Only an Aussie…..

Look what The Golfer came home with after foraging about at SPC in Bayswater .

Only an Aussie (and maybe a Kiwi or two) would be amused/bewildered by the thought of Lamington Chips.

A few years ago he came home with these.

 Meat Pie and Sauce chips!

They seemed to go down well with most Aussies who ate them.

Do you know where, when and by whom the first chip (crisp) was produced?
I had no idea, so asked ‘Mr G’
Lots of good reading here for those who are curious about this fact.

This site – – told me that George Crum invented potato chips in 1853 plus other interesting things.

Native American George Crum was a chef at a Saratoga Springs, New York, resort, when customer Cornelius Vanderbilt complained that his french fries were too thick. George Crum fried up a serving of paper thin potatoes cooked to a crunchy crisp texture – the first potato chips. The dish dubbed “Saratoga Chips” became a favorite.

If you look at Wikipedia – – they also had information on chips/crisps and as well as naming Mr Crum, also came up with the names of other ‘inventors’

A potato chip (American English) or crisp (British English) is a thin slice of potato that has been deep fried baked until crunchy. Potato chips are commonly served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer. The basic chips are cooked and salted; additional varieties are manufactured using various flavorings and ingredients including herbs, spices, cheeses and artificial additives.

Lots of different information here including the fact there was no patent taken out:-

And of course Snopes has a point of view as well:-

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i haven’t tried them yet but am definitely wondering what and how many artificial additives were used to replicate the taste of chocolate coated, rolled in coconut, sponge cake combined with deep fried salted potatoes !


10 Replies to “Only an Aussie…..”

  1. Thank heavens I can’t eat chips but the bag looks good. Like you say the additives probably aren’t good for anyone.


  2. crikey dick – LAMINGTONs have taken a nose dive downwards!

    I can image a savoury flavour but SWEET – no way – you can push that boat out that far

    sh’ll not be right – AUSSIE!


  3. When Leo was a lad he had a Saturday job making twists of salt in blue paper to put in bags of crisps which were then sealed with staples….put him off any sort of crisps for life.


  4. Way back in pre-Covid times I tried the lamington chips. They were unusual but not not unacceptable!


  5. We tried them and hated them. Threw them out. I didn’t mind the Vegemite ones or the meat pie and sauce but wouldn’t buy them again.


  6. I would usually say any chips are great chips and meat pie and sauce chips must have been the greatest……but lamington chips? You’ve got to try them and do a critique. Lamingtons, YES, chips, definitely, but together….
    Here we had chips with tzatziki flavour but they seem to have disappeared . The most popular are with oregano


  7. I had to show your pics to my husband. He lived in Melbourne for 14 years back in the 1960-70s and had me in hysterics over his dexription of the meat pie and sauce served up at footie games.


  8. Crikey we haven’t had lamingtons for years. Even tho I loved them as a kid, I wouldn’t be tempted to try that flavour of crisps (can you tell I’ve been too long in UK? – and BTW the Brits have had some pretty weird crisps flavours themselves over the years but lamington really takes the biscuit). Given the popularity of salted caramel in recent years, I suppose lamington flavoured crisps shouldn’t be regarded as completely out of the park; but I’ve never been attracted to salted caramel either. Salted liquorice however – now that’s a whole other story…


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