Scones for the making

I’ve only ever made scones once – many many years ago.
And the least said about that attempt the better 😊

Having seen this simple easy method – and the small amount of ingredients.
You never know what might happen in my kitchen 😊

(It needs a pinch of salt as well as a little bit of milk to brush the tops)

CWA (Country Women’s Association) is similar to the Women’s Institute

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.

Going green on Sunday – see you then!

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  1. yes, I’ve made scones that way – but a few years ago I mastered full on scone making when a recipe called for melted butter rather than grating rock hard butter into the mixture. I make them now when the “bread has run out” – or I did do that, of later not eating as much bread…

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  2. I don’t add the lemonade. I just use self raising flour a pinch of Salt and the cream. Makes lovely creamy fluffy scones
    Serve with more cream and home made jam yummy


  3. I’ve not made scones for a while…a few years…and the last ones I made were the lemonade scones. There’s nothing quite like home-made, hot, buttered scones with jam of choice! I’m slack…I can’t be bothered making them just for me these days.

    But only the other night I was thinking about home-made scones…great minds think alike! 🙂


  4. oh scones! My grandmother pronounced it rhymed with stones. She always cooked hers on a griddle (turn them over half way through) and they were the best things ever. I can’t make decent scones, but my dyspraxic niece gave me that recipe a few years ago and for a while I made them by cooking them in those trays the heat and eat meals come in (no I don’t buy heat and eat meals but Mr B does – or did – fortunately they are not a thing in Greece and he is, at the end of his 6th decade finally having to learn to make meals from first principles. Well he has nothing else to do and all day locked down to do it in! 🙂 )


  5. Handy Hint ………There’s a fail safe recipe on the recipe page on my blog! (Sue at My Quiet Life in Suffolk)


  6. I don’t think I will make these because there are so many, but I loved the video. It made me happy to see the backs of her hands, so like my own, so like my late grandmother’s, so appropriate for us all.


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