Seasonal changes….

Last nights weather forecast

Pleasant days and cooler nights

Looks like Autumn has arrived 😎

(And here’s a little helping hand for those of you who still use farenheit)

(Click to enlarge)


10 thoughts on “Seasonal changes….

  1. As you may know by now, we live on opposite sides of the globe, so you are preparing for colder weather, and we re looking forward to some sunshine, finally! Hope you have an easy winter!


  2. Across the ditch, especially in Auckland region – the only cool and less humid part of the day is around 6-7 (before sun really finds it way to the front of the clouds)!

    We have had some scorching days – on one afternoon I had a great deal of difficulty opening my front door, the ranch slider handle indoors was hot-as +++ reminded me of earlier car steering wheels…

    as I peer out of the ranchsliders this morning I can see a light breeze, overcast skies but now I can see what looks like something relating to sun peeping through…


  3. I forgot you were on the other side of the world and wondered why you said autumn was coming. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons.


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