I thought they’d be soft and cuddly….

I’m hoping not but I’m wondering if a recent purchase may not turn out to be the bargain I thought it would.

The change to really cold nights had us feeling a bit jaded in bed, it’s been comfortably warm but not cosy …..something needed to be done about it.  I suppose as we get older and things don’t work so well we must accept a helping hand to get the desired effect.  So after seeing a product on special last week I popped into the shop hoping it would solve our problem..

Eager to please I set to straight away and sorted things out ready for the first trial run – trouble was it fell short of our expectations and left us feeling rather uncomfortable.

Now I knew there was a difference (as described) between brushed cotton and flannelette ……one side being treated as opposed to two…….but didn’t realise how different it would feel.  What I bought didn’t have that soft cosy feel I remembered from years ago – of course manufacturers have changed, even though the raw product is the same the end result often isn’t.

So I must say our first foray into brushed cotton sheets…….as opposed to flannelette ………has not been as warming as I hoped it would.

Yes, they were washed before use but felt very firm and almost ‘cool’ to touch.  I know I’m being picky when I say there was no give in them  I like my sheets to mould themselves round my body, these didn’t.  They just sort of laid flat over us, the more I tried to gather them round me the more they resisted And it was a riot trying to turn over…..the brushed fabric didn’t allow you to move, our nightclothes kept ‘sticking’ to the sheets so we had to sit up and make a physical effort to turn to the other side.

All I can say about the pillow cases is that they crackled……sounds silly but that’s the only way I could describe the noise I heard as I lay there trying to get to sleep. I’ve never ever noticed any rustling noises in or around my pillows …….’cept for this past week , each time I moved my head there it was again……of course it didn’t bother The Golfer (he’d sleep….and snore through anything) so in the end one night I got up and changed the slips to some of my nice soft well worn (quiet) cotton ones.

We gave them a good trial run, it’s back to our usual ones this evening- here’s hoping for a good nights sleep.  They might go back on again next week but if not I’m sure my soft and cuddly need will be met by my bedmate- if not I’ll nip down to Spotlight for some ‘proper’  flannelette sheets 😊😊


10 thoughts on “I thought they’d be soft and cuddly….

  1. Who knew! I love flannelette sheets in the winter, we have summer and winter bedding. Summer here now, and it is cotton percale sheets for the next few months.


  2. What a shame you can’t try before you buy! I am very sensitive to what I sleep on especially with pillows. This week has been cold and damp here although it is our summer and I resorted to our flannelette duvet cover.


  3. Visiting a friend in Europe in winter…she had flanelette sheets…sheer bliss.
    Here we would just cook….goodness only knows how people cope who buy the polyester sheets on sale here…


  4. I’ve not used flannelette sheet for years and years. I keep thinking I should purchase some, but haven’t yet gotten around to do so. I’ll make sure I stay away from those you’ve described above. Thanks for the head’s up! 🙂


  5. They really don’t make things like they used to. I find in our RV we use an electric blanket and that is comfortable because you can set it on whatever setting but our apartment is so warm even in winter I use nothing but cotton but that is just me. I can’t sleep if it is too hot or too cold. I guess it is hard to find a comfortable sheet and I can’t stand if I can’t turn because of bedding being tucked in too tight.


  6. that’s great to hear, in a funny sort of way, because I’m considering getting some more cosy sheets for my bed…particularly since recently I discovered I can’t have too many blankets and have had to revamp exactly what is on the top.


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