Seasonal changes….

Last nights weather forecast

Pleasant days and cooler nights

Looks like Autumn has arrived 😎

(And here’s a little helping hand for those of you who still use farenheit)

(Click to enlarge)


10 thoughts on “Seasonal changes….

  1. Across the ditch, especially in Auckland region – the only cool and less humid part of the day is around 6-7 (before sun really finds it way to the front of the clouds)!

    We have had some scorching days – on one afternoon I had a great deal of difficulty opening my front door, the ranch slider handle indoors was hot-as +++ reminded me of earlier car steering wheels…

    as I peer out of the ranchsliders this morning I can see a light breeze, overcast skies but now I can see what looks like something relating to sun peeping through…


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