Use it up….

I’ve probably mentioned before that when my mind goes round and round in circles it’s the constancy and comfort of knitting that keeps me going. It’s there, it doesn’t change, needles and wool are all I need. And it’s not the big projects that sooth but simple easy no need to concentrate ones.

Don’t ask me why but amongst other things I’ve been contending with recently, the sudden onset of Patsy’s illness and subsequent death had me thinking about all the crafty ‘supplies’ (aka as stash of knitting wool) out in the garage…..and there was/is a lot of it. Full balls are usually easy to pass on – half used not so- and for some reason I got in a bit of a tizz and rather than just think about it knew they had to be put to use……there and then.

Continuing on from finishing off the fingerless mittens in March I ended up making a whole stack more pairs plus some basic cnr2cnr sometimes called diagonal blanket squares. Things the charity are always looking for, it welcomes each and every one that’s donated.

Another look under the table out there brought this to light. A large bin containing far more knitting cotton than I remembered being in there.

I’m an old fashioned girl who likes knitted cotton dish clothes that can be washed and reused……over and over again. I also have friends/acquaintances who do as well so at the moment that’s what I’m doing – knitting cotton dishcloths. Making the special “oh could you knit me some” requests from several poolside acquaintances plus restocking my own supply by using up thinner 4ply ( knitting two strands together = 8ply) which has helped reduce the ‘stash’.   (I found mention of the Waffle pattern on one of Rhonda’s posts way back in 2008 but you can find it here.  I’m making these ones slightly larger)

It really looks like I’ve been at it for hours on end over the past couple of months – not so, all these items have short rows of about 30/40 stitches which means quick finishes. And for most of the time it was an easy non taxing way of stilling my mind….as well as using up all – well most of – actually, more like some of – that stuff outside.

I’ve a full bag of odd balls set to one side ready to make its way up to Bowen

It’ll come back in September as fingerless gloves…..or squares
It definitely won’t be coming back as wound balls😊

There’s been no reading from me to talk about this month but you’ll find both knitting and reading at   Unraveled Wednesday hosted by Kat. Pop over and have a look – she’d love to see you

10 thoughts on “Use it up….

  1. I find myself with my papercraft when my mind is in circles – just the motion of getting the supplies out including cutters and glues and making something – I had said this last week, not doing anymore books for the time being but rather working on ideas that are more about what I put in a book – so yesterday cut/scored a lot of book pages which at this point seem to be just jumble on my worktable…in the fullness time they will become something/s


  2. You are a busy girl, Cathy.

    My mind regularly goes off in a whirl of its own…a seed (or worm) is planted and then, like a
    kaleidoscope all is alive and kicking! Monday night was a prime example…off went my bedside light, and on came my brain, not allowing me to go to sleep until well after 1 am!

    Take good care…you certainly do not have idle hands. 🙂


  3. Hooray.
    I go into the garden when my mind is going round and round and round. Difficult after dark.
    In the daylight hours there is something very therapeutic about ripping and tearing at weeds…


  4. Knitting is as good as meditation or yoga – of course you knew that
    Can’t believe your output – even if it is only short row stuff. My grandmother used to get her knitting supplies as old jumpers dropped off at the rural church for which she held the key. She would unravel, discard the thin bits, wash the rest to relax it and get us kids to wind it up into round balls again – from which she knitted hundreds of stripy sleeveless pullovers and diagonal blanket squares just like yours.


  5. What a productive way to use up all your “oddments!” I quite often go on “tears” and knit up a bunch of cotton dish cloths. (I love them, too.) My mom used to make me stacks and stacks, and since her death several years ago, I find it very comforting to knit from her leftover cotton yarns (now in my stash) and replenish my own supply of dish cloths. Enjoy your day!


  6. I do love a good cotton washcloth. And they make nice little gifts when tied up with a nice bar of soap. Knitting soothes the troubled spirit as Elizabeth Zimmermann wrote. Take good care.


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