Over to you….

Friday’s here and it’s time for some fun

All those years ago I wasn’t a ‘real’Beatles fan, I might have known a lot of the words, they were hard to miss being played on the radio all the time but I didn’t wait with baited breath for their next album to be released….heck, I couldn’t even tell you the names of their albums.

Anyway I saw this somewhere and thought it would be good for Fun Friday 😊

I’ll go first with one I do remember – Yellow Submarine
Who’d like to go next??

26 thoughts on “Over to you….

    1. I see a little girl thrilled to bits because it looks like someone is giving her just that 😊
      Lovely to see you Sue – thanks for joining in the fun!


    1. Hello Tigger. Bet you saw the two little birds on the window sill. It took me a while to find them so you’ve got better eyesight than me. Maybe I should eat more carrots or put my specs on 🙂


      1. I, the Tigger, no like blackbirds. We had one in our backyard that used to dive bomb me. My humans had to build air-raid shelters for me (upturned wheelbarrow, picnic table etc) so that I could safely nap outdoors.


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