Cool clear waters….

Cool it may be outside, the skies might have been clear for the past couple of days but we’re expecting lots of churning waters in the next 24hrs.  Still Waters they won’t be

Little things are sent to try us…..another of my mother’s sayings.

Like prices rising a dollar or two…not a lot yet when the total sale is recorded turns out to be more than a lot.

Like nipping into the local supermarket – in jeans runners and windcheater, hair pinned back, bare face – only to ‘bump into’ the only person you know who ‘dresses’ for grocery shopping.

Like illness striking at the most annoying time.  Still waiting for improvement to see if The Golfer is able to drive at the end of the week.  He golfed yesterday, declaring his leg felt much better……maybe…possibly…,we’ll get off on time.

Like trying to roll over on those new sheets…….after a couple of washes they are definitely much softer yet as The Golfer says….it’s like trying to roll over Velcro.

Heres the blurb from the manufacturer’s website:-

For dreamy slumber made cosy and warm, opt for the brushed polyester feel of the Plain Thermal Flannelette Sheet Set from XXXX

Pure polyester in a microfibre finish for warmth and comfort
One side is brushed in a flannelette surface for a classically fluffy texture and plush feel
Easy care fabric is wrinkle resistant for lasting good looks
Generous wall on the fitted sheet so making the bed is a breeze and the sheet stays secured to the mattress throughout the night
Ideal for adding an extra layer of warmth to your bed in winter — so cosy and comfortable you’ll never want to leave the bed
Plain dye for an effortlessly stylish palette to complement your bed linens for years to come
All XXXX products comply with international ethical standards and undergo quality assurance tests to ensure your peace of mind

They were more likeable 2nd time on the bed and they did have a comfy warm feeling to them but obviously ‘Thermal Flanelette’  wasn’t what I thought it was.  Hopefully the warmer weather will have arrived when we get back in September so they can live at the back of the linen cupboard waiting for those really cold weeks in winter.  Next winter that is 😎

7 thoughts on “Cool clear waters….

  1. I hope everything smooths over too. I’m glad your sheets are softening. I’m afraid it’s too warm here in Hawaii for flannel sheets.


  2. Fingers crossed you head off on time.
    It’s going to be shocking here in the few days apparently
    Not looking forward to it
    Try washing the sheets in white vinegar apparently it helps strip off the coating they use when making them
    And definitely if possible dry them in a tumble dryer


  3. Well hopefully your weather gets better soon. We had a lot of rain in May and June. Really depressing but we are having sunny days now but our summers are too darn short or it seems like that but the weather is also a topic either too warm or cold or rainy. As far as prices have gone for produce and food it is bad here. They wanted $5.99 for celery. Crazy! I really wonder sometimes what is going to happen in the future.


  4. Your point about people who ‘dress’ to go shopping made me laugh. I am one of those people. I never venture out of the house without hair and make-up done….apart from the time I’d just been for a facial so was make-up free and rather pink and shiny. On the way home I nipped into Tesco for one item and bumped into my most glamorous friend. Funny how I can go shopping time after time and not see a soul I know!


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