Over to you….

Friday’s here and it’s time for some fun

All those years ago I wasn’t a ‘real’Beatles fan, I might have known a lot of the words, they were hard to miss being played on the radio all the time but I didn’t wait with baited breath for their next album to be released….heck, I couldn’t even tell you the names of their albums.

Anyway I saw this somewhere and thought it would be good for Fun Friday 😊

I’ll go first with one I do remember – Yellow Submarine
Who’d like to go next??

26 thoughts on “Over to you….

    1. Maybe it’s the chap with the hammer trying to ring the bell. The fairground man next to him has an M on his hat. Thanks for joining in Joanne


        1. Oops maybe I need my specs on. Didn’t notice the ‘crown’ and sash, just thought it was hair in a bun.
          Why would her maj’ be at the fair? 🙂

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    1. I see a little girl thrilled to bits because it looks like someone is giving her just that 😊
      Lovely to see you Sue – thanks for joining in the fun!


    1. Hello Tigger. Bet you saw the two little birds on the window sill. It took me a while to find them so you’ve got better eyesight than me. Maybe I should eat more carrots or put my specs on 🙂


      1. I, the Tigger, no like blackbirds. We had one in our backyard that used to dive bomb me. My humans had to build air-raid shelters for me (upturned wheelbarrow, picnic table etc) so that I could safely nap outdoors.


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