Does it have to be perfect……

My little coffee group of friends is minus one at the moment.  One of us is feeling the effects of a winter cold……she’s a bit poorly as they say and quite down in spirits (I did suggest getting her a bottle of one of her choice but was shouted down!)

We all listened to her coughing and spluttering on the phone…….actually you’ll have to imagine a group of us in the cafe, heads down to a phone on speaker trying to listen…….’oh I definitely feel my age’ she said ‘I feel like an old lady, just need a rocking chair and a warm blanket over my knees to complete the picture’  All of 82yrs old and more sprightly than many of us, this didn’t sound like B.

So what do we do, was the question.  Her daughter had put her in quarantine…..don’t want any of you ladies picking it up.  Don’t waste your money on flowers, was also mentioned….yes they are lovely but with the heating on they won’t last two secs.

Crafty people, most of us knitters, homemade knitted blanket for over he knees….the answer was there before us.  Of course, someone mentioned, it had to be perfect – B isn’t a sweet old lady, she is one of those get up and go old(er) ladies……so pastels were out of the question.  A mix of brights and also bright dark colours was agreed on.  Squares to be ready Monday – but which Monday?  Next Monday I got told!

Anyway after working flat out for countless hours thinking get well thoughts and humming some of the songs we know B likes BUT also muttering a few choice words about deadlines, about me being silly enough to choose a brightish but darkish blue from the stash (great to knit in daylight but deadly under artificial lights)….deciding not just to knit plain garter stitch but to put a pattern on them…….yes simple box designs but ones that involved counting…..AND needing them to be perfect in every way….. I finally handed over my contribution yesterday……Monday 😊

As I usually do I took a quick photo before I left home – looking at it later, guess what I saw.  A mistake!  Left front square – sixth pattern up.  I’ve miscounted!!

Oh B….I’m so sorry.

I’m just not perfect enough to make anything Perfect…..your blanket however, will have been made with lots of love and get well thoughts from all of us.

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    1. Thank you Germaine. The blue is slightly different in real life but will mix in well with the other ones in the blanket


  1. The Amish always make a deliberate mistake in their quilts because only god makes perfection so every mistake I make I call my Amish bit
    It’s the imperfections that make it special I think. It’s not mass produced


    1. I’d heard that before Angela. Certainly not done on purpose- hopefully B doesn’t notice it but if she does I’ll tell her the Amish story lol


    1. You’ll have to enlarge the picture Andrew – the two finger method works well. You’ll see a single line of knitte stitches where there should be two. Plus the next few stitches aren’t in the right order either.


    1. I’m hoping not – to noticing the mistake Clive. I’m hoping yes – to enjoying our gift. She does……like most of us oldies…..have spare blankets to cover her cold knees but we’re hoping she sees the fun (and love) we put into this special one.

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  2. What a wonderful thing to do. I can’t see the mistake either and I bet no one else can – unless you point it out!!! So dont.
    Beautiful bright and cheery blue too


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