Maybe….just maybe

There are ‘readers’ who want to say things but won’t do it in public.
They ‘speak those things ’ in an email.

Could be good, bad or ugly – doesn’t matter, out it comes.
This time it appears I talk too much

Is it possible for me not to write so many words?

Maybe, just maybe – but highly unlikely says I……😊😊😊

~ ~ ~ ~

Close to the library lives an enormous Banksia. An Australian native
It comes into it’s own during late Autumn – early Winter

It’s then you are able see and enjoy the old, the new, and the presently reddy orange coloured ’flowering’ candles.

(you may like to click/slide and enjoy close up)

Possibly my only attempt😊

~ ~ ~ ~

xingfumama hosts ’whatsoever is lovely’-

a place to highlight those lovely things (big or small) that we take for granted

Seeing this beautiful Banksia was my recent lovely

15 thoughts on “Maybe….just maybe

  1. Why would someone email you to say you talk too much? Sounds like they have too much time on their hands and a very small brain. No one is forcing them to read. Sheesh.
    The banksias are lovely.

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  2. That is indeed stunning. My gardener father had a special fascination with Australian native plants and we had many collected in his gardens over the years – including some well coddled Banksias but never any as spectacular as that.


  3. Hehe, that tree – it looks as if someone put a lot of bottle cleaners on it for fun 🙂 I love it, and how I’d like to see ne with my on eyes one day!
    You writing too much? Never I love every world, please keep on writing!


  4. we have lots of trees and plants here that grow in Australia, but this one I have not seen here or on line either. its a beauty. from one person who uses to many words to another, that is me to you. I say go with the words. and anyone who wants can read or skim speed read or pass on buy. You and I write what pops in our head and some like and some don’t… keep talking we are listening


  5. My first comment disappeared. Check your spam folder. I love that tree. David does all the talking. I do all the writing. It works for us. Gigi Hawaii


  6. How very rude! The tree is amazing. We have nothing even remotely like it in New England. Thanks for letting me see another beautiful tree to enjoy.


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