If ever there was a cat….

There’s no doubting it – Sunshine and cats go together

See a little bit of sunshine you’re sure to see one lapping it up

Some will find it anywhere – a simple pleasure to be enjoyed anywhere


Doesn’t matter who they disrupt to do so

You are my sunshine – my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You never know dear how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away

If ever there was a cat that loved sunshine it was Kiera 😎

Vale – Farewell

Kingswood Maura Delight

known to us as Kiera

Sire: Chindah Orion (Imp. NZ) – Dam: Kingswood Lady Kizzie

26 December 1999 – 12 April 2018

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2 Special posts about Kiera – my little brown shadow.



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11 Replies to “If ever there was a cat….”

  1. It is terrible to lose a pet especially as we get older. They are such good company and it will take awhile to get used to her gone. Sorry for your loss. Take time to grieve.


  2. I am so very sorry. They wind their paws deep into our heart strings and take a piece of us with them when they go.
    That last beauitful photo reminded me of our much missed Jewel. She was a sun sponge and would soak it up until her fur was almost too hot to touch.


  3. chirping in late (you know why…away) – I too was basking in the glory – until I realised why you had posted…hope you are coping, it’s hard when some one/part of your family is missing Love the last picture of the head on your book and a plate of bread, waiting for you to put some sardines on…


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