What’s for lunch…..

There was a container of ’ooh that’s been there a while’ homemade chicken stock lurking under other containers in the freezer – made from a takeaway chook carcass, stripped flesh and onion – plus pearl barley….. discovered that fact when it was defrosted. I must have had something in mind when it was made – no idea what though.

After adding some frozen mix veg as well as half a packet of crunched up chicken noodles it ended up (with crackers and fruit on the side) as an ’interesting’ cheap and cheerful alfresco light lunch on a recent sunny (but cool) Saturday.

The Golfer must have been hungry – I hadn’t even returned with mine before he was cautiously approaching his….with a ’ what on earth has she served up this time’ look on his face.

Result:- couldn’t have been too bad because his bowl was emptied. There was no Oliver Twist ’I’d like some more’ moment though. I’m not sure what to make of that!!

21 thoughts on “What’s for lunch…..

    1. It a mystery to me also Catherine- why a combination of some foods tastes different each time I try it. Some days as long as there’s something edible on the plates that’s all I’m bothered about


  1. It was fine, just don’t bother a second time.
    Speaking of food I just had the most ghastly pea and ham soup when out. It was like glue and tasted of nothing really. Lesson, don’t trust Asian born to make good pea and ham soup. I left half the bowl.

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    1. Don’t worry – that combination won’t be appearing again. I agree pea and ham probably isn’t cooked in many Asian home kitchens but it seems strange to think the birth country of a cook can affect the product but I’m sure you’re comfortable doing it.


  2. i cook that way all the time….or at least i did until i was no longer in charge of the kitchen.
    It always works but sometimes better than others.


    1. Lucky you if there’s a resident cook in the house these days Kylie. I wouldn’t mind one of those. This worked – sort of – won’t be trying it again though😊


  3. My mother was the queen of using THINGS she dug out of the freezer. she is the one who taught me when I was cooking for 4, to put the small left over veggies in a container and freeze, to keep adding until it was full, them to make soup with all those veggies. it took me about 30 seconds to remember a chook is a chicken… I was raised in keep everything edible and eat it til its gone


    1. Sometimes there are more leftovers in our freezer than uncooked – not too many left over veg though. I’m strange in that I count out enough for however many I’m cooking for…..


    1. Gosh it’s quite a few years since I read Oliver Twist…I’d need to reread to refresh m6 memory on all the story line. When you finish don’t forget to write a review


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