Oh the joys….

Oh the joys of married life 😊

Who knew…. that a simple suggestion….followed by a few choice words……..about tidying up a bedside tableimage

Could lead to thisimage

And this

And then after a lot of laughter….. the realisation that

After all these years you’d think we’d have learnt by now lol

12 thoughts on “Oh the joys….

  1. After Higher Authority’s insistence that his system of stocking the freezer with dog food was better than mine I have just spent an interesting half hour trying to separate the packs with an iron bar and a hammer….
    He is being very quiet in front of the television……

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  2. A great interesting two thoughts up there, and here am I, without a s/o for many, many years, and letting folks straighten up their own messes. Mostly.


  3. You are certainly not the only couple like that. I laughed at the first cartoon. R says he is very good at doing nothing but I am not good at doing nothing.


  4. We never agree on how something should be done – I tell him my way is perfect, so there is no other way to do something!!
    My way of getting him to sort out the garge (largely his domain) is just to start tidying in there – he hates that so gets on with it.
    PS A bedside table with no shelves would make it less likely he could hoard things – you can only balance so many things on the top.


  5. I’ve been home alone for quite a few decades – nice not having to work out issues. I remember my ex- tidying up the fridge and putting my lettuce in the freezer because he thought it might go off – and another time seeing in the freezer, some block things (hash browns) and putting them all out in the garbage as he didn’t know what they were, so they must be garbage!


  6. OH yes how I empathised with this post. I have learned that my work in progress is a mess to Mr E and his wip is a BIG MESS to me. Tolerance, forbearance, and separate spaces for us both… not harmony exactly but we can put up with things that way.

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