nodded a greeting to me, acknowledged I was there. Laughed and smiled (unseen hidden by masks smiles ) when we both reached for something on the same shelf….then remembered it’s really not all over and stood back. We both shrugged shoulders, moved on wondering when our faces would be able to tell the tale and not have to rely on body gestures.

I smiled and heaved a sigh of relief last week at some good news.
An X-ray showed the worrying pains I’d been feeling in my upper back/shoulder area were nothing to do with my heart, my lungs were clear, there’d been no pneumonia, the coughing will be back under control again when I resume twice daily puffs of an asthma preventative. It showed more spinal degeneration (bummer, just what I need) higher in the thoracic spinal area.
Referred pain……Oh well, I’ll live, it just means another set of exercises to be done in conjunction with the lower lumbar region ones!

Coming back from the Chiropractor on Friday I passed a church notice board.
and saw these words in bold letters

Beneath it some wag had nailed on a bit of wood with the words.
Give them one of yours!

That certainly brought a smile to my face 😊

We missed World Smile Day back at the beginning of October….as much as we tried Victoria wasn’t quite ready to smile again. I think we are now and I’m doing my best to find something to smile at each day.

How about you- have your smiles gone into hibernation….gosh it’s been hard for us all worldwide so it’s no wonder they aren’t visible.
Have you discovered anything special to bring them back to life again.

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Who’s that girl, what’s her name….

She was named in the semi traditional Irish way which varied from family to family,  that of first daughter being after both her grandmothers.  So Catherine Mary is on her birth certificate as well as other ‘important’  documentation.

Catherine aged 2

Her mother’s name was Alice Mary but she was always known as Al – her father’s name was James, known as Jim…….Jimmie to his family

Her paternal grandmother was Mary Elizabeth after both of  ‘her’ grandmothers – we have no idea what her family called her……to us she was just Granny S.  Granny’s oldest daughter was also named Mary, we knew her as Aunty May.  The next daughter was Margaret Anne known to us as Aunty Maggie.

Our little girl’s mother’s mother, the grandma she never got to meet was Catherine Jane Mary. 

On Irish census records she was called Kathleen and then it was discovered she was registered at birth as Katheline – possibly the result of her father’s accent.  John Joseph Patrick Doyle was from Waterford – Kathleen’s birth was registered in Tralee, Kerry.  A name spoken in an out of town accent possibly being misheard by someone not used to that accent then transcribed as heard …..if you get what I mean 🙂

Before she married she was known as Kitty to her family, after her father’s death she married Isaac John Joseph T (known to everybody as IJJ)  and became Catherine.  IJJ was from the north of Ireland, at that time Kathleen was a ‘southern’ name – say no more!

The Jane was after ‘her’ grandmother (the little girl’s gtgt grandmother) Jane Gatherer who was known as Jean!  Oh that would be the Scottish influence coming into play 😊

So back to Catherine Mary…..she has been known as various names over her lifetime.  Her mother and sisters always called her Cath – at high school it was Katy which then morphed into Cathy.  As she gets older Catherine has come back into play….sounds more mature she often says.  

Trouble is it gets tricky at times when she’s introducing herself as Catherine to someone new and an old acquaintance at the same event comes along and refers to her as Cathy….there can be confused looks or laughter all round.  Then making an appt the other day she offered Catherine as her name,  long pause and the receptionist could be heard muttering away in the background, then came back to ask if she had family with a similar name because all she could find was a Cathy.  She’s going to need a little black book soon to make a note of who knows her as what😎

So here I am on a Monday morning wondering if I’ll ever be known by any more names in my lifetime –  more and more frequently we are identified by a number/letter combination, (user/screen names, pins, passwords etc) in person eye and finger recognition is becoming more common (not sure if it’s more acceptable though). 

As far as names are concerned you could all do me a favour, I have many visitors who pop in to read  Still Waters (the blog) and leave without saying a word…….I would like/love to know your names.  I’d be really pleased If you’d leave me a comment telling me just that and where you live.  How you feel about family names and how we will be identified in the future.

Bye for now.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Cathy

(Sometimes known as Catherine, fondly referred to as Cath,  previously known as Katy.  Oh and often as Mum, Ma, And Grandma!  And yes that’s me at 2yrs old complete with Glengarry hat – a link to the distant Scottish line that came together with an Irish one to form my maternal line and help make me who I am)

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There comes a time….

And it looks like that time is about now.

Are you prepared? I was asked the other day.  Prepared for what? I replied  Don’t be daft, you know what I mean was the answer to that one.  Oh yes, I said, those preparations

Seasons come and seasons go – and intertwined within those seasons there are other seasons.  As we get older (in my case especially) we notice the time between those seasons within seasons seems to be shorter and shorter so no sooner have we celebrated one event than the next one has appeared on the horizon.

It would appear that preparation Is the key to enjoying those seasons.

Crafty people in a online craft group I belong to are well into their preparations with their novelty tiny Christmas hats and baby Santa woollen sets.  They look like fun don’t they ……..Can you just imagine how cosy and warm the babe would be dressed in that red coat, hat, bootees and mittens – makes me smile to imagine it

Obviously for little one’s in the Northern Hemisphere 😎






But not for me this year – no seasonal knitting.

I’d occasionally knit miniature stockings which along with other miniature craft items (made by other volunteers) would go on the foyer tree at the nursing home.  ‘Proper’ as in shop bought ones are going on the tree this year!

No seasonal crop plantings this year either
We’re giving the small amount we did do (mainly tomatoes and green beans) a miss.  Aches and pains, time and effort, plus planned time spent away from home all came into the equation and the result was – shop, market stall or even gifts from friends will be the way to go this summer.

No seasonal cooking – which these days means Christmas puddings
Most years I’d cook up a storm earlier in the year before we travelled up to Bowen.  Using Aunty Pam’s recipe – I’d gather all the ingredients together, mix the dry , then the wetand in no time at all (I lie – after several hours boiling)  one big one and several little ones would sit around maturing until the designated eating time.  I’d offer them as gifts knowing they are an acquired taste – last year just one son in law said yes to the offer, everyone else declined.

NO offence taken but I did wonder what they had done with the ones from years gone by I’d just ‘given’ to them.  So this year I haven’t made them.  We won’t be able to take them with us, yes I know they keep and we could eat them ourselves during the year but I suppose I just couldn’t be bothered.  Never mind that fact we’re not supposed to be eating all that rich stuff 😥

Actually there is some preparation going on at the moment that I am involved in and can honestly say I’m enjoying.  The choir has begun rehearsing Christmas carols and songs!  And depending on the ‘situation and intended audience’ in amongst all the traditional ‘serious’ items we are belting this out 😀

How’s all your preparations going?

Are you an early starter or an ‘it’ll be right on the night’ person?

PS:- If you are interested there are 44 days to go until December 25th


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