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7 Random Facts…

Today is the 7th of  February 

and for Fun Friday

I thought I’d just tell you 7 random facts about Me

  • I have lived for more than 1 year in 6 different countries, 5 of those were before the age of 30. I have lived for more than 6 months in 20 houses.
  • I have travelled thousands and thousands of miles by air and am still petrified of flying.  Lots of tension on days before flights – don’t even look at me before take off but funnily once in the air it all disappears till the next takeoff.
  • I was 35 before I got my drivers licence.  I didn’t really need it until I went back to work after raising the children as wherever I lived there was always a bus at the end of the street.
  • In a previous life I was a registered breeder of Burmese and Balinese cats. DH still talks of the day he went to work and the feline population tripled. Six cats in the household when he left, 2 queens kittened on the same day delivering 12 kittens between them. Eighteen ‘cats’ when he came home. This happened several times but that particular day has stuck in his memory.
  • I love to tap dance. Took classes as a child and then in later life  joined adult classes ….where we had end of year concerts. Fun – Fun – Fun
  • I love to watch all sports except Soccer (can’t stand it) bit if a shame as one of my Irish cousins played for Manchester United and Northern Ireland a while ago.
  • I’d  hoped one day to Walk to the top of Australia – or at least take the chair ride most of the way.  Each year for quite a while now I’ve talked about doing this or a similar walk but sadly once again the parks are closed because of bushfires in the area.

How about you – would you like to share 7 facts about yourself?

You know that saying….

We were  on our way up to Echuca  earlier in the year when I took these photos of a sky full of strange clouds.  I’ve no idea of the formation names but some were fluffy – some low lying in the distance  – some streaky where the sun was trying to burst through.

A bit further down the road the look of the sky had changed a bit.  More blue sky – more open – not so ‘crowded’

As we drove along looking at the same but changing ever so slightly view of the clouds I kept thinking ‘there’s something strange up there’

Thats when I said to The Golfer – ‘you know that saying we often use about flying pigs, well I reckon other animals can do it as well’

‘What, as well as the cow who jumped over the moon’ was his reply 😀

‘Just look out there –  can’t you see it floating around in the sky?

One Scottie dog laid on his back, legs in the air, wanting his belly rubbed.

Well that’s what I saw – what about you😎

~ ~ ~ ~

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.

Linking to Skywatch Friday 

Will be back on Monday – see you then

Fun and laughter…

It’s the end of a rather stressful month which I’m glad to see the back of

I’m also glad this first day of November falls on a Friday because I’m definitely, most definitely,  in need of some serious fun (and laughter)

Friday Fun often means Jokes

I do have a likeing for the Irish ones and PC or not I love the Blonde ones
So just for you today here’s more of each  – found lurking in a very old folder
They’re not new, you may have heard some of them already, some you may not.
Whatever way – Enjoy

A Russian, an American and a blonde were talking one day,
The Russian said ‘We were the first in space ‘
The American said, “We were the first on the moon.’
The Blonde said ‘so what? We are going to be the first on the sun ‘
The Russian and the American looked at each other and shook their heads.
’You can’t land on the sun, dum dum.
‘You’ll burn up’ said the Russian.
To which the blonde replied – ‘we’re not stupid you know.

We’re going at night’

~ ~ ~ ~

A girl was visiting her blonde friend who had acquired two new dogs.
The girl asked what their names were.
The blonde responded by saying
that one was named Rolex
and one was named Timex.
Her friend said, Whoever heard of someone naming their dogs like that?
HELLLOOOOOO….., answered the blonde.

They’re watch dogs.

~ ~ ~ ~

A blonde was playing Trivial Pursuit one night.
It was her turn.
She rolled the dice and she landed on Science and Nature.
Her question was, “If you were in a vacuum and someone calls your name,
can you hear it?”
She thought for a time and then asked,

‘Is it on or off?’

~ ~ ~ ~
An Irishman was trying to learn golf and having a terrible time of it.
“I’d give just about anything to get this right!” he says aloud.
Straight on the Devil appears and says “Anything?”
“Well, short of selling my soul, yes.”
“How about giving up sex for the rest of your life?”
“Done and done!”
He finishes the game in rare good form and rumour of his deal spreads thru the clubhouse.
One of the members, a reporter, sees a story here and asks him
“Sir, is it true you made a deal with the Devil to become a great golfer?”
“True, enough.”
“And you gave up sex as your part of the bargain?”
“True again!”
“And may I have your name, sir?”
“Certainly. Father Mike O’Ryan.”

~ ~ ~ ~
So as I said, unlike many, making fun of the Irish and Blondes doesn’t bother me
‘cose you all know my background
and at one time of my life – in my much younger days – I ‘was‘ a blonde:)