Getting his just rewards…..

Like it or loathe it Reality TV shows are here to stay.  There’s a whole swag of them that appear in various forms each year…….Cooking – Home Renovating – Relationships…..I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about.

Even though I have other things I could be doing AND as much as I hate to admit it I often start to watch one and ‘get hooked’. Just one mind you!

This year it has been ‘Married at First Sight’ (MAFS) where experts pair couples of various ages together in an experiment involving a mock marriage followed by time together with the expectation that they could ‘bond’ and maybe decide to carry on the relationship after the show has finished.  Yes – a load of rubbish some say, yet it can be intriguing to see human nature play a part as the weeks go by.

You see how the needs and wants of these couples come into play, most of them are good talkers and can express their thoughts to the cameras (which follow them on this journey) there are good ‘guys’ wacky ones, quiet ones as well as emotional ones and there are also the ‘bad’ ones 😊

Very early this season much to the horror of the experts two of the ‘contestants’ were dissatisfied with their ‘other halves’ and seemed to take a fancy to each other.  In other words unbeknown to their partners they carried out a bit of romantic suggestive texting with each other and then had a little rendevous (all filmed of course) and then when the facts became public knowledge to the others the man sort of backtracked denying he had anything to do with it, he’d been pursued by the other woman, really liked his wife. Oh the excuses were flowing.

Several other things happened that he was involved in eg loud sexist ‘boy’s night’ talk where the beer is flowing freely (all filmed of course for the tv audience’s enjoyment) On screen his wife’ accepted protestations of things being misinterpreted, accepted the benefit of doubt, all his shortcomings as well as his declarations of ‘love’ …….even though a lot of the others (and people on social media) warned her off him.

Anyway last night, after a week away from each other in order to gather their thoughts together so they could make their final decision, they came together in the middle of a very desrted paddock for the last commitment ceremony – supposedly to declare their to each other and then state whether they……as the producers hope……would continue to see each other.

Dean was very wordy ….and persuasive …as he did just that.

Then Tracy said her piece telling him quietly and very politely it was not to be – he betrayed her several times and all this recent display of ‘love’ was too little too late and he didn’t deserve her.

She then exited stage right and he still displaying feelings of entitlement was walking round in circles crying like a baby.  Not happy at getting his just rewards!

Now no judging here but seeing and hearing that, viewers Australia wide clapped and cheered – myself included!

After that bit of ‘creative’ entertainment it’s now back to the sensible informative type – 7.30 report, Four Corners, Q&A as well as Insiders sounds good lol

Come on, now it’s your turn.  Tell me your secrets – what tv shows do you quietly admit to watching 😊


24 thoughts on “Getting his just rewards…..

  1. Sadly, I don’t watch TV at all. I must be a rare specimen but, that is the truth. The only time that I will watch is when some breaking news attracts me to it or when I want to watch a DVD using the screen.


    1. Not rare Ramana – quite a few of my acquaintances feel that way also. Contrary to how it sounds like from my post there are some days when ours only is turned on for a very short time.


  2. I got sucked into MAFS this year, I swear I will never again watch it. I usually watch tv wearing a cordless headset so I can do housework at the same time, and when you listen to it through the headset you can clearly hear where the editors have chopped up sentences to make these people say.. whatever they want them to say.

    I don’t mind reality tv if it is real, but when it is so clearly manipulated.. it is not the best. Either be real or be scripted, don’t change what people say to suit your “storylines”. :/

    In this case I was very disturbed by the amount of botox and fillers that Tracy had. It did not suit her at all, and I believe she was far more attractive before she did all of that to herself. Her lips in particular were just.. I don’t even have words to describe it. Wonky? Weird? I think maybe we need a new vocabulary for this stuff. 😉


    1. From looking at a few ‘previous’ photos of all the females I think a lot of them had a bit of bodily enhancement some time or another 😊
      I feel disappointed with myself for being as you say ‘sucked/drawn’ in by any of these shows. Years and years ago I watched the first series of Australian Big Brother – all contestants were normal run of the mill people we were told. Then things leaked out – they were all there to boost their careers. I remember a tv presenter, another who was producing cosmetics and there was an low grade AFL footy player! That feeling of being ‘had’ leaves a bad taste in your mouth doesn’t it.


  3. We watch Big Brother avidly including the celeb one’s. I don’t know any other people of our age who watch it though.
    I love the way they all start so friendly and end up slagging each other off behind backs.
    I tend not to tell many people this as I know they think us odd. LOL


    1. Oh yes Briony, it’s a good lesson in compatibility….real and imagined just for the camera lol
      BTW your secret’s safe with me 😏


  4. Hubby really got hooked on
    I’m a celebrity get me out of here.
    I watched it with him. But I really wasn’t that interested. I liked some of the contestants but a few others I didn’t at all
    He never used to be into reality telly. And years ago when I watched them he would do something else.
    Now we have swapped.
    Hey that might be a premise for a new reality tv show lol
    I really love gogglebox. So that’s my guilty pleasure


    1. Oh dear Angela I also have to confess to giggling a bit at gogglebox- when I see it that is. Being out on Thursday evenings means I miss most of it. Have to say I’m ‘going off’ it a little because it’s becoming a bit same same. Same reactions each episode from all the families.


  5. I don’t watch a lot of television. And the only reality shows I have seen more than a snippet of are the various cooking ‘reality shows’. And of those I MUCH prefer the British versions.


    1. Apart from the original (as in 1st season) of Masterchef I’ve not watched any of the cooking shows. From what I’ve heard – because I haven’t viewd them – the bitchiness is horrendous, cetainly not what I’d enjoy


    2. I’m watching Top Chef at the moment, and it’s not that bad. I prefer the British baking show though, it’s quieter, not nearly as much hype.

      Our ultimate reality show here in the U.S. is Trump. 😦


  6. I enjoy some reality shows…mainly the cooking shows, but I can’t bring myself to watch MAFS…I’ve only seen snippets of it…and that is enough for me! lol

    I did enjoy “The Bachelorette” with Sophie Monk…and I’m looking forward to watching Nick Cummins aka the “Honey Badger” on the next “The Bachelor”. He seems like such a nice young bloke…and he has a great sense of humour and turn of phrase. 🙂


  7. PS…I’m sorry you’ve not carried on watching “MasterChef”, Cathy. It is one cooking show where there is no bitchiness. The judges are very respectful…and the contestants are eager to learn and to do there best without any nastiness. I’ve always been a fan of MC.


  8. I haven’t been receiving your blog posts darn it. Have just signed up again. Now I have a lot of back reading to do!


    1. Hello Linda. Nice to see you again- I did have a little break from posting (and reading other blogs) so that could possibly be the reason. Thanks for subscribing again.


  9. Only because someone sent a Twitter link, I watched a clip from I guess the show you are talking about where a single woman with daughters told a bloke how much she liked him and how good their relationship could be, but the clip stopped at, I’m not moving to Altona.

    Hmm, Altona Village and the beach are nice enough. Perhaps I need context.

    I will probably vaguely tune into the next series of The Block, as the old Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda interests me. I think my partner records the Sunday night summary, and that will do for me.

    The Block is the only one that has ever really interested me, though I have seen a bit of the Pete and Manu show. Kitchen Rules? I can’t stand either of the show’s hosts.


    1. I think the Altona reference might be from a previous year – don’t remember it from this season ( but then I did miss a few nights.
      Without that awful host I might have been interested in The Block – just me but he turns me off anything he’s been involved with.


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