The first….

Yesterday was the First day of the month

Saturday June 1… 152 of this year 2019.

Yesterday was the First day of Winter here in Australia

It’s been so cold ski resorts have opened lifts early due to ‘dumps’……not for the First time though.  Earliest at Mt Buller (2 hrs up the road) was May 2009

Yesterday was also the First day it didn’t rain all week 

For the First time in a little while it was comfortable enough to work out in the garden – as you can see the little Japanese Maple had developed die back in the middle.  The nursery said, First you must identify the reason before doing anything.  

Could be this, could be that, prune at your own risk!  No idea of the cause – so I pruned – pruned hard – for the First time in a long time!

Yesterday was the First time I used a hot water bottle this year

We’re not fans of electric blankets, my toes were cold at bedtime – I couldn’t remember where I’d ‘hid’ it so had to go hunting. Found lurking beneath summer clothes in one of the wardrobes

Yesterday was the First time I’d been to a Tupperware party this century

It’ll probably be the last time as well

I’ll tell you what, the prices have gone up…… You’d need a bank loan to buy.

I didn’t buy!  Enuff said 😎

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  1. Rain? Colour me jealous.
    I am very rarely brave enough to prune a tree that hard. I hope your courage is rewarded.
    Chilly here too, but the weather boffins are predicting a warm (and dry) winter.


    1. I wasn’t aware that Canberra/ACT wasn’t being drowned like the rest of the east coast EC. ☔️
      I heard about the warm dry winter last week – at the same time as the rain was pis**** down outside. We’ll just have to wait and see what the outcome of this forecast is.


  2. I have a furry hot water bottle. And she cuddles back lol
    I too don’t like electric blankets.
    Compared to the past week it was lovely outside. But I stayed inside and crocheted


  3. We are having a lot of rain here and the temperatures are cool at night but the black flies are bad. I will glad when summer gets here. Tupperware is way over priced here also.


    1. Not a lot we can do about the weather Germaine ‘crept moan and groan….which I seem to do a lot of 😊
      You do have pleasant Autumns in Nova Scotia though- we had good weather on all our trips. September/October were pleasant and dry…warm even at times.


  4. A good decision to prune the maple hard. While it is of high quality, Tupperware plastic is ridiculously expensive. Good on you for resisting buying something you probably don’t need.


    1. The Maple will either live and flourish or die back completely Andrew. It wasn’t until I stood back I realised how far down the trunks I’d chopped. I also became aware of how much my so and so of a neighbour had cut off the tree behind it.


  5. I have only just finished using my hot water bottle here in the UK. I’ve never been to a tupperware party but I do have some which were wedding presents from over 48 years ago.


    1. Now that’s a novel idea for a wedding present Jean. Tupperware- I would never have thought of that lol
      There’s nothing more comforting than a nice warm patch in the bed to put your feet. This will be the first winter in many a year without a cat in the house- so the hottie is going to have to do that job!


  6. 1st of June/Winter here over the ditch was cold-as; including big storm, with larger than usual hail stones (the South Is ski fields are very happy with the snow)…the next day not crash hot either. But today June 3 (Queens Birthday w/end) in the middle of the morning, the sun came out and it was actually quite warm, that sun…I put one of my chairs out on the front porch and enjoyed the “warmth & sunny stuff)
    Kind of funny as the weather gurus had said WINTER is here, and don’t ya all forget it!

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    1. We had sunshine here as well Cathy. Still a bit on the cool side but bright sunshine and no rain! Lovely change – had to go look for my sunnies 😎


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