A first I am not enjoying….

About eighteen months ago I wrote about enjoying the first hot day of the season.

After a long string of beautiful sunny warm Autumn days we are now today being treated to a taste of things to come

And I can certainly assure you I am not enjoying this one

There is a westerly blowing and at the moment it’s raining

Quite heavily!

2pm and the sky is heavy and grey without a trace of blue

It certainly feels cold – cold and wet – and my bones are starting to feel chilled

It’s 3c/27f out there at the moment – don’t think we are going to reach 16c/60f

The forecast for the next couple of days is 19c/66f and 20c/68f

It might happen and there again it might not 😊

(Wake me up when Spring arrives 😎😎)

10 Replies to “A first I am not enjoying….”

  1. Boy oh boy, you’ve got some cold weather there. How about a swap? I love our weather at the moment, cool mornings and nights, 26 during the day but hate the thought of those terms rising. Always thought if I win the lottery I would spend winter in Greece and then go downunder for your winter
    Totally different thinking lol!


  2. Our snow is disappearing but even though it is spring it certainly isn’t the spring we used to have 25 years ago. Our winters are longer and longer but I guess there is nothing we can do about it – just try to find some sunshine in every day and be grateful.


  3. Winter! Here in Canada we are one month into spring, and the temperature has yet to rise above 9C. This weekend we are to experience freezing rain and snow all weekend, with power outages, which started last night, and the highest temperature to be reached at 1C. The weather people say it is going up to 5 or 6C in two weeks time… spring can arrive any time now! And you are heading into winter, just the opposite!


  4. Our summer has started. I just got the air conditioners serviced so that they don’t let us down till mid June when our Monsoon will set in.


  5. I do commiserate, but have to tell you, after a nasty, nasty winter we have enjoyed two fabulous days of spring and are about to go out into a third. So, bundle up. It will end.


  6. about the time you were suffering, another nasty storm tore across from Aussie or somewhere similar and created absolute havoc in NZ and especially in my city, Auckland – the aftermath is still in place…

    falling trees on to power lines – the biggest culprits = along with lack of “fixit crews” or something…powers to be sheltering in bunkers methinks!!!


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