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Winter Day90

How strange that the first day of our Winter (June 1) was a Wednesday and here we are at the last day (August 31) and it’s also a Wednesday!

Day1 at home in Victoria was the day we went for a drive in the rain (https://cranethie.com/2022/06/02/winter-day-1/) – I’m not sure how today will pan out but yesterday (Day90) here outside my little cabin in Queensland it was also wet!

Unlike Day1 when he didn’t play – on Day90 The Golfer decided maybe it wouldn’t be that bad…..it was the Veterans afternoon and ‘we can’t let the side down’ so just after lunch, waterproofs and brolly at the ready he headed out.

By early afternoon it was coming down in bucket loads

And had turned cool – well much cooler than it had been😌

But certainly nothing like it was at home!

Me – well I gathered up my blanket (to keep my toes warm) new library books
latest knitting project, parked myself on the bed and settled down
to enjoy an afternoon doing as I like on my own

He was home just after 4pm……a little wet and a bit subdued. Still doesn’t enjoy playing in the rain so didn’t stop for a drink in the club house…..something he usually enjoys
(reliving the game with all and sundry😊)

Me – well I was comfy so suggested he might like pop down and get pizza for dinner!.
Thanks for your suggestions
I’ll think about doing something with those egg plants another day !
~ ~ ~ ~

On the needles
The makings of another shirt similar to last week. I’ll do the ‘grandad neck’ on this one

Library books.
Violeta by Isabel Allende. ~ Her new release but my first read of any of hers
Cooktown by Andreas Heger. ~ A debut novel by a new to me Australian author

~ ~ ~ ~

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Um..what am I going to do with that….

The price of fruit and veg is getting out of control and with all the strange weather over the past few months in growing areas round Australia the effect on that produce hasn’t been good. I know farmers can’t control the weather but I’ve looked at some of the supposedly fresh vegetables they’ve sent to market then on to greengrocers or supplied to supermarkets and more and more thought…no, we’ll try frozen or do without.
As well as a stall at the Sunday market a lot of local growers here have roadside farm gate (honesty box) stalls, which can be interesting because you never know what’s going to be on sale. It’s often ‘not quite right’ produce they know won’t sell – because consumers want good looking right sized (in their eyes) stuff.
The good thing is that it’s fresh…..not long been off the bush or out of the ground

We stopped at one the other day
The Golfer got out to have a look
‘Big tomatoes, huge green pumpkins, long zucchini’…..just get some toms and zucchini I called out and went back to my knitting

It turned out these are what he thought were zucchini/courgette!

My reaction when he opened the bag at home – what am I going to do with that!

Some would say, bless his heart he was only trying to help
and I should have looked my self.

Let’s just say Egg plant/Aubergine (any shape size or form) is not my favourite vegetable so I never buy them, in fact I can’t remember if I’ve ever cooked them and I know he’d pass if offered elsewhere
SO, in for a penny – in for a pound……it looks like we’re going to have to do a bit of cooking site surfing this week – for easy ways to cook them.
Because in the cabin I’m limited to a microwave and a two ‘burner’ ceramic cooktop!

Another week of smiles

After the calm of last week ~ it was fun to see the ‘not so calm’ earlier this week

An early morning ‘not a soul in sight’ always makes me smile.
Thats the beautiful Rose Bay Resort in the background

Foraging for a selection from the sea turned up these small (almost miniature sized) pieces right beside my chair. I left them behind so they could make someone else smile

Our weekly treat of lunch out was at the historic Grand View Hotel in Bowen

Getting there early bagged us a spot outside, pleasantly warm but windy.
It’s not called ‘ Blowin’ Bowen’ for nothing 😊
(Shutters to block the wind not the sun – look through for a glimpse of Front Beach)

The place was renovated a few years ago – all a’la’ posh now, lots of white along with ‘colour’, hardly a speck of timber to be seen, supposedly ‘good food’ ….with high prices, (caesar salad in a wrap?)
Professional Photo Link 👇

Grand View Hotel | Bowen, Queensland

unfortunately to me (and yes call me old fashioned) being nothing like it was when we first ate/drank there – just after it was used as a set in the film Australia – it seems to have lost a lot of its country town flavour.
The covered quirky outdoor ‘wet season’ smokers spot does make me smile though. 

~ ~ ~
And I’m just popping this in because it could be a bit of fun

Just as we were leaving I spotted this. If I was an artist I might be interested.
Art classes with drinkies supplied
Angela ~ this would put a smile on your face 😊

I really have been living my life under a rock
This seemingly is world wide big business


I searched ‘paint and sip Australia’ and discovered they’re all over the place!

~ ~ ~ ~

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It’s a place to share thoughts and photos…..old and new. 
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Click/ tap or finger slide to enlarge

Two finishes….

it’s Wednesday – the day Kat from As Kat Knits hosts ‘Unraveled Wednesday ‘ …….that’s where you’ll find lots of knitting (and reading) to admire and think about.

I finally finished a couple of little shirts for the charity box – actually following the pattern this time by knitting and placing a collar.
Something I’ve avoided instead preferring to work these ‘grandad necklines’
I’ll add buttons and fix the button band when we get home – and remind myself not to knit anymore rib patterns as my stitches never came even after frogging and reknitting 😟

My reading this past week has been – The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

One of those novels I’m sure many of you have read – one I’ve said to myself ‘you should’ but never have.
Classed as a classic by the library in Bowen and that’s where I saw it (in the display I mentioned the other day).

I’m having the same ‘problem’ here as at home earlier in the year – pick a book, oh that looks interesting, two chapters – two pages in some cases, nope not for me. So I thought why not try something different- something unknown. So it came home with me.

A smallish book that had words (language, situations, ideas) I had to think about. I enjoyed it – and at the moment that’s all that matters.

I also found myself so engrossed I realised I was ‘acting out’ some of the things I was reading.

  • I looked at Miss Baker…..I enjoyed looking at her. 
    She was a slender small breasted girl with an erect carriage which she accentuated by throwing her body back at the shoulders like a young cadet

Straightening my spine and pulling my shoulders back – not recommended if you are non slender and large breasted😊

  • I glanced at ….and at Jordan who had begun to balance an invisible but absorbing object on the tip of her nose 

Lifting my chin and looking down my nose wondering what I had balanced there – not recommended….makes you go cross eyed 😊

… … … … …

A book and two woolies…..that’s me finished.
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Boys and Dogs and the Ocean….

Most of my recent morning visits to Rose Bay have been
just before or just after low tide.
A time for youngsters (and dogs) to have fun without being knocked off their feet

13/8/22 – 9.15am

A time to marvel at a band of sea fog floating across the horizon

15/8/22 – 9.15am

A time to feel the joy – watch out, here I come!

20/8/22 – 9 am

And a time to….well, to smile and enjoy their fun

20/8/22 – 10am

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Things that made me smile….

Today I’m joining in with Elephants Child and others at Sunday Selections. 
~ ~ ~ ~

I smile each time I see these roadside tourist billboards thinking how lucky I am to be wintering in a fabulous part of our country.
Bowen is at the northern end of The Whitsundays

Big smiles all round (or rather, down the Highway) when I saw that just like last year, the ‘little yellow girls & boys’ were still working hard protecting road workers by indicating where overhead power lines were.

~ ~ ~ ~

From a distance I thought this was a real house gecko on the painted shed doors out the back of a Proserpine cafe – a laugh and a smile when I realised it was a decorative door handle

This is a real one!
A smile when I saw it clinging on for dear life to a dusty window frame in another shop….followed by a frown.
They are supposedly nocturnal so why was it out and about?

~ ~ ~ ~

Murals are a ‘big thing’ in Bowen and this is one I hadn’t seen before. Another of those drive down an unfamiliar streets and get a surprise moments!
Painted by James Ellis – the same young Brisbane street artist I mentioned last year.

Eye catching isn’t it.
Well placed and visible from a distance.
Playful dolphins make me smile any time I see them

~ ~ ~ ~

And finally a little scene from Rose Bay one morning last week
Low tide, the seas were like a millpond – just right for kayak lessons on the shoreline
I’m not sure who was going to have the most fun.
Dad or the two littlies brandishing their paddles

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Sunday Selections– a place to share photos…..old and new

A slight misunderstanding…..

Many years ago (1972) not long after we arrived in Australia we were asked to a BBQ.  BYO, the neighbour said, oh and bring a plate.  Now I knew BYO meant bring your own drinks but being a new chum was mystified by ‘bring a plate’.

Some of the groups I belonged to previously (usually young wives/mums groups) had met in members homes and we were often asked to bring cups and plates to help out at morning coffee or supper time because in those days not many young families had oodles of crockery or cutlery,

So you can guess what we did the day of the BBQ – yes, we each turned up holding an empty plate – not a skerrick of food on them.  Now if the neighbour had mentioned ‘shared food or potluck’ I’d have known what to do. Meat and salads or a sweet to share would have come along with us.

  • Meanings and origins of Australian words and idioms
    Bring a Plate
    An invitation to bring a plate of food to share at a social gathering or fundraiser. There are many stories of new arrivals in Australia being bamboozled by the instruction to bring a plate. As the locals know, a plate alone will not do. In earlier days the request was often ladies a plate, sometimes followed by gentlemen a donation (to the bar…understood) First recorded in the 1920s source

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There was a big grin on my face the day I first heard this joke
Remembering the day of the empty plates 😊

The Blonde Cowboy

A Sheriff in a small town in Texas walks out into the street and sees a blonde haired cowboy coming towards him with nothing on but his cowboy hat, his gun and his boots.

He arrests him for indecent exposure. 
As he is locking him up he asks, ‘Why in the world are you walking around llike this?’

The cowboy says, ‘Well it’s like this Sheriff…

I was in this bar down the road and this pretty little red head asks me to go out to her motor home with her….

So I did.

We go inside and she pulls off her top and asks me to pull off my shirt….

So I did.

Then she pulls off her skirt and asks me to pull off my pants…

So I did.

Then she pulls off her panties and asks me to pull off my shorts….

So I did.

Then she gets on the bed and looks at me kind of sexy and says…

‘Now go to town cowboy’



‘And here I am!’

Bring a plate – Go to town….
Oh yes, it’s all in the understanding and interpretation of the words
Have you ever misunderstood the words??

They’re not all the same…

Libraries that is….

The branches I use back in Melbourne are part of a large group that come under the banner of Eastern Regional Libraries.
The one I use up here in Bowen is part of a much much smaller group under Whitsunday Regional Council Libraries

Here in Bowen the library might be smaller in size with not so many copies of each book but there are little touches I appreciate that don’t seem to be available at home….or if they are I’ve not noticed them😊

This whirly roundabout shelving has books from ‘series’ – not just the latest publication but all others from a popular series, and look (you might have to enlarge to see)……the library actually numbers them in the order they’re published
You can see at a glance if the elusive one you’re hunting for is available.

And if you look at the top right hand square you’ll see another doodad holding books labelled as ‘Classics’….we might only have one copy I got told, they tend to get get lost – almost swamped in the main collection so they’re better off here where they can be found.

… … … …

Now for something different but just as pleasing.
I know most of us are familiar with the little pictorial genre identifiers – those little coloured stickers on the spine.
Seeing the red kangaroo makes me smile, my ‘local’ doesn’t use them, so when I see them on the shelves it means I can identify Aussie authors and books about/set in Australia without actually having one in mind.
Big discoveries made this way!

Last month red kangaroos introduced me to novels by two more ‘new to me’ Australian authors.
Both books covering two young Australian’s experiences during recent world wars
Both enjoyable in their own special way.

The Stars in the Night – Clare Rhoden.
(Historical Fiction)

Book blurb:-.
Harry Fletcher is a confident young man.
Harry’s sure that he will marry Nora MacTiernan, no matter what their families say. He’s certain that he will always be there to protect Eddie, the boy his father saved from the gutters of Port Adelaide
Only the War to End All Wars might get in the way of Harry’s plans
From the beaches of Semaphore to the shores of Gallipoli, the mud of Flanders to the red dust of inland South Australia, this is a story of love, brotherhood, and resilience.

The Codebreakers – Alli Sinclair.
(Historical Fiction)

Book blurb:-.
1943, Brisbane: The war continues to devastate and the battle for the Pacific threatens Australian shores. For Ellie O’Sullivan, helping the war effort means utilising her engineering skills for Qantas as they evacuate civilians and deliver supplies to armed forces overseas. Her exceptional logic and integrity attract the attention of the Central Bureau-an intelligence organisation working with England’s Bletchley Park codebreakers.
But joining the Central Bureau means signing a lifetime secrecy contract. Breaking it is treason.

… … … …
And then there’s this one I picked up the other day – Flames – Robbie Arnott.
(Magical Realism Fantasy)
Let’s just say it’s proving to be interesting’ 😊

  • Book blurb:- A young man named Levi McAllister decides to build a coffin for his twenty-three-year-old sister, Charlotte—who promptly runs for her life. A water rat swims upriver in quest of the cloud god. A fisherman named Karl hunts for tuna in partnership with a seal. And a father takes form from fire.

What’s been on your book shelf recently- anything interesting?

Definitely a ‘take your breath away’ moment…

I watched in awe (discreetly from a distance) as a camper (whom I’d seen walk slowly, with difficulty, using a walking stick) went through his early morning exercise routine.

After doing some standing stretches he got down on his mat
He very quietly moved from one position to another – then very slowly stood up.
A few more stretches and he was finished

‘The Back’ (that’d be mine) has been playing up since we arrived

Just when I least wanted it, my ‘invisible ailment’  (lumbar spinal stenosis ) made itself known again.  At a time when I desperately want to be on my feet and mobile the dreaded heavy hot numb then tingling legs and feet returned…..thankfully not the sharp, make you jump and screech, don’t know when it’s coming, ‘take your breath away’ electric shock down your leg pains when the sciatic nerve is involved.

Right as rain one day – no symptoms at all….. then to have some or all of the above appear the next certainly put a damper on my moods.
I reverted to my ‘I want to be alone’ mind set.

Enjoying the peace of a couple of early morning hours at ‘my little bay’ plus the stillness of reading and crafting helped but when it was obvious I was resenting not taking part in things we planned ……and was becoming a whinging whining moan-alot
I knew I really needed to do something about it!

Enter a change in attitude…..plus a visit to a local chiropractor.
Getting a ‘just in case you need it’‘letter of introduction’ (or rather an email referral with all my ‘problems’ set out including some images from my latest CT scan films – in 3D!) before I left home was a good idea on my part…..meant we could get down to the nitty gritty more easily.
As well as the necessary adjustments there was a good discussion on different exercises and the ‘nicely put’ suggestion that I forfeit one morning at Rose Bay for some time at the local outdoor pool😊

So I went to the pool the other afternoon.

I took these photos a few years ago (2018) but nothing’s changed.
(Just click or finger slide to enlarge)
It’s basically the same now as it was then.
The open air roller rink is still there next door plus the ‘sea view’ through the palms

Walking in and seeing the beautiful crystal clear water sparkling in the sunshine was definitely a ‘take your breath away’ moment.
As was the sensation I felt go through my body as I began to walk down the steps 😯

My pool at home is indoors and heated by a big boiler
This one is outdoors, open and certainly not artificially heated!

But come the summer months when it’s hot humid and averaging 30c/86f everyday
the water temp will have risen a bit.
So, even if locals crave them, there won’t be too many ‘take you’re breath away’ times

~ ~ ~ ~

Just a little fun postscript this Monday morning.
During the hour’s drive back from Ayr last week I had another traffic light moment (like the one from the other week)…..I had a big laugh when this came on the radio.

Gotta keep movin’ an’ I’m feelin’ good,
Got that diesel roarin’ underneath the hood,
Hey the road is open an’ I’m rollin’ free, you see,
That I feel so good as long as I’m movin’
Yes I feel so good as long as I’m movin’.

Yes, I’ve definitely gotta keep movin’……..even if I have to suffer those ‘take your breath away’ moments at the pool 😎

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Taking the easy way out…

Do you see the date…..July 27th already! And I haven’t got round to taking part in the challenge – yet!

As I was leaving my book club back in June all I said was ’I’ll try’.
Some of the others were in favour of joining in with Jane Austen July info……a challenge to read/watch/appreciate Jane Austen whatever way you can – I didn’t feel so committed.

Anyway knowing I had lost the urge to read and thinking it might put me back on track my battered copy of P&P (which even after various attempts over the years I’ve never finished….last one in 2009 ) came along….and has sat here on the bedside locker, ignored while I’ve been doing other things. I did briefly wonder about looking for an online production but that’s as far as it got.
( Internet – signal – online – words spoken here with rolled back eyes…..it seems (as with other years) park wifi reception is usually good BUT there can be/ often is problems/issues with the dreaded NBN. My phone (5g plus plan with our national carrier) is a bit hit and miss and using it as a hotspot for my iPad isn’t much better.)

Now you know how the libraries often have ‘just returned’ books on a trolley – hoping another reader picks them so saving the staff from having to shelve them….well look at this – The Usborne Complete Jane Austen – a (quite hefty) but really beautiful, printed on glossy paper, children’s book with abridged versions of all her novels – was sitting there just waiting for me to find it yesterday morning. How timely was that 😊

What I’m wondering is…do you think I’d be taking the easy way out, almost cheating, by reading (and most likely finishing) from this book rather than my Penguin edition with it’s over 400 pages of tiny print???
And look what else is included – before each of the novels there’s a whole double spread of who’s who and how they relate to each other. A pictorial cast list!

Rainy days and Mondays…..

It’s been a funny old week where we had a few rainy days
Mornings of heavy cloudy skies
Along with some cool gusty southerly winds
Followed by soft gentle stuff

One morning we thought we left it in Bowen but it followed us down The Bruce to the ’big’ shopping centre at Cannonvale and then hung around while we lunched at Sailing Club in Airlie Beach

It came and it went and there was no sign of it a couple of days later when we went to the Sunday market

Unlike the torrential monsoon rains that come earlier in the year during ’The Wet’ It had been soft gentle rain just like The Irish Descendants sing about in this song

A gentle mist all heaven kissed
Like teardrops off an angel’s wing
Don’t you know you’ll cleanse your soul
With a walk in the Irish rain

Here it is Monday again – wonder what’s in store for this week?
Life is a little unstructured at the moment. We don’t seem to have found the usual rhythm of this time away yet….Some years (a bit like at home) there is a pattern to the days……nothing is planned too far in advance – some things are marked on the calendar but can be can be removed/changed if ’a better offer turns up’

We’ll just take things as they come – hopefully it’ll be a bit warmer than it has been. I feel the cold and rug up like a local so must say it’s been strange seeing others also wrapped up in their ‘cool weather travelling up from down south clothes’ …..I smiled inwardly but didn’t say anything when I heard one camper revealing to others she was still wearing her winter pjs where by now nights would be warmer and she’d be in summer nighties

lol All must be ok in my world when my main thought is what is the weather’s going to be like…..here’s this week’s forecast.

Looks like I won’t be putting my winter jammies away anytime soon if Thursday Friday and Saturday night are anything to go by😊

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Honestly….it would appear

The older I get – The dafter I get!

I knit the back plain, in stocking stitch …then decided to do the front in broken rib

But couldn’t fathom out why my stitches were so ragged and out of shape

Look at the needles – I’ve been using two entirely different sizes😟

(I think there might be a bit of unravelling and some new beginnings coming up )

~ ~ ~ ~

It’s taken a while but I’m happy to say I’ve begun reading again.

Two new to me authors plus two entirely different genres
One down and one on the go!

The Things We Keep ~ Sally Hepworth

’Realistic Fiction’ – an interesting read, full of different emotions, one I really enjoyed about Anna, a well educated young woman in her 30s diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers disease. Set in an aged care facility where she meets and strikes up a friendship with a young man with the same diagnoses.

Confronting for many with no experience of the disease in younger people it follows their intermingled times (good and bad) together, along with another character plus daughter trying to sort out their own lives

The Goldminer’s Sister ~ Alison Stuart

Australian Historical Fiction – set in an 1870s Victorian gold mining town.
Just begun – what I think will be an easy read about a young English woman arriving in the goldfields discovering all is not how she expected it to be. Her brother has died mysteriously…her uncle now has ownership of the brother’s mine….

(Even though it’s not marked as part of a series and can be read as a standalone seemingly it follows on from an earlier book ’The Postmistress’ set in the same small town so I might try to find that one)

Yes – sometimes it’s the little things in life on these winter days that make me happy 😊😊

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It’s a tricky one indeed….

(It’s possible this will be one of my rambles where I start somewhere and finish elsewhere)
~ ~ ~ ~

There’s been a little bit of tension in the park over the past few days

Most ‘residents’ are older retirees, at the moment the majority are here for the season (May to September), although there are some travelling ‘seeing the sights’ avoiding the winter weather down south, some could be younger (with or without young families)on the road doing their lap, plus with school holidays still on there are some with youngsters hurtling round on bikes and scooters.

Apart from those like us who are using cabins everyone else is living in tents or ‘homes on wheels’ of all shapes and sizes and vintages – 

  • motorhomes and caravans (ancient and modern designs) 
  • camper vans …newer posh ones with pop up roofs and side awnings as well as some travelling tourists in a brightly painted hired ‘whizz bang’ one ( think of the noise the sliding door makes)😊
  • converted buses, big fifth wheelers and this year something that ‘looks like a fifth-wheeler’ but seemingly sits on top of the flat tray of a ute (there’s a really tiny one parked close by – I must get a snap of it sometime) 

Which means it’s an outdoor lifestyle – for the majority gathering with others would be outside or in the park facilities like the pool, camp kitchen (open on three sides) laundries (also open on three sides) as well (for some) the various toilet/shower amenities blocks ( which for privacy are enclosed).

Contrary to what so many of the population think/believe Covid-19 hasn’t gone away…..it’s still out there and case numbers are on the rise again. I’m not sure why people are loathe to take precautions, there seems to be a belief that vaccination prevents them being infected rather than lessening the effect so mask wearing is scorned – when the staff are available cafes & restaurants are doing big business, theatres, ’pub nights’ and other gatherings are all the rage again.

The Golfer is a chatter….he’ll stop and say Hello to anyone….especially if there are other fellas gathered at someone’s ’door’ (men can gossip as much as women – they tend to hover out the front of other vans and motors discussing this that and the other) …..which means (whether I want to hear them or not) he often relays some of the snippets he hears here and there.

He began the other day with “you’d never guess what”……seemingly the wife of one of the other men came back from the shower block all in a tizz about something.
She’d been finishing up, brushing her hair before leaving and another woman came to the next mirror so they’d begun chatting (as you do) – the chat turned to the hot topic of covid and how lucky they were to be out on the road and not in towns where it was raging and even though (rightly or wrongly) many restrictions had been lifted if you did become infected self isolation was one way of breaking the cycle.
She’s about to leave and the other woman moved closer, looked her in the eye and whispered…..”I tested positive a couple of days ago, I certainly haven’t reported it and theres no way I’m isolating. I’m not staying in my van away from everyone else – no one’s going to tell me what to do” and with that walked off out the door.

So we had one previously happy camper worried sick in case she’d become infected by someone she didn’t recognise and hasn’t seen since (possibly a short stay/overnighter whose site was in another lane) – other campers also worried not knowing if they’d crossed paths with the infected unknown woman – who now (if what she said is true) is out and about infecting others.

I’m amazed no one has reported it to the office…..… there’s nothing anyone can do, there are no rules no reprisals…..’because the onus is on us to keep ourselves safe’ …..seems to be the attitude. I can’t be the only one wondering if they’re just a lonely voice pleading with others to be sensible – it’s not just about yourself, you have a responsibility to keep others safe as well.

~ ~ ~ ~

I nipped out after I wrote this and took these.
Seemingly it’s called a Millard ’Slide – On

Handy if you dont like towing but….according to this review not quite as simple as tossing one on the back of your old ute

Corinne hosts  Monday Musings. – pop over you never know what you’ll find to read

And breathe…

This morning I made my way to the water – and was able to breathe.

The second set of two days on the road turned out to be rather eventful ones
Ones we’d rather not repeat

One of us with an Asthma flare up and the other with ’mild’ gastro had us coughing and stopping far more frequently than usual from Rocky to Bowen 😯😟

Anyway we’re here now – whatever the cause the problems have subsided

The Golfer took his big hat and his clubs out ….I took a beach towel, sunnies and a book

Today all is well with us and our world……hope all is well with you and yours

Made it this far….

Two days down – two more to go

‘Crisp’ mornings – sunny cool afternoons – no rain (or floods).

Minimal traffic (few trucks) – lots of roadworks😟

No dramas except for discovering the bottle of water laid across my bag containing 4 days clothing hadn’t been closed securely – thankfully the motel had laundry facilities with dryer!