Will I-Won’t I….

I know there were questions earlier about the Green Beanie Christmas Tree a craft group was planning to make for a Christmas in July function ( but as is usual for me, right this very the moment I can’t remember who asked and what they asked) – and yes that was the tree of hats that fell out of favour with some of the group.

Well it seems that after the dummy spit by some members there was a resurgence of interest and green beanies plus various other coloured ones came flooding in….. I received this photo the other day. Not of the main tree but another one cobbled together with the ‘overflow’ – they were placed in the hallway of the community centre so anyone feeling the cold could ‘help themselves’ – seemingly all went to good homes……and because it had been such a good idea maybe we’d like to start knitting them again!

Somehow I think I’m going to have to think about this….but then, I do have some of the shamrock green left – enough to make at least 2 adult sized ones 😊

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A little postscript here – It Seems The Gremlins Are Back

it’s also a will I won’t I moment each time I go to comment recently. Doesn’t matter which platform I’m on – sometimes my comments go through/are accepted other times nothing happens and I’m left wondering.
I’m not ignoring you or being a bit standoffish…..just feeling bewildered.

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  1. I love that tree.
    Commenting is a bit of an ordeal at the moment, particularly on blogger. Some I can comment on, though often my comments are marked as spam. Some I simply cannot. WP makes me sign in (repeatedly) but so far I think my comments are going through. It is an aggravation though.

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  2. If that’s just the over-flow the main event must have been spectacular. It looks great and what a good community project. Fs colleagues knit hats for a seafarers mission – maybe they should make a xmas tree (but it won’t be green, some seafarers are very superstitious about wearing green at sea). xxx Mr T

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  3. looks like the beanies were a big hit, maybe red ones this time. about the commenting, have you tried clicking the box that says you are not a robot? i have had no issues but a friend is having the same thing you are

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  4. If you have the yarn and you feel like it. Well do it. If not. There are plenty of people knitting beanies for all sorts of charities.
    Don’t know what’s going on with technology these days
    Everytime I comment on your blog I have to sign in again


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