Did he think I wouldn’t notice….

I’m thinking back to the days during our long long months of lockdown and restrictions last year.
The Golfer would often go out (on his own as was allowed) into the big wide world….and more often than not would come home with things we really didn’t need.
Not just little taster packets but big boxes.
It got so that every time I came in through the back door I would see something different lurking out in the laundry.

All these months later he’s still at it
They sit there staring me in the face……taunting me
so I asked The Golfer (without actually naming anything in particular) to remove some of the things on the freezer.
I even took a photo to explain what I meant.

Ok, I’ll rearrange things out there, he said.

Are you able to spot the difference?
I love him for doing as I asked and had a bit of a giggle when I saw what he’d done….

Lets just say that removing last years sticky calendars and rearranging fridge magnets wasn’t
exactly what I’d had in mind.
Hint Hint -— Big Brown Box Begone.
(because it’s full of sweet delectable treats stuff I shouldn’t eat)

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week
I really think we all deserve a smile at the moment.

12 Replies to “Did he think I wouldn’t notice….”

  1. Smiling.
    Himself LOVES shopping and I have given up. He buys and buys and buys. Your fridge magnets are remarkably restrained. There is no room on the fridge (and among the many things he buys are fridge magnets). There are worse addictions.


  2. I want to suggest he buy a few more to give you fridge a makeover and add some really grand ideas to your life … like in when it doesn’t look right “you move some around” and then of course “allow him to do the same”


  3. Mr E has taken to internet shopping in a big way- we are forever getting small packages of peculiar bits and bobs pushed through the door by the post man- many make it as far as the hall table!


  4. Hahahahaha! Yes…I did notice the differences with the fridge magnets…and I did, of course, notice the Tim Tams! 🙂

    Take good care, Cathy…enjoy those Tim Tams…that’s one way to get rid of them! 🙂


  5. My sincere apologies, too, Cathy. I’ve been very slack this past week with reading and replying to blogs…and am now just catching up with what I have missed.

    My deepest sympathy and heartfelt thoughts are with you…I’m so sorry for your loss, my dear. Take good care..


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