Going down…

Here it is early evening on one of the days of the year which tend to make me pensive.  Thinking about the next few months and how I’m (unlike many other people) not fond of cool/cold weather.

The other day will be in early April when our clocks change and summer time will officially end.  I know that act doesn’t change the weather – it certainly doesn’t need a clock to tell it what to do – it’s the idea that summer has been and gone and another season has begun.

Today is or rather was the Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Not sure why but I’ve only just become aware there is an actual time of the day when the equinox actually happens.

So like most midnights on New Years Eve the equinox today slipped quietly past my house at 3.15 am this morning as I was slumbering away, snug as a bug in a rug, nice and warm under the extra blanket I needed because the overnight low was going to be 9c/48f.

So yes, the days will become shorter – well they don’t actually get shorter do they because there are still 24hrs – it’s the amount of daylight that becomes less 😎

I got into a real pickle years ago trying to explain all this to children each year and gave up just saying it’ll get dark earlier and that’s all there is to it.  Really patient mother wasn’t I lol

The website I took the screen shot from suggested sunset at 7.30pm tonight and here it is 8pm and its dark outside.  So to cheer me up I’m off to put on my PJs and make my Milo before I settle down for the evening.

Soon be time to hibernate I think 😊

Bye for now



22 thoughts on “Going down…

  1. While it is so nice that the heat of summer has gone and it is cooler, I am not looking forward to winter. I think this year we may up the air con temp a degree, to make it more cozy and bugger the expense.


    1. We might have solved the winter blues for this year Andrew – we’re thinking of going back up north again. Last winter was the first we’d spent in Melbourne for years and we whinged the whole time so the decision is 99% made.
      I agree economical and frugal thoughts only go so far – it’s definitely comfort before style these days in more ways than one!


  2. Where you are greeting autumn, I am greeting spring! However, it is chilly here still, -6C, and won’t be much warmer until well into April.

    When you say going back up north, I wonder about your meaning. Where is the northern region you refer to? Is it cooler warmer there in the winter? In Canada, where I live, there are regions that experience milder winters, but all regions are prone to freezing temperatures, snow and ice during the winter months.


  3. We’re starting to wake from our winter sleep, Cathy. With another snow storm tonight, it isn’t quite safe to venture out just yet.


    1. I certainly feel for all of you north of the equator. No wonder ‘you’ are all ‘hanging out’ yet waiting so patiently for spring – there have been tales of snowstorms and even more on blogs all of the northern winter.


    1. Never mind about sighing Joanne I’d be screaming 😊
      Sounds like the old time tv commercials- but wait there’s more! Not steak knives but big dumps of the white stuff lol.


    1. Be a funny old world wouldn’t it EC if we all enjoyed the same things. It didn’t bother me so much when I was younger but a recent decline in the working order of my thyroid gland is partly to blame for my dislike of the cold. Yes this growing old is not for sissies lol


  4. I do like the cooler weather. But like anything not to the extreme and by the end of the long winter I do crave the sunshine
    Once again this winter, as last, we will head up to the gulf of carpentaria and the four weeks away will make the winter much less shorter
    But I am looking forward to lighting our fire and smelling the smell of that wood fire smoke
    It does Mamie getting up at five to be at the pool early much harder though


    1. With the prediction of a really cold winter coming up I think all roads north are going to be busy Angela. We’re leaving in July as well – not going as far as you but heading for Bowen, right in between Mackay and Townsville.


    1. It’s not too bad here at the moment Pauline. Cool overnight and quite warm during the day – pleasant in fact. It’s the constant cold winter days I don’t like. Which is why (as often as we can manage) we drive up to FNQ to savour some of your lovely warmer winter days. Keeps us going until Spring arrives down south lol

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      1. Still warm here but lots of rain. I don’t mind as the garden will be nice and damp to last through winter if it gets dry. FNQ is popular with all you southern grey Nomads…


  5. Here, on the Canadian Pacific Coast, we are just welcoming spring, after a very dark and gloomy (but not extremely cold) winter. I love summer, and like you, hate to be cold! Take care of yourself, and do everything you can to stay warm!


    1. Will do Dianne – the heater has been serviced, I have slippers for the toes, cardigans at the ready, thermal underwear in one of the drawers somewhere, and ‘flu shots will be available after Easter. What more could I want??
      Well actually we could do with/ desperately need some rain here in Melbourne, it’s been weeks and looking around it appears brown and dry is the new garden green.


  6. It’s been pretty changeable here across the ditch…and a couple of times, I have reached for another blanket and a warmer top. Our clocks fall back as well in early April…and I know I should look at my heaters and possibly get out the warmer duds…

    In this part of NZ we often specialise in “4 seasons in one day…” we basically did that today but not a lot of brilliant sun…


  7. We are going in the other direction here. I love this time of year, lots of baby horses and cows, longer days. Here’s hoping you have a mild winter (we certainly did here).


  8. Hello, Cathy, Margaret here from Devon Dreaming, and as you approach autumn/winter, we are heading into spring, although with the weather right now you’d not think it was spring. Sprung a leak more like! It’s raining hard as I speak, and last weekend we were almost knee-deep in SNOW! And the weather forecasters have given us a snow-warning for the Easter weekend, too. But we’re not going anywhere and elder son, daughter in law and grandson live only 50 yards away, so they can come around for Easter Sunday lunch, even if they have to wear boots to get here. Tonight we put the clocks forward one hour (I don’t like this faffing around with the clocks twice a year) and from now on in, we will have lighter evenings, until October. I love spring, it’s my favourite season, but we don’t seem to be having much of a spring this year!
    Margaret P


  9. another message from the UK! The clocks went forward an hour this morning – and the solstice was a couple of days ago – roll on the good weather …I hope – smile
    can’t feel ‘sorry for you’ – you get a lot more sunshine than we get – so if it upsets you so much – come and visit the UK!


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