Boys and Dogs and the Ocean….

Most of my recent morning visits to Rose Bay have been
just before or just after low tide.
A time for youngsters (and dogs) to have fun without being knocked off their feet

13/8/22 – 9.15am

A time to marvel at a band of sea fog floating across the horizon

15/8/22 – 9.15am

A time to feel the joy – watch out, here I come!

20/8/22 – 9 am

And a time to….well, to smile and enjoy their fun

20/8/22 – 10am

Pop over to EC’s and see what beautiful photos she has to share today. 
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20 Replies to “Boys and Dogs and the Ocean….”

    1. You’re right Catherine- it’s a quiet little bay, nothing like the other popular busy ones, I only have to stand at the water’s edge and I can feel both mind and body relaxing. Sitting there (more often than not by myself) does wonders. The healing power of nature is a great thing. Happens in a similar manner at home when we walk in the forests of the nearby hills…..when my back/legs aren’t playing up that is.
      Good to see you returning or near to to your previous form!


    1. Another 5 weeks! Leaving for home Monday September 26th. After a longer than usual windy chilly start this year the weather has finally turned dry comfortably warm (26°) and sunny with not too much wind. Enough last week to keep the sailors happy for Race Week at Airlie Beach (1hr away) and enough forecast for Race Week at Hamilton Island further down the coast.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit EC. Even on mornings when it’s rough/windy there’s something special about this little bay.


    1. We’ve been coming up here since 2008 Angela- and the thought of this maybe being our last winter is not a good one. Fingers crossed we are able to have one more visit (and even more)


  1. Great place for kids to make memories that will be foundations in the rest of their lives. F has a riverbed a bit like that.

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    1. These youngsters are lucky in that this is or is very close to their backyard. None of them appear to be visitors so they will grow up with the ocean on their doorstep


    1. It really is Cathy…..this little town is surrounded by beach, large and small, 8 in total – and this little bay is my favourite.

      Oh and I only saw your comment today…. I found it in my spam folder!


  2. I am a little envious. Snow down to 500 metres last night. You are better off in Bowen than at home.


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