Bench Series – On a Bench In a Seaside Garden

IMG_1590Well today we are going to be ‘near’ the sea not actually beside the sea. In Napier, one of the stops on our 2011 New Zealand cruise  – about halfway up the east coast of the North Island.

Famed for its Art Decor buildings and the fact it was nearly destroyed in the 1931 Hawkes Bay earthquake, it turned out to be a very interesting place to visit,

Hot day + lots of walking = sore feet and a need to sit down so I was on the lookout for a bench (near the sea)  I spied these near the roadside and decided Too Hot and Sunny so wandered over to the shade on the right of the picture.

Where I saw this little beauty

bench crop

Nestled there in the shade of the trees that line the Marine Parade  Gardens it was just what I needed.

Looking very cool and very inviting – a simple garden bench.

Somewhere to sit 🙂


Bench Napier 2011
Bench Napier 2011
Between the trees - the Pacific Ocean
Between the trees – the Pacific Ocean




I knew that behind the trees was the Pacific Ocean and in front a small garden bed – but because of the bright light couldn’t quite make out what was at the other end of the garden walkway..

Garden bench Napier
Garden bench Napier

Oh joy – another of my favourite things – a fountain.  A large fountain (Tom Parker Fountain) and what looked like a sound shell.

Marine Parade Gardens Napier
Marine Parade Gardens Napier

Well, that was me done for a good half hour before I wandered up to marvel in the coolness of the fountain and to discover what was at the other end of that broad expanse of green grass.,_New_Zealand

If you pop over to Judes blog – Travel Words you’ll find loads of other benches

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31 Replies to “Bench Series – On a Bench In a Seaside Garden”

    1. Oh that really was welcome shade that day. I could have sat there much longer but you know what they say about time and tide……..


  1. Another garden to add to my ever-growing list 🙂
    Thanks for joining in Cathy – lovely photos of a lovely garden including several benches.
    Jude xx


    1. Thank ‘you’ for dropping in Jude – I’ll be looking at my archives in depth this week and as that old soldier was reported to have said ‘I shall return’ (to your challenge that is) 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. G’day Cathy. Lovely photos of a lovely place. We spent four days with friends in Napier a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed it. Lots to see and do.


    1. Birds or otherwise it wouldn’t have stopped me parking myself there for a short time Gigi – colour me casual, that’s not one of those things I look for 🙂


  3. That is a lovely bench to add to the collection Cathy and such a beautiful art deco city. Jill of “Jill’s scene” lives there. She’s travelling at the moment. I love her blog, she writes in an interesting, descriptive way. I think you will enjoy her world


    1. Looking through all my photo archives certainly brought back some memories PP- might be some more posts on their way to Jude’s.
      I’ll pop over and look at Jill’s blog sometime – lucky her to be in such a fine city. Here’s hoping they son’t have another big one like the one they had before.


  4. This bench really was made for sitting and resting. 🙂 So many benches seem to be so decorative and ornate, one wonders if they dare take a chance. lol
    What a lovely place to visit. 🙂


  5. As an Art Deco lover, I have always wanted to visit Napier. Did you take any photos of the buildings there?
    I like the coastal benches too.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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