Just because

Those old phones have a lot to say for themselves don’t they 😊

Life was much simpler when these were in use – small neat fitted comfortably into my hand – there was an awful lot of talk done on this one!

And just because I’m not in a talkative mood right now doesn’t mean I can’t smile 😊

Fun Friday – the day we leave the troubles of the week behind

10 thoughts on “Just because

  1. I keep updating my iPhone with their smallest versions. I want a phone that fits in my pocket. Some of the newer phones are as big as a tablet. Where do you carry it when out and about?


  2. Phones with tails, haha.
    I can’t get over how small phones once were. My current phone must be double the size of the smallest I have had. Bu then the smallest phone I had was not a sophisticated computer as my current one is.


  3. yep, I laughed at phones with tails….I know some of mine were stretched to max! This flat has a lot of those sockets that you needed for when the phones changed to the similar gadget we have when “charging something” – I remember having sockets that didn’t work because someone poked something into them, that they shouldn’t have, all were near the skirting board. Except in my last place where they someone attached some to the basement, drilled a hole though the floor and another was near the main junction for your phone line in…


  4. I had that little black Samsung!

    I only got a smart phone a few years ago, was completely happy with cheap little things but I could never go back now!


  5. Isn’t that the truth! In a clean our being done this week I found an older phone I had had to abandon because it would not run a banking ‘app’ I was forced to use when we moved overseas. As it happens I have changed my banking and the new phone that replaced it is seldom used. I noticed how the old one fitted my palm, and my pocket, and the pocket in my handbag and recall the battery lasted over a week. I haven’t put it n the electronic recycling yet…. it may have a future.


  6. Heavens, and all those were in my lifetime. Our system went down for half an hour yesterday. Mobile wouldn’t work or the home phone. No messages. I almost panicked. Took a deep breath and hoped it would sort itself out. Thank goodness it did


  7. Phones with tails, yes I had them too, and extension cables, they were almost as mobile as my mobile phone.
    I still use a little black Samsung 🙂 and love it. It fits in my smallest bag, the battery is lasting at least a week, and as granny phone tells her grandkids in the funnies, nothing happens when I drop it to the floor, which I do several times a week 😉
    Can I steal that drawing?


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