Food on a Friday – It’s that time of the year again.

Aunty Pam’s recipe comes out for its annual airing

complete with her ticks from years gone by

These are easier to cook at this time of the year Β – no hot kitchen 😊

Greaseproof tops and bottoms cut, calico covers ready,

Bowls waiting to be filled then steamed

Several small ones this year – no need for large when only two eat it

They can be kept in the fridge or even the freezer

An ‘instant’ pudding when fancied during the year.

Delicious hot with custard – or cold with ice cream 😊

All ready for steaming – small basins only need 4hrs 😊


The photos below were taken as a record a few years ago – voilΓ 

Aunty Pam’s Christmas Pudding – good enough to eat 😊


Have you cooked anything extra special recently?


13 thoughts on “Food on a Friday – It’s that time of the year again.

  1. Anything with dried fruit is off my menu, my inner system can’t seem to cope and get agitated easily…

    I haven’t done anything special in the cooking dept for quite some time. The property manager thought the oven was clean as a whistle – and I sort of said “haven’t baked anything for a while” – after she had gone, I tried to recall last time oven was on and for what…

    Somehow, life has got busier elsewhere, and I don’t do much with the oven. Yes the stove top, the microwave and sundry appliances but baking hasn’t been on here. One of the problems is that bench space is zilch – when I make tortilla’s I am juggling where to roll them out…at the same time filling the sink/other bench with trade tools…


  2. A few years ago I found a recipe for pudding that is done in a slow cooker. I cooked it overnight and it was very yummy!
    So moist everyone loved it. Best part. It was done while I slept!


  3. Oh my they look amazing ! I have some of my Later Grandmother’s handwritten recipies and her huge mixing bowl . She used to make scones and bread pudding and her baking was amazing . Great topic x


    1. I had one of those big yellow/cream bowls a long time ago Dawn – and then I dropped it. I actually cried when I saw it in pieces on the floor. Young family versus the cost of a new one at that time. The family won!


  4. It looks good, but I’m afraid I would be making it for one and then I’d eat for more and I really don’t need to gain any more weight. DH won’t have any part of raisins or the like.


  5. That pudding looks delicious, Cathy.

    This time of year, we barbecue a lot. Not too many special meals these days. Autumn will be here soon enough. Meanwhile preserving starts soon.


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