Something new…

Honestly, I’ve come to the conclusion that if I don’t think about what I’m doing at bedtime, I could actually do myself some damage.

Not me

So when I was shopping the other week a couple of pairs of silky pyjamas went into the trolley.

Why you ask??

So I can roll over in bed is the answer 😊

Colder nights mean thicker pyjamas that for some reason cling to the sheets which means I’m waking up feeling a bit ‘strangled’ in places, floundering about straightening tops and bottoms and having to sit up to roll over. Any attempt to do it lying down often results in some strong language coming out of my mouth as twisting can cause discs and nerves to come in contact with each other – I’m certainly not happy when that happens

It’s a different story when I wear my slippery silky pyjamas – they just slide and glide over the bottom sheet so there’s no friction at all. Unfortunately I’m down to two pairs in the cupboard which are being worn continuously …..except for the nights when I forget and put on the ‘thick’ ones and end up getting ‘stuck’ and worse, in pain…….so it was time to seek out some more.

Job done and I was all ready to ‘tap and go’ when this slogan caught my eye.
Sleep warm and cosy with this soft touch sheet set

Does anyone remember a couple of years ago when soft and cuddly bedding was what I wanted but what I ended up with were sheets like velcro ? Well I brought them out of hibernation for another chance turn on the bed….even with silky pjs on it still felt like trying to roll over on velcro…..guess they are maybe possibly definitely going to the op shop!

So warm and cosy in soft touch sheets sounded very interesting 😊

A little fondle of the sample and I was hooked.
It reminded me of the brushed nylon sheets we had back in the 1960s, similar…..not the same, thicker but softer.
…..They are constructed from washed microfibre that gives them a relaxed look and soft texture. These everyday sheets are lightweight, easy to care for and naturally wrinkle resistant…..
Oh I’m easily pleased
One queen size set went into the trolley!

And now I’m definitely pleased.
They are smooth, warm and cosy with not a hint of velcro to be found, they received both mine and The Golfer’s seal of approval … so much so that after a week of sleeps with them on the bed in my new silky pjs, then a look at how they laundered, I nipped back to the shop and came home with another set.

I have been thinking about this over my early cup of tea and realise that over the years I’ve never given much thought to sleepwear and bedding – you needed it so bought it. Soft warm comfortable new pjs is a new ‘well into retirement’ necessary requirement as is soft warm/cool comfortable new bedding. If my mother discovered what my thoughts on both of those things were she’d say I was going soft in my old age.
but golly, it’s good to be pampered now and again isn’t it.

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16 thoughts on “Something new…

  1. Well done you.
    I am only too aware of those ‘strangled’ nights and the pain which can ensue.
    Increasingly things like this are being relabelled a necessity here.
    Sleep well – and enjoy the day(s) to come.

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    1. Oh isn’t it a pain when you get your jammies in a knot EC 😊
      Hopefully it’ll be a thing of the past for a little while.


  2. I have some pajamas that get twisted during the night so I know of what you speak. My granddaughter who just turned 12 has discovered satin pajamas and now has two pair that she loves.

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  3. I need those sheets and the pjs. Can I ask where you got them from
    I’m going to use your wisdom and do the same thanks

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  4. Oh I can very much relate to issues re rolling over in bed as I injured my back over three weeks ago and it’s only been the last few days that I can roll over in bed without grimacing or waking myself up from the pain. Trying to roll over without twisting or using my back in any way has been really problematic.

    I’m actually a lover of flannelette sheets and pyjamas and I love winter for that reason.

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    1. Oh the things us sufferers of bad backs go through Deborah lol. I think the sheets/pjs problem wouldn’t have been so noticeable if my back had been behaving itself😊
      Wishing you a speedy recovery – unfortunately my ‘problem’ is not curable. Just have good days and bad ones. It’s little things like being able to move about in bed that make the bad ones a little bit better.


    1. Me too Lydia. Cold Melbourne nights are not my idea of fun. This combination of sheets and pjs is doing ‘cosy’ better than last year’s definitely.!


  5. How dare we care enough for our comfort in our older years to BUY new things…LOL….Oh my I am so glad you did.

    We sleep in separate beds and rooms and each of us has very different sleep patterns and heat/cold needs. We are much more comfy as a result.

    Your descriptions were just lovely.

    Thank you for joining in Life This Week Link Up.
    I’ve just added another 10 optional prompts taking us to October!
    It’s always good to see a blog post from you and I value your presence here. Denyse.


  6. So silk pyjamas are the answer! I will find me a set somewhere because I’m sick and tired of having to sit up before I can roll over. Now … where to find such a thing, here in the wilds of Saskatchewan …



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