Sleep loss….

‘Fancy losing all that sleep over two buttons!’

‘It’s not as if you don’t have any others.’

Yes I suppose my friend was right, I do have lots of buttons…..but the ones I wanted weren’t there.    The ones she was talking about were to go on a child’s knitted jumper….which was the knitting mentioned in Monday’s post….and I’d had the buttons in my hand but they sort of disappeared.  Just like that!

As you can see I have loads of buttons…. oodles of them…. I rarely buy them so these have been gifted or garnered over the years from various places ….all shapes and sizes carefully sorted into colour, size, type (with shank or without- four holes or two ) ….a bag load in fact.  Stored in those small see through plastic bags and kept in that gaily coloured bag – and what’s on the table is a small amount, there were others still in the bag 😊

I’d planned my day.  I had everything on the table ready to assemble the jumper.  Large blunt sewing needle, scissors, all the knitted pieces, correct sized knitting needles to finish the neckline once everything else was joined and….the buttons I had chosen for the front.

It had taken me an age the day before to decide which ones to use.  As you can see from above it wasn’t as if I didn’t have plenty to choose from but they were either the wrong shape or the wrong colour and I was determined I wasn’t going down the road to that huge warehouse place loved by crafters all over Australia.  Once you go in the doors there’s a good chance you’ll not been seen for days 😊

I sewed all the seams together, knit and inserted the placket, picked up and knit the neck, had lunch and returned to do that last step.  No buttons to be seen – so having got that far and not fancying another dip in the button bag I packed up and stewed about the disappearance overnight

Honestly, I do feel a bit of a drip some days. Next morning I’m putting things in the washing machine, checking pockets as I go and you’d never guess what – well you probably have now.  Yes, right there in the pocket of my shorts were these two well chosen buttons!!

Now even though I had started out knitting one of those little shirts ( the ones I do for the charity) in plain stocking stitch I changed my mind when it came to the front- opting for cable and broken rib to give it a ‘thicker warmer’ look.  And even though I have no idea who will wear it or in what circumstances I felt it needed the right buttons to finish it off.

And even though I say it myself – yes, Mum I know, bragging is not polite.

Those two chunky soccer ball ones look just right.  Don’t you think??

I certainly slept better that night😊

11 thoughts on “Sleep loss….

  1. The buttons go so well with the sweater not much wonder you were determined to find them and yes we all have days like that. I guess I am not that organized or probably thinking of a number of things and would also put them in my pockets with not a thought of remembering. LOL !


  2. Yes, the buttons are perfect for such a garment. Hehe, lost perfect buttons to stitch on is such a first world problem. I have similar great concerns and troubles.


  3. Cathy, I apologise ahead of time…I broke out laughing as I was reading about your lost buttons! I empathise! Occurrences such as that one are very frustrating! And what is even more frustrating about them, is you can’t blame anyone else for them! lol

    On the serious side of the issue…Wow! That jumper is beautiful! What a great knitter you are! It is wonderful…and yes, the buttons are perfect for it.

    Now, just remember…next time you go out shopping…don’t put anything into your pockets….just in case!!! 😉


  4. We would call that a “sweater” here in the U.S. but no matter, a jumper by any other name is still as beautiful. Your knitting is gorgeous. The buttons are indeed perfect. I could tell many stories of missing stuff found in odd places. I think it happens to all of us.


  5. love the buttons…I’ve heard of all kinds of things in “shorts” pockets…but most them aren’t the 2 perfect buttons!


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